Year of the Dog

Dog Years: 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030, 2042…
Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Xu
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Tu
Yin Yang: Yang
Strengths: Loyal, honest, clever, courageous, trustworthy, kind, responsible
Weaknesses: Stubborn, conservative, moody, critical
Lucky Colors: Red, purple, green
Lucky Numbers: 3, 4, 9
Lucky Flowers: Rose, Cymbidium orchids, Oncidium

People born in the year of the Dog share many qualities with their canine friends. Dogs are extremely loyal, faithful, honest, and amiable. They’re helpful individuals driven by kindness, so they will put their all into righting wrongs and helping to relieve the pain and suffering of those around them. Read on to find out everything about the most likable sign of the Chinese zodiac, Dog.


People born under the Dog zodiac sign are very friendly and giving – they find it natural to sacrifice everything they have for the sake of someone else’s happiness. Dogs are loyal. reliable, trustworthy, righteous, and very realistic, with their feet firmly on the ground. Kind-hearted Dogs are beloved for their strong sense of devotion and loyalty. Dogs are selfless, so they will do everything to protect their loved ones and help those in need. Dogs are easy-going and unable to hold a grudge. However, even though they’re loyal friends, Dogs must be fully convinced that you are worth being their friend. Dogs can be moody and pessimistic, especially about their own capabilities. They have the tendency to be impatient and critical of people and situations. Many Dogs are regarded as cold and detached, but they’re actually on guard and not sure how to open themselves emotionally to other people.


Dogs are kind and helpful, so their coworkers can always count on them to help out. Dogs are loyal, grounded, realistic, and they make excellent members of a team. They’re valuable workers who will put their heart and soul into their tasks and will to anything to keep the team unified and happy. They’re also honest and ethical – they earn their success in life by hard work, sincerity, and determination. Some good career choices for the clever Dogs include counselor, professor, scientist, police officer, interior designer, nurse, judge, politician, clerk, and priest.


Dogs are lively individuals who tend to be happy all the time. Many Dogs are active in sports, so they enjoy good health and are resistant to diseases. However, Dogs tend to work harder than the other Chinese signs, so they should ensure they get plenty of rest in addition to regular physical activity and healthy diet. They’re not keen about seeking money or power, so they feel less stressed at work and in their home life.

Love and Relationships

Dogs are trustworthy and reliable, but they often have trouble trusting others. When making friends, Dogs will take some time to gain knowledge of these people and build trust, because they’re cautious and conservative. However once they become friends with someone, they will be loyal and will go out of their way to help their friends.
When it comes to love and relationships, Dogs often have a tough time and find it difficult to fall in love with someone. But once they do fall in love, they will be faithful, generous, caring and loving partners who will do anything to make their loved ones happy.
The only thing which could have a negative impact and cause tensions in Dogs’ relationships is their insecurities and pessimism.


Best matches for the Dog: Rabbit, Tiger and Horse

Dog and Rabbit

The Dog and the Rabbit are natural enemies in the animal world, but in the Chinese zodiac, they are one of the most compatible couples. Even though they don’t share many personality traits, they complement each other with their differences. The Rabbit is accepting and loving, so he/he will understand and cope with the anxieties and insecurities of the loyal Dog. The Dog will offer security to the Rabbit, while the latter will bring much-needed positivity in the Dog’s life.

Dog and Tiger

The Dog and the Tiger share many similar traits and they have the ability to overlook the negative features in each other which makes them very compatible. Both signs are understanding, supportive and will motivate each other to do greater things in life. The Tiger can help the moody and pessimistic Dog to lighten up and look at the positive side of life.

Dog and Horse

The Dog and the Horse are hard-working, understanding and energetic individuals. The Dog is generous and willing to sacrifice their own dreams and desires for the sake of their loved ones. Thus the Dog is likely to make allowances for the unpredictability and restlessness of the Horse. On the other hand, the Horse will return the favor by ensuring that their Dog partner remains happy and positive.

Worst matches for the Dog: Dragon, Ox and Sheep

Dog and Dragon

The Dog and the Dragon are not really compatible partners, despite their similarities. They both know how to be forceful and aggressive but in different ways. The Dragon loves his/her freedom, while the Dog demands loyalty and cooperation. The Dragon is attracted to material success and power, while the hard-working and ethical Dog is simply unable to understand this drive for power. The energetic Dragon loves traveling and excitement, while the Dog prefers to stay close to home and stick to a routine.

Dog and Ox

Both the Dog and the Ox can be stubborn in their own ways and this could harm their relationship. The Dog’s emotional insecurity can create problems for this zodiac couple. The Dog constantly needs to be told by their partner how wonderful they are and only then they will feel really happy in a relationship. They need to be more understanding of their mutual differences and willing to compromise if they want to stay together for a long time.

Dog and Sheep

The Dog and the Sheep are two signs which do not have much in common, so they chances of romantic compatibility between them are not really high. Both signs are emotionally insecure and need consistent evidence of the love and support of their loved ones. The Dog is prone to moodiness when things are not going their way and on such occasions, the Dog can become irritable and anxious, which is unlikely to go down well with the sensitive Sheep.