Virgo and Scorpio

If you were wondering what is the best match for a Virgo and if that could be Scorpio, then let’s get it straight from the start that it’s not. But when Earth and Water astrology signs come together in a love relationship, it is a deep, loyal and faithful relationship, full of mutual admiration for each other and great understanding. Virgo and Scorpio are both detail-oriented individuals who are always analytical and rational, rarely seen making surprise turns and changes. Everything they do has been previously thought through to the smallest details, so when they start a relationship, they are ready for the long haul from the very beginning.

Virgo and Scorpio both like to keep their lives private and they prefer to stay away from busy and crowded places. Their ideal dates will be quiet and intimate, be it watching a movie or just staying at home talking. Even though they both like to be private, both Virgo and Scorpio will love to hear each other’s deepest thoughts, desires, dreams and hopes. In a long run, Scorpio may become a bit insensitive and often overlook Virgo’s emotional needs, while Virgo may become annoying for Scorpio because of their need to analyze every little issue thoroughly. However, their understanding and respect earned by that point should be enough to help them overcome their differences and keep their love alive. To discover more about Virgo and Scorpio compatibility in love, romance, sex, marriage and more, read on.

Virgo and Scorpio Love and Romance

Virgo, who is known for their appearance as cold and unemotional, is actually a passionate lover who feels safe and secure to open up to Scorpio lover much sooner than they usually would. Scorpio is a confident yet collected individual who almost never pulls any surprises, which is utterly appealing to the zodiac’s Virgin. When these two fall in love, it’s definitely not a typical sort of romance, but having their self-worth recognized and appreciated by another person works perfectly for them both. However, these two can easily get obsessed with one another and their equally big desire to control could lead to power struggles. So, how do Virgo and Scorpio go together in their love life? Almost ideally.

Virgo and Scorpio Emotional Compatibility

Someone as deep as Scorpio is a perfect nominee for getting those hidden emotions beneath the surface of Virgo out in the open. While Scorpio is not known for expressing their emotions as well, when with Virgo, they both feel free to express their most genuine emotions. However, both signs need some time to become trusting and comfortable with each other. Such intense emotions doesn’t come that easily, especially to someone who spends so much time thinking, processing and analyzing, even when it comes to love. Nevertheless, Virgo is sensitive and can do everything to satisfy their partner. Scorpio, on the other hand, can get used to all the love and attention they receive without paying gratitude to their partner. The emotional compatibility between Virgo and Scorpio can be either strong and intimate or difficult to impossible; it all depends on their commitment and willingness to develop strong intimate bond with each other.

Virgo and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

To the question “Are Virgo and Scorpio sexually compatible?”, you can’t go wrong if you answer no or yes. What is the result when you merge the sexiest sign and the “asexual” sign of the zodiac? Impossible to tell. Virgo, someone who is usually hiding their sexuality in all ways possible, and Scorpio, someone who is all about sex, the sexual attraction between these two can be incredibly powerful. Virgo is turned on by someone with a mysterious and analytical mind, something that Scorpio has in vast amounts. Scorpio finds Virgo’s tendency to be honest and not playing games to be sexy. These two will enjoy their sexual encounters most when they both feel safe in the relationship and trust each other. However, at times, Virgo may find Scorpio’s sexual intensity overwhelming and may feel bad if they fail to live up to their partner’s expectations. When Virgo stop analyzing their bedroom adventures, the fearless lover Scorpio will teach their partner a lot about sex through hours of sensual and satisfying steamy sessions.

Virgo and Scorpio Marriage Compatibility

Astrologically speaking, a Virgo and Scorpio marriage is very likely to happen and last, as these two signs have a great understanding and mutual respect for each other. Understanding, in particular, plays the key role in the relationship of these two, because when they have different motives and opinions, it will help them resolve them easier. While Scorpio’s nature is emotional, Virgo is more practical and grounded, so there will be the battle of feeling vs thinking. When there’s problem in the marriage, Virgo would like to examine it in details and find a solution, but that’s not how the intuitive Scorpio does things. Their intuition, of course, and their feelings come first, then they could use some logic. Together they could resolve everything in their way. As good friends and lifelong partners, Virgo and Scorpio will enjoy the beauty of the smallest and simplest things.

Virgo and Scorpio Trust and Communication

Since trust is a serious issues for them both, Virgo and Scorpio enter any relationship with their own set of fears and insecurities. But when together in a relationship, they feel differently, as if they know each other so well and find it refreshing to have someone to open up. This is especially important to the careful Virgo who doesn’t trust that easily. These two equally hate dishonesty and betrayal, which is why they feel it’s okay to trust one another.

Both having incredible brain capacity, Virgo and Scorpio will swipe each other off their feet by deep and meaningful conversations. Powerful statements, new facts and discoveries are also going to be a part of their communication. When in need of a practical solution, these two thinkers will join forces to dig into the problem and solve it efficiently. Aside from their great verbal communication, Virgo and Scorpio are masters of non-verbal communication too. They know what the other wants to say just by looking at them. They can also help one another heal from bad experiences from the past.

Virgo and Scorpio Shared Values

These two value depth, meaningfulness, intellectual and honesty above all else. Both will be amazed by one another’s tendency to challenge each other’s mind in ways they’ve never been. Another thing both Virgo and Scorpio have in common is their absolute devotion and adoration for one another and that will help them overcome those critical times when their egos clash. Most of the time, they will find it easy to agree on things they both value, but sometimes, they could get in conflict for the slightest of problems, such as who is supposed to wash the dishes today.