Your Interior Design Style According to Your Zodiac Sign

When it comes to interior design, people have different tastes, likes, and dislikes, and even though personal preferences are not debatable, everyone can use a few tips and tricks when it comes to creating their ideal living space. And if you can’t figure out your own unique style, look to the stars for guidance. Here’s how you should be decorating your home, according to your zodiac sign.

Aries – Minimalistic and Bright

As the most optimistic sign of the zodiac, the perfect colors for your interior are bright shades like red, warm orange, or hot pink. These vibrant tones are perfect for your home because they reflect your fiery, passionate personality and can help motivate you and lift your mood. As an Aries, you’re very bold, energetic, active, and you adore simple things. This means that a minimalistic and clutter-free interior is ideal for you because it can help you focus on your never-ending task list. Also, a minimalistic interior design means less cleaning and more time to go out and be active. Your home needs to have an extra room you can turn into a painting studio, meditation room, or a dance area, where you can relax, unwind and release pent-up energy.

Aries people are often explorers and natural adventurers who like to travel and play sports. This means that you probably have a lot of photos, trophies, or mementos from your adventures, so why not display them in a gallery wall in the living room or the hallway?

Taurus – Traditional and Cozy

As an Earth sign, you, Taurus are mostly drawn to natural materials with a timeless beauty such as stone and wood. Your sign is best suited to traditional interior design rather than modern. You’re a bit materialistic and you seek comfort, pleasure, and security in life, so you want to live in a comfortable and stylish home that has the best of everything: paintings, antiques, luxurious leather sofas, soft throw pillows, oriental rugs, home theater… You also love to entertain your guests, so your ideal home needs to have lots of space for socializing and fun.

Being ruled by Venus (the planet of love and beauty) means that you love beautiful things and you have a natural talent for decorating, so your home has to reflect your good taste. Various plants, fresh flowers, as well as brown, pastel green, and neutral tones can help to accentuate your earthy nature and make your home cozier.

Gemini – Traditional and Modern

Symbolized by the Twins, your sign wants variety and can’t settle on one particular interior design style. Your ideal interior is a mix of old-fashioned and modern, more sophisticated style. You’re very creative and you love colors, accents, fun objects, and eclectic prints that allow you to express your breezy, easy-going nature. When it comes to creating your perfect living space, you can pull off even the most unusual color combinations like hot pink and yellow-green, or orange and purple. As a result, your environment may become too stimulating, so you’ll have to tone down your decor with some standout pieces.

However, since Gemini is an ever-changing sign, you’ll have a hard time sticking with one look or style for long. Your home will probably have many different styles, but one thing is for sure – communication is one of the most important things for you, so you’ll have to invest in a large dining table to fit your entire family and friends.

Cancer – Simple and Cozy

You, Cancer, are deeply emotional and caring soul with a strong sense of home and family. You’re very traditional, a true homebody who wants to live in a simple, harmonious, and cozy environment. Since you’re very sensitive, family-oriented and memories are extremely important to you, your home needs to have a lot of space for framed photographs and other keepsakes.

A comfortable sofa and a big, rustic dining table are a must for your home because they will allow you to hold family gatherings that satisfy your need for domestic bliss. Neutral colors like white, soft gray, cream, or pastel blue, are ideal for your sign so try to include those. Lots of natural light, bookshelves, plush rugs, bold artworks, and antiques will add a cozy accent to your home.

Leo – Lavish and Regal

As the royalty of the zodiac, you, Leo, are very warmhearted, generous, passionate, and cheerful person who loves to be the center of attention, so your home should reflect all of this. You love the finest, expensive things in life and your interior is lavish and exotic, filled with bright colors and dramatic statement pieces. You won’t be happy unless your home feels like a palace. Your ideal living space should have high-quality furniture, grand dining table, beautiful pieces of contemporary fine art, and a fireplace which will be the perfect welcoming centerpiece for all your family gatherings.

Since your Fire sign is ruled by the Sun, you crave sunshine and you need to make sure your home has plenty of natural light. Choose warm colors like reds, oranges, golds, and yellows, or purple to match your regal instincts. As the lion of the zodiac, you have a powerful, wild side that needs to be expressed, so try to include animal prints or art featuring animals in your home decor.

Virgo – Earthy and Harmonious

You’re the perfectionist of the zodiac, Virgo, so your home is always clean and orderly. As an Earth sign, you’ll feel truly at home if you’re surrounded by earth tones like brown, green, gray, and white. These are the perfect colors to decorate your home. Since you’re very practical and you like to have everything in its belonging place, you’re able to come up with unique organizations methods that will keep your home clean and tidy and complement your decor at the same time.

In the rare moments when you’re not cleaning or organizing, you’re probably in the kitchen cooking or hanging out with your family. If you have space, set up a cozy corner in your kitchen where you can curl up with a book and a cup of tea in the mornings. As a Virgo, you hate clutter and tend to gravitate towards minimalist and comfortable furniture in neutral colors. You love everything Zen, so you should stay away from heavy antiques, plush carpets, or anything too decorative. Instead, try to decorate your home with plants, fresh flowers, wood sculptures, or flat woven rugs.

Libra – Elegant and Stylish

Your sign is ruled by the planet of beauty and love, Venus, which means that you have refined aesthetic taste and you love an elegant and stylish home filled with lots of beautiful things and fine materials. You’re artistic and sociable by nature, so your living room should be spacious and inviting with a big dining table and a cozy sofa. Pick a bold piece of art to use it as the main focus of your room. As the sign of the scales, you love balance and harmony, so your ideal home will have perfect symmetry. You’ll benefit most from peaceful shades of green, purple, and blue which can help create the serene, harmonious atmosphere you crave.

However, even though you’re very organized most of the time, you tend to be indecisive and when you get off-balance, you’re prone to collecting clutter. Good organization and minimalist decor are essential in keeping you balanced and focused at home.

Scorpio – Dark and Refined

You, Scorpio, are the most enigmatic and intense sign of the zodiac. Your interior design style is dark, refined, subtle, with classic, stylish furniture pieces and minimalist decorations that have depth and meaning. The ideal colors for your home would be intense shades like black, orange, and crimson. However, be careful not to go too dark with the decor and provide balance by bringing natural light.

You crave privacy, so you can create little nooks and hidden spots around your home that will give your living space a character. Your bedroom should be a gorgeous haven for rest and healing with a luxurious bed and silk comforter. Keep furnishing minimal to calm your mind and decorate with candles, plants, silk throw pillows, or velvet curtains that will add a mysterious accent to your living space. And since you’re a water sign, you’re very intuitive so you’ll know exactly where to place the decorations in your home.

Sagittarius – Bohemian and Spacious

You, Sagittarius are always on the go and you’re not exactly a homebody, but you need a home decorated to reflect your interests and love of learning. You’re a free-spirited and optimistic person who loves to travel a lot, so your home is probably filled with books and collectibles from your trips around the globe. Your interior design style is spacious, bohemian and you tend to gravitate more towards natural materials and bright colors like purple, orange, red, and hot pink.

You love the outdoors, so why not bring the spirit of outdoors in with some bright flowers, aromatic plants, or an indoor fountain. Since you don’t like expensive furnishings, a comfy couch, wooden furniture, and a big dining table should be your main investments.

Capricorn – Practical and Traditional

Capricorn is known as the traditionalist of the zodiac, meaning that your interior design style is mainly traditional and practical. You want symmetry, balance, and organization in your home. However, when it comes to home decor, many Capricorns tend to sacrifice comfort for practicality. Don’t forget that your home should be a place to relax and unwind, so try to make the space around you as peaceful and comfortable as possible.

You’ll feel good in a traditional home filled with leather sofas, grandfather clocks, beautiful wooden furniture, and vintage accessories in colors that complement your down-to-earth nature. Suitable colors for your sign include green, brown, gray, and navy, but don’t forget to add bright flowers or artworks to make sure your home doesn’t become too dark. You’re a hardworking and nostalgic person that values possessions, so decorate your rooms with antiques, family heirlooms, and framed photographs of your friends and family.

Aquarius – Futuristic and Eclectic

If you’re born under the sign of Aquarius, you’re an eccentric and rebellious person that likes to break the rules and needs the freedom to express your unique personality. You’re very creative and you love all things modern and futuristic, so your home may not be the coziest home, but it’s always flawlessly decorated with extravagant painting, graphic pieces, metal sculptures, and modern materials like steel and glass. You have great taste and even though you’re into futuristic interior design style, you also love vintage pieces that don’t serve a purpose but will most certainly bring you a pleasure.

As a typical Aquarius you’re also very sociable, so you’ll have friends coming over to your home every day, meaning that you’ll need to create a spacious and minimalistic living space that cleans up easily. You like vibrant colors like blue, indigo, violet, silver, and salmon, so you should focus on these shades.

Pisces – Chic and Beachy

You’re imaginative, emotional, and gentle water sign that loves to daydream. Therefore, your ideal interior design style is both elegant and beachy. The ideal colors for your home include cream, soft white, and pastel blue or green that hint at your connection to the ocean. You love to be around water, so when it comes to home decor, you should incorporate different watery elements like aquariums or indoor fountains that will have a calming effect.

Since sleep is very important to you, a lavish bed, luxurious dark curtains, and silk throw pillows are a must. You want your home to be a peaceful and relaxing place where you can daydream and recharge your batteries. You like to feel physically close to the outside world and you prefer big and airy spaces with natural light, so a beach house style is a perfect choice for you.