Three of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

Upon one’s success, a joyous gathering should take place. The three-of-cups card is part of the Minor Arcana in Tarot, and it is a representation of jubilant and celebratory times. When it is in the upright position, this card calls for celebration with family and friends to toast one’s successful endeavors. One should also commemorate achievements in business relationships. In the reverse, it indicates interference and damage to your significant relationships. It should be a signal to carve out time for healing and reflection. These are the characteristics of the three of cups:

  • Astrological sign: Cancer
  • Element: Water
  • Planet: Mercury
  • Key Dates: July 2nd to July 11th

Visual Elements and Symbols

Immediately, the card shows a toast between three women dressed in celebratory garb with wreaths in their hair standing in a circle. An abundance of harvested fruit and vegetables lie at their feet. Upon further inspection, there is a notation of something deeper. Respect, admiration, and connection between the three women on the card are seen. It can be noted that the plentiful bounty is a symbol of wealth, wellness, and growth.

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The Personification of the Three-Of-Cups

A good mantra for life is to surround yourself with people who lift you up not bring you down. The three-of-cups person is the personification of this saying. Positivity will exude from this person and enlighten your life. Typically, the center of attention, they will radiate charisma, positivity, and beauty with a large group of friends at hand who are ready to celebrate.

No matter the circumstance, they are resilient and easily sociable. Because of their exciting lifestyle, a three-of-cup person may draw feelings of envy from others. But through it all, there is constant positivity and a search for new friends to add to their group.

The Three of Cups Upright

If a three-of-cups card is produced during your tarot reading, that is your cue to get together with your closest friends and have a celebratory event. It signifies happy times and cheerful gatherings. Getting together with people who think alike and have open hearts can create an environment that will spark creativity and passion. There are so many ways to fulfill this. Below are examples of activities your group of female friends can partake in:

  • Going on a vacation
  • Creating a book club
  • Hosting a dinner party
  • Having a night out with the girls

Gathering to toast success and fulfilled accomplishments with people you feel connected to and love is an essential trait of this card.

Love and Relationships

The time to find love is strong when this card surfaces. Partners with the same goals and lifestyle are a great choice to pursue. Romantic relationships are bound to flourish under this card. Because of the consistent positivity and passion that arises with this drawing, there is a strong probability of success at love. Your strong communication skills enable the possibility of a truly passionate and mutually respected connection.


The three-of-cups card also extends to business relationships. This could entail advancement in your career or triumph in your business. A celebration of achievements with your business colleague is necessary. If you haven’t ventured into a business partnership, it is time to look out for one and develop the ones that may come your way. The people this will work best with will have the same goals and visions as you. Their work ethics bought to the table will match. Your elevated communication level will help accomplish high levels of success.


An increase in fortune is heading your way as a reward for all your hard work. This should be spent on proper celebrations and enjoyment of all you have put into your company. Beware not to overspend, deposits into a savings account should be on the agenda for any future necessities.


With celebration, comes the lure of excess. Excess drinking, overspending, and partying too hard. While letting loose and enjoying yourself is part of the process, moderation is essential. There will be moments of temptation. Avoid these by finding healthier and safer ways to celebrate. You must stay strong and be ready for any challenges that come up in the future.


With the cup suit, the cards relate to your emotions. The three of-cups indicate excess in your current situation. This could be concerning your love life or work conditions that are producing stress and are affecting you negatively. This can impact your productivity thus not allowing you to reach your goals or have peace with your partner. Even through adversity, be mindful of gratefulness for the blessings in your life. This is only for some time.

The card in reverse means to take a step back and reevaluate. You will need to spend time on a journey of wellness and try for closure on unhealthy relationships and failed endeavors. It’s time to wipe the slate clean.


In love, the possibility of trouble is high with a reverse three-of-cups. There could be a third party trying to form a wedge in your relationship. This could also mean a canceled event or celebration. If there is no love relationship, this could mean a short-term fling is on the horizon. On the other hand, a reunion with an old acquaintance or friend may be coming up, and for a very good reason. Unfortunately, you must be on the lookout if the card is to turn up. Some unpleasantness may be brought into your life.


Sabotage is not only present in your relationship. At work, a colleague may be plotting against you, to upend your hard work and success. You must rise above this. Taking the high road in this situation will lead you to a better outcome in the end.


Overindulgence due to the celebratory element of this card will lead to overspending if not kept in check. The reversed card can also signify canceled celebrations (weddings, engagements, etc) that have big deposits that will not be refundable. This can lead to major financial strain.

Past, Present, and Future

The time of your highest productivity is represented in the past position of the three-of-cups card. You will reap the benefits of your hard work of the past. Your accomplishments and achievements will have a positive effect on your present and your future if you are consistent in your efforts.

In its present role, the three-of-cups card implies an ending to a major project or a goal that has been reached. Getting to the end has been exhausting and long overdue. The fruits of your labor are represented by the bounty at the feet of the joyous women on the card in its upright position. The symbolized celebration is upcoming.

Be ready for good things to come. It is a feat to keep a balance between work, fun, and relaxation. If this is achieved, the reward will be worth it. Getting together with old friends and coworkers may be beneficial for future endeavors that may come your way.

Important Card Combinations

The three-of-cups card is symbolic in its graphic representation of a celebratory gathering. The multiples of 3 can be seen in the women, wreaths, and cups. In a reading, this indicates events appearing in groups of three: relationships, celebrations, and economic benefits.


This is a deceptive combination. While the knight of swords is about bravery and action, your ease of connecting to people may lead to being deceived by a male counterpart trying to join your tight-knit female group of friends. While the excitement may brew, be wary of problematic feelings that may be conjured at his arrival.


This combination shouts that good luck is on the horizon. Prosperity is in abundance. it should be embraced and enjoyed. This fortune is bestowed on those that work well with others and are continually positive. With this good fortune, you should celebrate with your loved circle of friends. Your tribe will uplift you and you, in turn, will uplift them.


In this time, your beloved sisterhood will be of great assistance. They will walk the journey of healing with you and protect you from further damage resulting from this situation. The five of swords card speaks of tremendous conflict currently in your life. There is a feeling of jealousy in one of your relationships leading to discord and upheaval in your being. This may be due to your strong connections to others leaving them feeling threatened and therefore creating turmoil in their wake.


In one word: Absolutely. Even with its negative elements, you should definitely seek out the three-of-cups card. There are so many wonderful things it represents. The positive and joyful occasions we celebrate reflect our hard work and consistency. The gathering of loved ones lights up and uplifts our lives. The strengthening of our relationships and the expansion of our network enhances our spirit. It is what we need to continue to fight for what we love and the goals we are trying to achieve. At the end of the day, we all strive for what this card signifies.