Who Drives The Chariot In Tarot

By Charrette Vachon

Who Drives The Chariot In Tarot – The Chariot is one of the most iconic and powerful cards in the Tarot deck. In this article, we reveal the identity of the figure driving the Chariot, and explore the deeper symbolism and significance of this card.

Who Drives The Chariot In Tarot - Revealed

Few cards in the Tarot deck convey as much power and authority as The Chariot. This card, which represents willpower, success, determination, and action, is an embodiment of the hero’s journey, in which one sets out to attain their objectives and conquer obstacles in order to triumph. This article will look at the symbolism and significance of this card.

Who Drives The Chariot In Tarot: Keywords for The Chariot:


REVERSED: Discipline, resistance, and a lack of focus

Who Drives The Chariot In Tarot: The Chariot card represents a warrior standing in a chariot, clothed with armor ornamented with crescent moons (symbolizing fresh beginnings), a tunic with a square (indicating willpower), and other alchemical symbols (representing spiritual transformation). His laurel and star crown represents triumph, achievement, and spiritual progress.

The warrior looks to be driving the chariot, but he has no reins and instead carries a wand, similar to The Magician card, signifying that he utilizes his willpower and thoughts to influence his destiny. The charioteer stands tall and proud, with no intention of sitting down, signifying that he is a man on the go. A canopy of six-pointed stars over his head represents his link to the heavenly realm and the Divine intent.

Two sphinxes, one black and one white, pull in opposite directions in front of the chariot, indicating duality, positive and negative energy, and opposing forces. Despite the conflicting energy, the charioteer steers the chariot with his resolve and pure will.

The Chariot in Upright Position: When The Chariot appears upright, it represents the querent’s power over their life, as well as their unrelenting drive to attain their objectives. It depicts a period of achievement in which one’s hard work pays off and they receive the benefits of their efforts. The Chariot card encourages the querent to use their willpower to pursue their ambitions, since they are in charge of their fate.

The Tarot’s Chariot’s Driver: Who’s in Charge?

Who Drives The Chariot In Tarot - Revealed

Who Drives The Chariot In Tarot in Reverse: When The Chariot appears in reverse, it indicates that the querent is lacking in self-discipline and direction. People may feel as though they are being tugged in several ways and are unable to lead their life in a definite path. The reversed Chariot encourages the querent to take charge of their lives and concentrate on their objectives with tenacity, knowing that they have the power to conquer any difficulties in their path.

The Chariot card represents strength, resolve, and control. It reminds us that we are the masters of our own life and that we have the ability to conquer any challenge that comes our way. We may attain success and become the conquerors of our own hero’s journey by using our resolve and taking action toward our objectives.

A vast river runs behind the chariot in the Tarot card The Chariot, indicating the significance of staying in harmony with the flow of life while pushing forth towards your goals.

  • The Chariot card, when upright, signifies willpower, determination, and strength, according to the Rider Waite cards.
  • You are now acting on your choices after making decisions that match with your beliefs with the Lovers card.
  • The Chariot appearing in a Tarot reading should be seen as a good indication of encouragement.
  • You’ve set your eyes on your objectives and are using your inner power to see them through.
  • Success is within grasp when discipline, dedication, and willpower are committed to reaching your goals.

Who Drives The Chariot In Tarot: Now is not the time to sit back and wait for things to go your way. Take decisive action and persevere in your objective, even when confronted with obstacles – and there will be obstacles. You may be pushed in many ways, putting your faith and strength to the test. Others may try to stymie your progress, divert you, or even discourage you from pursuing your objectives.

Who Drives The Chariot In Tarot - Revealed

Keep in mind that when The Chariot emerges, you are in command. Maintain your attention on the route ahead, draw on your inner power, and persevere. The trip may be difficult, but the ultimate result is definitely worth it. The Chariot gives you the chance to use your willpower and concentrate on what really counts, helping you to conquer any barriers that stand in your way.

If you’re wondering whether you have what it takes to reach your goals or finish a critical assignment, The Chariot indicates that you will succeed if you stay confident and focused on your talents. To achieve, you must focus on the work at hand while using self-discipline and willpower. There is no place for shortcuts or taking the easy way out; doing so guarantees failure. Rather of looking for the easy way out, consider this task a test of your strength and determination. Remember that success is attainable, but it is up to you to see it through.

The Chariot encourages you to be assertive and daring, aggressively stating your objectives and establishing limits to attain them. It is critical to have trust in yourself and grasp your principles (based on what you learnt from The Lovers card). The Chariot, in a literal sense, may represent travel, especially driving or road travels. But, it represents the trip of life, in which you must navigate your way and conquer difficulties with confidence, drive, and concentration.

Remember that The Chariot signifies the strength of your will and resolve, a force that may help you conquer any barrier and achieve your objectives. It is up to you to tap into this power and lead your life in the proper path, regardless of the obstacles that may emerge.