Which Color Combination Looks Best on You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Clothing says a lot about a person: whether they’re neat or sloppy, confident or shy, and of course, whether they have any fashion sense or not. You don’t want to make people laugh, which is why you choose your clothes carefully, taking in consideration the image of yourself that you want to portray in front of other people. Our appearance is what leaves the first impression and, honeslty, who doesn’t want to leave an awesome first impression?

Now, even though we all have a different style and prefer to wear some things over others, astrology claims that there are specific color combinations that suit each zodiac sign best. They are able to present the intensity of Fire, the emotion behind Water, the persistence in Earth, and the kindness of Air. Read on and find out which color combination suits you best according to your zodiac sign.


Aries is a Fire sign, which means passion, confidence, and heat – lots of heat! So, there’s no surprise when we say that the ideal color for you is definitely red. You simply know what you want the second you see it and you are willing to relentlessly fight for what’s rightfully yours. The color red is like war paint to you and you can never make a mistake combining it with a shade of beige or cream.


Taurus feels most comfortable when surrounded by natural, earthy tones. That’s why it’s recommended for you to be wrapped up in a grass green color to express your nurturing nature. Taureans are very organized and devoted to the things they love, and green is the perfect color to show both seriousness and stability. If you’re looking to spice things up, some bubblegum pink would be a great idea.


Whenever someone mentions a Gemini, what comes to mind is a curious, talkative, and a joyful person that’s just a tiny bit childish. Yellow is the color that makes you stand out while also sending the message of your creativity, quickness and courage (it takes SOME courage to wear yellow). You also look marvelous in light green, as it shows your softer and gentler side. A combo of the two should be carefully constructed, but if anyone can do it, it’s you, Gemini.


Cancer is ruled by the Moon, so it’s no wonder that you look best when dressed in silver or white tones. You are a sensitive person that usually hides from the world behind your tough shell, but on the inside, you are incredibly caring, faithful, and trustworthy. The color of the Moon shows depth and clarity, and adding a shade of blue would just complete your sign’s outfit properly.


Leos are born to shine. You live for the spotlight and you accept nothing less than the best. Being a lover of luxury and fine things, you enjoy being wrapped up in rich colors, such as gold or eggplant. Whatever makes people turn heads in amazement is good enough for you. Colors like gold and eggplant speak the language of power and energy, but they also carry a hint of kindness and generosity.


Virgo is the sign that rarely ever shows any emotion. You love analyzing everything to the smallest detail and it’s why you’re the ultimate perfectionist of the zodiac. A nice dark green will be able to show your serious side while also letting the world know about your ambition towards success and improvement. Another color that suits you is brown, as it brings out your grounded views of life.


Being an Air sign, you are a communicative and intelligent person, but also loving and calm. As a Libra, you prefer to stay out of conflict and you always try to bring out the best in a situation in order to keep the peace. A color that would suit your nature would be a pastel pink or a cream color mixed with a little bit of black. This is a simple yet balanced combination – just the way you like it!


When discussing colors that will suit a Scorpio, there can be no debate. Black is the answer – and always will be! You are a hurricane of emotions ready to explode any second and your mysterious nature can only be truly expressed when wearing deep dark colors such as black, violet or rust. This way, you can show the world your incredible strength, passion, and complicated character that is too good to let go of.


Now we’ve come to the optimistic and adventurous Sagittarius. You are a happy ball of energy that shines the brightest when dressed in shades of orange such as saffron or sienna. Other than you excitement and enthusiasm, you also show a great love towards philosophical questions and debates. For that reason, a light blue or purple would be the right choice for an amazing Sagittarius color mix.


You Capricorns are known for your ambition and seriousness the most. You have a hard time loosening up in front of other people, which is why it’s necessary for you to start trusting others before you let them in your lives. A nice earthly grey tone would make you look well and it would go perfectly with some navy blue or ivory. These colors are a safe bet for you, because they capture just the right amount of people’s attention.


As an Aquarius, you are unpredictable in anything you do and that includes fashion as well. You probably won’t commit to just one style for the rest of your lives, so people around you should get used to your style changes. Your zodiac sign is reflected best in light blue, the color of the sky when covered in daylight. Mixing that up with a bit of silver or lilac will give you a modern and unique look – the perfect combo!


For your sensitive self, there have to be sensitive colors. It shouldn’t be anything too intense because, even though you are an emotional sign, your nature is way too peaceful for you to be wearing aggressive or deep colors. What will definitely turn heads is seeing you in soft cotton candy colors such as pink, violet or blue. These will successfully bring out your gentle side while also presenting you as the dreamer you are.