Year of the Tiger

Tiger Years: 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022…
Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Yin
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Mu
Yin Yang: Yang
Strengths: Brave, energetic, enthusiastic, loyal, charismatic, intelligent, confident
Weaknesses: Arrogant, hasty, short-tempered, hostile, impulsive
Lucky Colors: Blue, gray, orange, white
Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 4
Lucky Flowers: Cineraria, Anthurium

As the third sign of the Chinese zodiac, Tiger is the symbol of courage. Tigers are very lively, generous, kind and energetic individuals who are born leaders. If you were born in the year of the Tiger or you simply want to find out more about this zodiac sign, read on to discover everything there is to know about Tiger – from positive and negative personality traits to relationship compatibility.


Tiger is the animal that represents courage and authority. People born in the year of the Tiger are born leaders, proud, brave, confident, forceful, and aggressive. Therefore, it is no coincidence that many of the world’s famous revolutionary leaders are born under the Tiger zodiac sign . When it comes to achieving their dreams, there’s nothing that can stop them from doing that. They usually set high goals but they work hard and consistently to achieve them. Tigers love to be the center of attention and they always look for approval from their family and friends. These people are known to be very rebellious, but they are humanitarians who will fight for noble ideals. Tigers are energetic, lively individuals who are always eager to please. They love challenges and are highly competitive, so they’re always trying out new things. On the negative side, Tigers think and act fast, so they can be regarded as hasty or impulsive. They’re self-centered and like to do things their own way, so they don’t respect other people’s opinions. Tigers don’t take criticism well and like to be in charge.


Tigers are success-oriented individuals who want to get things done fast and don’t like to take orders. They are independent and always prefer to work alone. They are ambitious and seek out opportunities wherever they can find it, in order to improve their skills and polish their professional image. People born under the sign of Tiger have a need to be challenged which explains why they jump from job to job. However, this is not a problem for them because they’re smart and capable of learning quickly, so they will succeed wherever they are. Tigers are great leaders and excel in management or leadership positions. Some of the best career for these people include actor, writer, musician, comedian, artist, pilot, flight attendant, office manager or explorer.


Tigers are very energetic and strong individuals, so they usually are very healthy. However, they tend to overwork themselves, so they often feel overwhelmed and exhausted. They’re able to bounce right back, but over time this approach to work can cause serious problems with their health. Tigers will need to try to maintain a healthy work/life balance, so they can utilize their physical energy more effectively. Tigers need to understand that they need to make time for themselves every day, just to free their minds and relax in order to be more productive, focused, less stressed and healthier.

Love and Relationships

Tigers may seem aggressive sometimes, but more often this is just a sign of the passion that tends to rule their relationships with other people. Tigers are quick to begin new relationships and tend to dominate their lovers, which makes their love lives chaotic. People born under this sign are very passionate, charming, trustworthy, fun, and polite – they will never bore their partners. However, in order to maintain a successful relationship, their partners need to be equally active to keep up with Tiger’s sense of adventure. They are generous, so they will often surprise their partners with gifts and grand gestures, but they expect their partners to dance to their tune.


Best matches for the Tiger: Horse, Dog and Pig

Tiger and Horse

These two signs are very compatible and can enjoy a happy relationship. The Tiger is the stronger partner and both the Tiger and the Horse are equally, enthusiastic, lovable, and sociable. The Horse like the Tiger’s independent and unpredictable nature, while the Tiger is attracted by Horse’s lively and confident personality. They share the same views in life and tend to be drawn to the same goals, so this is a fulfilling relationship for both. These two signs have huge respect for each other and share a great sense of humor, which ensures a happy and exciting life together.

Tiger and Dog

The Tiger and the Dog are a match made in heaven! Both signs have the amazing ability to overlook the negative traits in each other. The Dog is understanding of Tiger’s spontaneous and impatient nature, while the Tiger admires the Dog’s devotion and loyalty. The Dog is rarely possessive or jealous and tends to give a sense of security to the Tiger. Both of them are humanitarians who like to help people in need and share the same beliefs in life.

Tiger and Pig

This couple will have a happy relationship filled with passion and laughter. They have the ability to overlook their problems in life and enjoy each other’s company. The Pig is determined, committed, loyal and believes in Tiger’s idealistic goals. The Pig is understanding and able to stand Tiger’s mood swings and unpredictability because he/she sees a loyal and brave mate in the Tiger. They can encourage and help each other and they can lead a harmonious life together.

Worst matches for the Tiger: Sheep, Ox and Rabbit

Tiger and Sheep

Even though the Tiger loves the Sheep’s sensitivity and creativity, and the Sheep is attracted by the Tiger’s beauty, these two signs are not very compatible. The Tiger doesn’t like Sheep’s possessiveness and the gentle Sheep might complain that the Tiger is indifferent and rude. The Tiger is ambitious in life, so he/she finds the Sheep lazy and needy. The Tiger is active and likes a fast paced life, while the Sheep prefers the peaceful and quiet life.

Tiger and Ox

The Tiger and the Ox are just not meant to be together. While the Ox partner is practical and well-organized, the Tiger sees this as predictable. Tigers are passionate individuals who like to be the center of attention, so the Ox will often feel insecure in the fear that the flirty Tiger may cross the line. The Ox cannot stand Tiger’s moodiness and emotional swings so in order to make this relationship work, the Ox should be more understanding, while the Tiger should stay faithful.

Tiger and Rabbit

The Tiger is brave, loud and daring, while the Rabbit is extremely sensitive, quiet and timid. The Rabbit doesn’t appreciate Tiger’s spontaneity and sense of adventure and the Tiger don’t like highly sensitive people like the Rabbit. The Tiger’s zest for life may prove to be too strong and exciting for the docile Rabbit. If they want this relationship to succeed, they will have to be more understanding and the Rabbit will have to accept the fact that the Tiger needs to be the dominating one in their relationship.