Year of the Snake

Snake Years: 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025…
Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Si
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Huo
Yin Yang: Yin
Strengths: Intelligent, sophisticated, decent, eloquent, organized, determined, decisive
Weaknesses: Lazy, stingy, suspicious, jealous
Lucky Colors: Black, yellow, red
Lucky Numbers: 2, 8, 9
Lucky Flowers: Orchid, Cactus

Occupying the sixth position in the Chinese zodiac, the Snake is considered to be the most enigmatic animal among the twelve animal signs. The Snake is the symbol of wisdom, intelligence, materialism and gracefulness. Read on if you want to find out more about people born in the year of the Snake!


The Snake symbolizes wisdom which means that people born in the year of the Snake are intuitive, intelligent, and determined to accomplish all their goals in life. They tend to act to their own judgments and are regarded as great thinkers and excellent leaders.
Snakes like to use their charm and beauty to attract others and love to possess the best of everything in life. They’re sophisticated, humorous, romantic, good at making decisions, and people feel comfortable and relaxed around them. When coming across problems, these people are able to remain calm and rational.
On the negative side, people born under the Snake zodiac sign can be a bit stingy and suspicious, which makes other people keep a distance from them. They will never show their weak side to others and sometimes they are very curious about others’ personal affairs. Snakes like to gossip and are prone to jealousy.


Snakes are creative, intelligent, and responsible individuals with analytical minds. Even though they look quite introverted and prefer to stay in the background, Snakes know every small detail and have several strategies that are ready for implementation. These people have excellent leadership skills and have a strong sense of responsibility. Snakes are capable of dealing with all kinds of difficulties and will not give in easily. They work very hard and are great problem-solvers, but they won’t remain in one place for more than a few years. Some of the best careers for the imaginative and creative Snake include a fashion designer, educator, writer, journalist, composer, or gardener. Other suitable jobs for the Snake include painter, astrologer, scientist, analyst, jeweler, and sociologist.


Snakes do not like loud, noisy environments and prefer living a quiet and peaceful life. They can become easily stressed when their lives aren’t in order, so they should find some time to relax and socialize, no matter how jam-packed their schedules are. Snakes should pay more attention to their diet and health. Their element is Fire, which indicates that Snakes are more susceptible to heart problems, such as a stroke, hypertension, chest congestion, palpitation, agitation, and cardiac arrhythmia. In order to prevent heart diseases, Snakes should exercise regularly, keep their blood pressure under control, eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, and maintain a healthy weight.

Love and Relationships

People born under the Chinese zodiac Snake have a tendency to keep their feelings locked up inside. They will likely have several relationships throughout their lives, but once they’re committed to a lifelong partner, they will become protective, loving and even possessive. They like their freedom, but they will not tolerate the same of their partner. However, Snakes are wonderful lovers – romantic, passionate, enthusiastic and very generous. When it comes to friendships, Snakes are often hesitant to let people into their lives. They have issues with trust and are very careful in choosing friends and therefore, they usually do not have a lot of friends.


Best matches for the Snake: Rooster, Ox and Dragon

Snake and Rooster

The Snake and the Rooster are very compatible signs because they share some essential traits such as order and practicality. Both signs are ambitious, intelligent, hard-working, and share the same dreams of power, influence, and material security. They understand what’s really important in life and can learn a lot from each other. The Snake and the Rooster are both lovers of homely comforts and share similar standards on how to raise a family and this will certainly help in building a long term relationship.

Snake and Ox

These two signs share many common traits and both of them pursue life with high quality. They are humble and share the same ambitions and beliefs. They both enjoy spending time with their friends and family, but neither is a social butterfly. The Snake and the Ox will support each other through any difficulty and are likely to understand and appreciate each other’s preferences. They are both sensual creatures so they will have a satisfying physical relationship and will have a happy life together.

Snake and Dragon

This couple will have a happy relationship filled with passion and laughter. They have the ability to overlook their problems in life and enjoy each other’s company. The Pig is determined, committed, loyal and believes in Tiger’s idealistic goals. The Pig is understanding and able to stand Tiger’s mood swings and unpredictability because he/she sees a loyal and brave mate in the Tiger. They can encourage and help each other and they can lead a harmonious life together.

Worst matches for the Snake: Tiger, Sheep and Pig

Snake and Tiger

This is a difficult relationship as both signs keep their own secrets and might not understand each others’ shortcomings or negative qualities. They are both passionate, suspicious, and jealous, so they’re unable to trust each other. These two signs are unable to communicate with each other effectively and have different views on life which makes it difficult to maintain this relationship.

Snake and Sheep

The Snake and the Sheep might be completely different creatures in the animal world. but they share a few similar traits in Chinese astrology. They both love their homes and are attracted to beautiful things in life. However, their relationship is likely to suffer from a lack of initiative and dynamism that neither possesses. Their life together will probably be dull and boring, but they can still work it out if both make a sincere effort.

Snake and Pig

These two signs are complete opposites! The Snake and the Pig have different views on life and are unable to understand each other. Both signs are looking to make an emotional connection in love – they’re not interested in intellectual companion and they don’t seek material security. However, their relationship could suffer from a lack of effective communication because the Pig is shy and hesitant to reveal his/her real feelings, while the Snake is a private person. Still, despite their differences in personality, their relationship can succeed if they’re both willing to put in some effort.