What’s in your bag challenge: Zodiac signs edition

For those of you who may not know, what’s in your bag challenge was pretty popular three years ago, when YouTubers or other peasants like me and you, but mostly YouTubers, would open their bags and reveal which are their most important things they are carrying around with them. We thought it may be fun to do this from an astrological view point and predict what’s in the bag of each zodiac sign.


As an energetic individual who’s always on the run, you, Aries, usually don’t have time to change your bags, nor take out something from it which you have probably put in there four years ago. A used bandaid, paper pieces, plastic wraps of the chocolates you’ve had in high school – an Aries bag looks more like a trash can than a regular bag.

Note to you, Aries: We know you care about the environment and you don’t throw trash on the street, but keep in mind that there are plenty of solutions for your garbage, and your bag just ain’t one of them.


We came to a conclusion that you, Taurus, have so many bags, o h m y g o s h! And in every single one of them, there are the usual things: a charger for their phone (and a few extra cables, just in case), wet wipes, treats for every dog they see on the street, a few treats for them, and that big, big wallet. And if someone starts digging, it’s very likely to find a chewing gum all over the place, in case you find the love of your life and have to kiss him/her. Just kidding, we know it’s for a fresh breath after the snacks you are constantly eating.

Note to you, Taurus: Really, what’s the point of owning so big wallet? “Me is rich”, is that what you’re trying to say to the world, Taurus?


Gemini and their little bags. You can’t even find a wallet so small to fit in it. And the fact that you are constantly forgetting your wallet? Blame it on those small bags. If this description does fill your bill, maybe it’s time you went shopping and finally get a bigger bag to carry more items. Sure, there are not many things you like carrying around, but at least make sure your bag can accommodate your phone, your wallet and your keys.

Note to you, Gemini: We know you like carrying little bags on your shoulder, but the bag’s primary function is functionality, not looks. Get a bigger bag.


These emotional creatures have “a bond” with every single bag they have, which are probably not many. From family photos in every wallet to their first tooth – they carry it all in their bag. Honestly, it would be a surprise to ask them for something and they do not pull it out of their bag. Consider Cancer as the Wizard of Bags. Who knows, they might even pull out a rabbit by the ears.

Note to you, Cancer: Loosen up your bag a little: it’s bad for your shoulder to carry such a heavy bag.


It wouldn’t be acceptable for the show-off Leo not to carry around a big, expensive bag that is full of who-knows-what. These individuals like the center of attention and oftentimes they pull out aces right from their bag: from a new luxurious lipstick they like to brag about for hours to a big shiny mirror they enjoy looking at themselves in front of others.

Note to you, Leo: It’s okay, we get it: you like buying expensive items. But that doesn’t mean you have to carry them around and shove them in anyone’s face.


As someone who likes being right all of their time, ѕоу, Virgo, always carry a pocket dictionary or grammar book in your bag. You people prefer lesser things in bag than most zodiac signs, but you never know when you may get into a verbal discussion and leaving one unresolved is unimaginable. Instead, you will pull out a little magical book from your bag and give them a lesson. Next time someone believes they know more about grammar, spelling and have a bigger vocabulary than you, give them a lesson.

Note to you, Virgo: Honestly, we like your bag, Virgo. There’s nothing wrong in aspiring to be always grammatically right and learning from the mistakes.


Libra, take that hammer out of your bag already. Not everything is up to you to decide whether it’s right or wrong and you seriously need to accept the fact that the world is not a balanced, harmonious and peaceful place to live. Sorry to rain on your parade, but we’re doing you a favor actually. Leave the hammer at home and try to enjoy your life more.

Note to you, Libra: Not everything will turn out the right way or the way you expect it to. It’s 21st century and it’s every man’s for himself.


Every bag that a Scorpio owns is black. Maybe it isn’t really clever to dig around in their bags, cause they are probably keeping a murder weapon in there, but it is an adventure nevertheless. These mysterious individuals are always up to something and their bag entries vary greatly from day to day. One day it’s a murder weapon, the other is a sex toy.

Note to you, Scorpio: Maybe it would be a good idea to re-think what you’re carrying in your bag, because you never know when police may suspect your dark-clothing-appearance and run a search on your bag.


Is that a map you have in there, Sagittarius? And a passport maybe? And that little thing, is that a flashlight? Oh, no, you’re prepared for yet another travel on your own. That’s awesome, Sagittarius! We know you’re always up to a new adventure, new discoveries and new milestones, which is why you’re always prepared with all the basic necessities.

Note to you, Sagittarius: You truly know how to enjoy life, so keep it up that way.


Your bag is not really yours if it doesn’t have a notebook with a to-do list and goals written down. Capricorn, you are devoted to working 24/7 and there’s no stopping you. You like keeping things organized and tidy, which is why a notebook helps you big time. Yes, a smart phone can do all of that, but you like keeping it the old-fashioned way, don’t you?

Note to you, Capricorn: The only note for you is to get at least a small and lightweight notebook that is not too heavy to carry. We know you can fill up a 1000-page notebook with to-do activities, objectives and goals, but try to keep up with your life as well.


Aquarius, you are always in the front line of the promotions of new technology gadgets and new equipment launches. That is why it is a safe bet to say that your bag always has a flyer for a new promotion and a tech gadget that nobody knows what it does. Unfortunately, not everybody else shares this thrill of yours and they surely don’t like to be rejecting your invite on a yet another technology summit.

Note to you, Aquarius: Give it up, Aquarius. Not everybody is fascinated by technology like you are, so stop tormenting your friends.


If there’s something you hate the most in people is their tendency to get sad, bothered or uncomfortable in front of you. And what makes people instantly happy? Chocolate! Since you despise watching people suffer, you always carry little chocolates in your bag just in case of an emergency. You like the philosophy “Everybody likes chocolates” and you’re trying really hard to have an “instant people fix” for such cases.

Note to you, Pisces: It’s expensive to carry a bag that is full of chocolates all of the time, so make sure you buy on discounts.