Virgo Man: Personality Traits, Love, Compatibility & More

Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, the Virgo man is intelligent, organized, communicative, and always busy gathering and passing on information. He’s a hardworking, efficient, precise, and methodical person who pays attention to the smallest details and can work his way out of any challenge in life. But, how does a Virgo man act when in love? What are the Virgo man likes and dislikes in a relationship? Continue reading to find out more interesting facts about Virgo man!

Virgo Man: Personality Traits

The Virgo man has a strong sense of duty and is always looking for opportunities to serve the greater good, be it his family, friends, or at work. Some of the Virgo man characteristics include being modest, fair, humble, and balanced. This is a man that pays close attention to the details, loves to help out people, and you can certainly count on him to get things done every time.

Ruled by the planet Mercury, he’s energetic, communicative, a perfectionist and an achiever who studies every situation in great detail. Since this sign is associated with the element of earth, the Virgo man is also grounded and practical, with a tendency to analyze everything and worry too much. He’s very organized, careful, doesn’t rush into things and has a plan for everything. While the Virgo man can be extremely hard on himself and other people, he’s usually his own worst critic.

Virgo Man: Home & Family

The Virgo man has a reputation for being a clean freak, so obviously, he wants to live in a perfectly arranged, clean, and organized home. He aims for perfection in everything he does in life and is well known for his cleanliness and hygiene, so the Virgo man can get into ‘neat freak’ territory more often than not. The good thing is that if you’re marrying a Virgo man, you’ll always have a tidy and organized home. And once he’s created a calm, beautiful, and clean home, the Virgo man would much rather stay at his own home than go out.

As a father, the Virgo man will teach his children to have morals and integrity. He will teach his children to be strong, humble, independent and kind to others just like he is. Virgo man can be strict and overly critical at times, but overall he is a wonderful, loving, and loyal father who always wants to make sure that his kids are happy and safe.

Virgo Man: Career & Money

The Virgo man is a hard-working, responsible, intelligent, practical, and helpful individual that strives for perfection. Thanks to his critical nature, analytical skills, and his attention to detail, this man excels at planning, problem-solving, and organizing. He’s able to see the big picture and focus on the smallest details to make a project work. While he’s a good team player, the Virgo man loves working solo and prefers a career that allows him complete control over his work and environment.

Since the Virgo man is very rational, cautious, and intelligent, he has a reputation for being good at saving money. Men born under this sign balance their checkbooks carefully, pay their bills on time, and always plan their purchases. The Virgo man worries about money all the time, therefore he will never spend money on things that have no practical value or invest their money in something risky.

Virgo Man: Love & Sex

As already mentioned, the Virgo man seeks perfection in everything, even when it comes to love and relationships. He’s careful, picky, and doesn’t like to rush into new relationships, so he will fall in love only after he has explored all the pros and cons of emotional investment. He’s more practical, sensible, and comes off as a little shy and cold initially, rather than romantic and spontaneous.

So, you’re probably wondering how to know if a Virgo man likes you? A Virgo man in love will schedule his entire life around you, he will make plans with you and will let you know of his love and affection. He’s usually timid, reserved, and uptight, so one of the signs a Virgo man is in love with you is if he loosens up when he’s around you. Once he’s in a relationship, he’s loyal, caring, thoughtful, protective and helpful, so dating a Virgo man can be very rewarding. You can’t expect a lot of romantic moments in a relationship with a Virgo guy, but you can be sure that he’ll work really hard to maintain a strong and loving relationship.

But, how to keep a Virgo Man interested? The Virgo man likes an honest and supportive partner, so be straightforward about who you are, be punctual and always show up on time, and most importantly, be supportive and encouraging. He can be critical of himself, so show your Virgo guy that you care about him by supporting him in his endeavors. The Virgo man doesn’t like public displays of emotions, so try to avoid ditching your emotional baggage on him, because this will probably just scare him away.

When it comes to sex, The Virgo man finds it difficult to be intimate with someone he doesn’t know or someone with whom he doesn’t feel physically comfortable. The Virgo man in bed is extremely considerate, generous, and eager to please his partner. He’s also the perfectionist of the zodiac, so if he doesn’t succeed at first, he’ll try again and again, even if it takes all night.

Virgo Man: Compatibility with Other Signs

In love and relationships, the Virgo guy can be shy, logical, and extremely cautious. So, when it comes to Virgo man compatibility, he is compatible only with a few signs that share similar characteristics. The Virgo man is considered most compatible with women born under the signs of Taurus, Cancer, and Scorpio.

Virgo Man and Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman is a great match for the Virgo man. These two signs share the same element (Earth), so they’re both grounded, practical, and modest. They complement each other and have the ability to understand each other on a deeper level, so it’s safe to say that a Virgo man/Taurus woman relationship will be rock solid from the start.

Virgo Man and Cancer Woman

Even though Cancer is a water sign, the Virgo man and the Cancer woman are one of the most compatible matches of the zodiac! Both signs are caring, loving, loyal, family-oriented, and they love being at home, so they will be comfortable with each other right from the start of their romance. This relationship has a great potential to last a lifetime.

Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman feels things very deeply, and she’ll be fascinated by Virgo’s calm approach to love. Even though these two signs are completely different, they share a love of beauty and both place great importance on their home. Therefore, a Virgo man/Scorpio woman relationship or marriage is very likely to happen and last, as these two have a great understanding and mutual respect for each other.