Virgo and Leo

Relationships can sometimes be tricky. We often find ourselves in situations where we’re not sure whether it’s going to work out or not and in most cases, fear gets the worst of us. Compatibility in romantic relationships matters and what better way to know if you’re compatible with someone or not in advance than by simply checking your zodiac signs? Below we have an analysis of the unusual zodiac compatibility of Virgo and Leo.

As we already know, Leo is probably the most energetic of all twelve astrological signs. Leo likes to show off and receive compliments from everyone around. Leo is the type that enjoys being paid attention, but their true desires go much deeper than getting attention. What Leo truly wants is to be highly respected. Therefore, not everyone can handle a Leo – these individuals can be arrogant, jealous, or even cruel at times, although they are actu-ally the most kind-hearted sign in the entire zodiac.

Virgo tells an entirely different story: they appear cold by nature, but logical, rational and efficient in getting things done and solving problems. Virgo is not the most romantic sign nor is it the most sensitive, but if you ever need some good advice or a shoulder to cry on, Virgo will be there. Virgo’s biggest wish is to be a hero and that is precisely what these in-dividuals are good at. However, don’t ever expect a Virgo to ask for your help – that might make them look vulnerable.

So, can these two really make a good match? How will they handle each other in sex, mar-riage, love, and romance? Let’s discover.

Virgo and Leo Love and Romance

As different as these two might be, Virgo and Leo can still find some common ground if they are both committed enough. What’s great here is the fact that they can learn from each other and use that to improve themselves. Virgo can teach Leo how to be more patient, how to think things through before doing them and how to remain calm in a heated situation. Leo can also offer plenty to their Virgo partner: passion in a relationship, excitement in little everyday things and plenty of creativity in their love life.

Still, when we lay all of that on the table, it’s obvious that such a relationship doesn’t work all the time. Even though in the beginning differences attract, that will barely be enough for a strong romantic bond to be formed. Virgo’s seriousness will be very off-putting for dear Leo’s childish spirit and vice versa – Leo’s immature behavior will cause Virgo to consider bailing out while it still can. Thankfully, neither of the signs are quitters. Virgo can easily forgive and Leo’s loyalty will stop them from walking out when there still might be some chance of making it work.

Virgo and Leo Emotional Compatibility

This is the part where things get really messy. As we know quite well, Leo’s entire appear-ance screams passion and emotion, fire and heat. Virgo is very much the opposite – an Earth sign that is entirely grounded and completely rational, even in a love-filled relation-ship. When it comes to expressing their emotions, Leo will want to scream and let every-thing out in the open, but their Virgo partner’s criticism and held-back posture will stop them from being fully open with their own feelings. Even though they are both caring zo-diac signs, showing emotions might turn out to be a bigger obstacle than either of them might want to think.

Virgo and Leo Sexual Compatibility

On the topic of intimacy, we find it a bit difficult for these two to get along. Basically, the main problem is Leo’s overly excessive need to be praised and Virgo’s inability to do that in such a large amount. There’s also Virgo’s withdrawn personality and cautious behavior towards its partner. Neither of them is really making a mistake here. The ever-analyzing Virgo is just making sure they understand Leo well before they take a step further, and Leo is simply being themselves – confident, creative, and a bit impatient. Neither of them is familiar with each other’s way of doing things, so it’s no surprise that they both might end up with their feelings hurt.

Virgo and Leo Marriage Compatibility

In this segment, we notice that the main thing that causes turbulence is their contrasting lifestyle. Leo, despite loving the family life and a nice cozy home, will still want extrava-gant events and won’t be afraid to spend money on them. Virgo is not very bound to home, but still prefers not to parade in front of others like their Leo partner. Money might turn out to be the biggest issue here. Leo is a sucker for all shiny, luxurious and expensive things, while Virgo has absolutely no need for possessing things that will make them stand out. If they make it to marriage, the two should really consider owning separate bank ac-counts.

Virgo and Leo Trust and Communication

Virgo is a sign that pays a great amount of attention to detail. This trait helps them recog-nize when something is off in the relationship, especially when Leo is trying to say some-thing, but doesn’t know how. But frankly, communication between Virgo and Leo is rarely a problem, because both signs respect each other’s opinion and get each other easily.

When it comes to trust, Virgo honestly needs Leo to tone down his loud behavior, because it can be quite intimidating for this Earth sign. Leo’s tendency to attract attention on the go is also something that will be uncomfortable for the Virgo. According to Leo, trust is cru-cial for a stable relationship, but they won’t be able to offer it unless they get it from their partner first.

Virgo and Leo Shared Values

This strange Earth and Fire sign combination finds a fair amount of common ground re-garding the things they value. They are both intelligent and they like to help others out, but they want the gratitude towards them to be expressed in different ways. Virgo’s humble na-ture will ask nothing more than a simple “Thank you”, while the proud Leo will make sure everyone knows what they have done for the person in need.

As long as the two are committed to each other and learn to accept one another’s differ-ences, the relationship has a chance of becoming something great. Still, despite their effort, we believe they might have more luck in relationships with other signs.