What Tarot Cards Do Professionals Use

Tarot is a powerful tool that has been used by professionals for centuries. In this article, we delve into the tarot cards that are commonly used by professionals and the insights they can provide.

What Tarot Cards Do Professionals Use? - Insights

Tarot card decks are available in a variety of styles, making it difficult to choose the best one for you. To assist you in resolving this quandary, we’ve produced a list of the top decks suggested by experienced tarot readers.

What Tarot Cards Do Professionals Use: These are our top recommendations:

  • Tarot Deck by Rider-Waite: This classic deck was initially launched in 1909 and is now one of the most popular tarot decks in the world. The Rider-Waite deck has vivid and rich drawings, making it a good option for both new and experienced tarot readers.
  • The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck: Designed by Kim Krans, The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck is a contemporary take on tarot, with magnificent black and white pictures that convey a feeling of enchantment and wonder. This deck is ideal for individuals who like a more basic and modern look.
  • The Thoth Tarot Deck: The Thoth deck, created by Aleister Crowley and Baroness Frieda Harris, is regarded as one of the most powerful and sophisticated tarot cards available. Its colorful and symbolic artwork is based on Crowley’s Thoth Tarot system, which integrates astrology, numerology, and Kabbalah aspects.
  • The Marseille Tarot Deck: With origins reaching back to the 16th century, this deck is said to be one of the oldest and most genuine tarot decks. The Marseille deck’s images are basic but beautiful, making it excellent for individuals who enjoy classic and uncomplicated designs.
  • The Gilded Tarot Deck: The Gilded Tarot Deck, designed by Ciro Marchetti, is a luxury and artistically attractive deck that combines classic tarot symbiology with current digital art methods. Its vibrant colors and exquisite patterns make it a favorite among tarot readers.

It’s important to note that choosing the correct tarot deck is a personal choice, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

What Tarot Cards Do Professionals Use: Experienced Tarot Readers Share Their Tips on Choosing the Correct Tarot Deck

What Tarot Cards Do Professionals Use? - Insights

Selecting the best tarot deck might be difficult since there are so many alternatives. The secret, according to community tarot reader Katie Florez, is to choose a deck that speaks to you. She suggests that your deck should call your name. It’s critical to choose something with which you connect and love investigating.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of the top five deck suggestions from experienced tarot readers:

What Tarot Cards Do Professionals Use: These are our alternative recommendations:

  • Tarot Deck by Rider-Waite-Smith: Several professional tarot readers, like Mark Horn, consider this legendary deck to be his working deck. Clients may easily connect to the deck’s situational imagery, and the artwork can elicit an emotional reaction, stimulating insight.
  • The Tarot of the Unknown: This contemporary deck provides a new and simple approach to tarot with its black and white graphics. Its simple but strong symbolism may be interpreted in a variety of ways, making it an appealing option for both new and seasoned readers.
  • The Thoth Tarot Deck: Designed by Aleister Crowley and Baroness Frieda Harris, this complicated card contains aspects of astrology, numerology, and Kabbalah. Its vivid imagery may pique the imagination and offer profound insights, but it may not be the greatest option for novices.
  • Marseille Tarot Card Deck: The Marseille deck, considered one of the oldest and most genuine tarot decks, includes simple and beautiful artwork. Its simple symbolism is perfect for individuals who appreciate old and classic styles.

Consider your own tastes, the kind of artwork that speaks to you, and the symbolism that appeals to you when selecting a deck. Finally, tarot cards provide a unique and informative method for gaining clarity and knowledge of the current moment and possible consequences. You may improve your tarot reading experience and obtain deeper insights into yourself and the world around you by selecting the correct deck.

Top Suggestions from Expert Tarot Readers for Diverse and Inclusive Tarot Decks

What Tarot Cards Do Professionals Use? - Insights

Tarot cards have long been used as a means of spiritual investigation and self-discovery. Unfortunately, many conventional decks lack representation and diversity, making them inaccessible to a wide range of audiences. To address this problem, new tarot decks with more diversity and representation in their iconography have arisen.

What Tarot Cards Do Professionals Use: These are our best recommendations for inclusive tarot decks:

  • The Contemporary Witch Tarot Deck: Based on the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, but with more varied and inclusive artwork. According to Emily Thornton, a professional tarot card reader, this deck is crucial for inclusive spiritual practices since it depicts individuals from all walks of life.
  • Tarot de Saint. Croix Tarot Deck: This deck incorporates iconography from several cultures and races, making it more accessible to a wider audience. This deck is a fantastic option for anyone seeking more diversity in their tarot practice, according to Mark Horn, a tarot reader with over 30 decks.

What Tarot Cards Do Professionals Use: Ciro Marchetti designed the Gilded Tarot Deck, which mixes classic tarot graphics with current digital painting methods. Its rich intricacies and vibrant hues may provide an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive experience. Finally, the choosing of tarot deck is a matter of personal taste. By choosing a deck that speaks to you, you will be more likely to connect with its symbolism and understand it in a genuine and insightful manner.

It’s worth noting that the Rider-Waite-Smith deck was drawn by Pamela Colman Smith, a gay, mixed-race woman who wasn’t initially given credit. This material emphasizes the importance of recognizing and honoring the achievements of many artists and producers in the field of tarot. Finally, the correct tarot deck may be a valuable tool for acquiring insight and understanding. You may uncover the wonder and potential of tarot readings by studying several decks and picking one that feels right for you.

Tarot Card for Fast and Simple Readings: Professional Tarot Reader Recommendations

What Tarot Cards Do Professionals Use? - Insights

Tarot readings may provide significant insights and direction, but you may not always have the time or energy for a thorough reading. A tarot deck built for fast and uncomplicated readings might be a great alternative in such instances. Here’s a fantastic tip from a professional tarot reader:

  • Tarot of Animal Spirits: According to Jennifer Herrera, a tarot card reader and well-being coach, this deck is good for novices since it is fast and straightforward to read. The deck’s major subject is animals, making it simple to connect with and grasp the meanings of the cards. Herrera points out that the animal imagery may elicit a variety of emotions and behaviors, making it a crowd-pleaser. The Animal Spirit Tarot deck will help you obtain clarity and insight into your current circumstances, and the animal symbolism can encourage you to connect with your intuition and inner knowledge.
  • Morgan-Greer Tarot Deck: Based on the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, this deck has vivid and colorful graphics. The iconography in this card is less abstract than in other decks, according to Katie Florez, a community tarot reader. The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guide Set: Based on the four elements, this deck depicts animals and environment. Its global symbolism makes it accessible to individuals of various origins and cultures. You may improve the relevancy and accuracy of your readings by using a diverse and inclusive tarot deck. Moreover, by promoting the work of various artists and makers, you may help to build a more inclusive and varied spiritual community.

Diverse and inclusive tarot decks provide a more accurate and relevant instrument for spiritual inquiry. You may improve your tarot practice and contribute to a more inclusive and fair spiritual community by choosing a deck that resonates with you and your principles.

What Tarot Cards Do Professionals Use: Finally, if you want a tarot deck for fast and uncomplicated readings, the Animal Spirit Tarot deck is a great alternative. You may acquire useful insights into your present condition and make educated choices by connecting with animal symbols. This deck will help you delve into your intuition and spiritual potential whether you’re a novice or an expert tarot reader.