Who Is Devil Arcana

By Charrette Vachon

Who Is Devil Arcana – The Devil is one of the most complex and misunderstood cards in the Tarot deck. In this article, we unveil the meaning behind the Devil card, its symbolism, and its significance in Tarot readings.

Who Is Devil Arcana - Unveiled

Who exactly is Devil Arcana? The Devil Arcana, symbolized by the famed Baphomet, is one of the primary arcana cards in tarot. The concepts of oppression, addiction, obsession, reliance, excess, helplessness, and restrictions are represented by this card. The card may be drawn in either an upright or inverted posture, each with its own set of meanings.

Tarot Card Description of the Devil

The Devil card depicts Baphomet in his most well-known satyr form. Half goat, half man, he has bat wings and an inverted pentagram on his brow. He stands on a platform with a naked man and lady tied on it, demonstrating his authority over them. The horns on the man and lady represent their growing alienation from mankind as they spend more time with the Devil. The guy has a flame on his tail, while the lady has a dish of grapes, symbolizing their addictions to power and luxury. Both seem uncomfortable and vulnerable, as if they had lost their unique strength.

Meaning of Upright Demon

If the Devil card shows upright in your reading, it signifies that you are stuck, empty, and unsatisfied in your life. You may be battling addictions or dependencies that are preventing you from reaching your full potential. You could feel helpless and constrained in your capacity to overcome these obstacles.

Meaning of Reversed Satan

If you see the Devil in a reversed stance, it means you’re breaking free from the restraints that have been holding you back. You’re rediscovering your strength and independence, as well as a renewed feeling of liberation and discovery. You may be breaking free from addictions or dependencies and regaining control of your life.


  • Oppression
  • Addiction
  • Obsession
  • Reliance
  • Excess
  • Helplessness
  • Restrictions

Reversed keywords:

  • Independence
  • Liberation
  • Revelation
  • Release
  • Regaining power
  • Recovering control

The Devil Arcana in Tarot

Who Is Devil Arcana - Unveiled

Finally, the Devil Arcana is a strong tarot card that represents the themes of addiction, oppression, and impotence. It serves as a reminder to take charge of our life, break free from the restraints that hold us back, and recover our power and independence, whether it is upright or inverted.

The Significance of the Devil Tarot Card in Love, Career, and Finances

When the Devil card occurs in a tarot reading, it may represent a variety of emotions, including feelings of being imprisoned or helpless. This might be due to an addiction to materialism or grandeur, which leads to an insatiable need for opulent life. You may feel that you’re a prisoner to your instincts, with no control over your actions or desires. Addiction to narcotics or material pleasures may also be a source of helplessness and imprisonment.

Meaning of Upright Love

The Devil card in a love tarot reading may represent passion and temptation, as well as a selfish disdain for your partner’s emotions. It may signify the pursuit of all of life’s worldly pleasures, which can lead to hedonism. It is crucial to remember, however, that this card may also have less severe readings.

Straightforward Career Significance

The Devil card in a professional tarot reading may imply a sense of being stuck in a job or blaming colleagues for your lack of development. It may also imply self-sabotage, in which you unintentionally destroy your own achievement.

Meaning of Upright Finances

The Devil card in a financial tarot reading might indicate negative financial habits that are bringing you to debt and overspending. To prevent slipping into a financial trap, it is critical to understand these tendencies and take charge of your money.

Finally, the Devil tarot card represents material wants and temptations that may lead to emotions of entrapment and impotence.

The Devil Tarot Card: Taking Control of Our Urges

Who Is Devil Arcana - Unveiled

It serves as a reminder to take control of our urges and habits in order to avoid going down the rabbit hole of addiction and self-sabotage, whether it comes in a love, career, or financial tarot reading.

The Devil Tarot Card in Relationships and Career

When it comes to love, it’s OK to have fun, but it’s critical to avoid inflicting hurt or giving your partners the incorrect idea. If you’re solely looking for hook-ups, it’s critical to explain this to your dates and avoid pressing them into anything they don’t want to do. Communication is essential, as is always conscious of codependency and addiction in relationships. This may be damaging to both spouses’ personality and self-esteem over time.

In a professional setting, the Devil tarot card may represent feeling stuck or imprisoned in a work you detest. You may think that you have no alternatives or ability to improve your situation. Avoid blaming external forces, poor luck, or your coworkers for your present predicament. When it comes to business relationships with coworkers, this card may also imply self-sabotage and playing the victim.

Finally, the Devil tarot card may indicate addiction, codependency, and a sense of being imprisoned or helpless. It’s important to be aware of the potential negative consequences of these patterns, whether they arise in a love or professional tarot reading. To avoid falling into the traps that the Devil card warns of, effective communication and a focus on personal development and empowerment are required.

The Message of the Devil Tarot Card for Finances and Self-Awareness

The presence of the Devil tarot card might indicate that you have more options than you realize, and it’s time to regain your authority. Although accepting responsibility for a situation you despise might be intimidating, it can also be liberating. In financial matters, the Devil card may emphasize poor financial difficulties brought on by unhealthy practices.

Breaking Away from Addiction and Negative Patterns with the Devil Tarot Card

Who Is Devil Arcana - Unveiled

This might imply that you’re unable to identify answers or that you’re unable to modify your financial habits. Examine your spending patterns, avoid addictive activities such as gambling, and regain control of your monetary resources.

The Reversed Devil Tarot Card

The reversed Devil tarot card, on the other hand, symbolizes a moment of self-awareness when you break away from addiction and bad behaviors. This revelation may have resulted from a yearning for change and a tiredness of running in circles. Breaking these bonds might be difficult, particularly in the case of addiction, but it is always worthwhile.

Finally, the Devil tarot card might represent the urge to recover your authority and accept responsibility for your predicament. It is critical to review your behaviors and take charge of your material resources, whether it occurs in a financial or reversed tarot reading. Breaking away from addiction and bad habits is difficult, but the payoff is well worth the effort.

Using the Reversed Devil Tarot Card to Break Away from Negative Patterns

Making essential adjustments that may seem difficult at first is critical to discovering your genuine self. A self-evaluation is required, in which you list everything you need to get rid of. It’s time to go on the tough road of self-improvement that will ultimately pay dividends.

The Devil tarot card reversed implies breaking away from harmful emotional habits or addictions that have hampered your ability to form good connections. You may feel more in charge of your love life than you have in the past. This card may also represent breaking out from a controlling spouse or a co-dependent relationship that has hindered you from expressing your real self.

Similarly, the reversed Devil tarot card may represent accepting greater responsibility in your employment path and feeling strong at work. Breaking negative financial habits and feeling financially independent may be reflected in terms of money.

Recovering Control with the Reversed Devil Tarot Card

Finally, the reversed Devil tarot card indicates breaking away from destructive habits and addictions in order to recover control of your life. Whether it comes in a tarot reading for love, job, or money, it’s time to accept responsibility for your choices and go on a road of self-improvement. The payoff is a better sense of self and better connections with others.

In Work and Finances

The reversed Devil tarot card may help you rediscover your independence. Realizing that your partner’s relationships were unhealthy or unsupportive may have prompted you to cultivate your own independence. It is important to feel proud of your accomplishments.

In a professional setting, the reversed Devil tarot card advises taking responsibility for your job decisions and making the necessary adjustments to prevent future problems. This might mean quitting an unsatisfying employment, leaving an uncomfortable setting, or mending a poor relationship with a coworker. Regaining your independence may offer you with a renewed feeling of security and empowerment.

Similarly, in terms of economics, the reversed Devil tarot card may represent that you are working on making the necessary adjustments to reclaim control. If you’ve been reliant on others for monetary resources, such as a spouse or family members, you may be experiencing a new feeling of freedom and financial security.

Recovering Financial and Professional Freedom

Finally, the reversed Devil tarot card indicates the recovery of financial and professional freedom. Whether it appears in a career or finances tarot reading, it’s time to take accountability for your actions, make necessary changes, and reclaim control over your life. The payoff is a fresh feeling of security and strength.