The Zodiac Signs if They Were Superheroes

Every zodiac sign has a different personality, different characteristics and different abilities. If you have ever tried to imagine the zodiac signs as powerful monsters, mythical creatures or maybe superheroes, it means you have a sufficient amount of knowledge about each sign so you can easily reflect their personalities in an image of a character. With the help of some big Marvel and DC Comics fans who know their favorite characters exceptionally well, we’ve complied a list of zodiac signs as superheroes. By comparing the zodiac signs’ strengths and weaknesses with the Marvel’s and DC’s mightiest heroes’ heroic acts, we can imagine the zodiac signs as superheroes. So comic lovers, assemble and check out what your zodiac sign would be if they were a superhero.

Aries: Iron Man

Due to the unlimited energy Aries possess and the incredible ability to find a genius solution to make things work, this zodiac sign would definitely be Iron Man. Arrogant, rich, determined, brilliant and brave, yet self-centered and impulsive, Iron Man is everything people born under the sign of Aries are. When Aries wants to achieve something, they put all of their energy into it in order to get it done as fast as possible, overcoming every single obstacle that may get in the way. Just like Iron Man used to save all 13 people falling from a plane in “Marvel’s Iron Man 3”.

Taurus: Thor

Taurus, symbolized by a bull, is a sign characterized by two things: incredible power and unbelievable stubbornness. If Taurus were a superhero, God-like figure with power to destroy entire buildings is the only suitable option, such as Thor. The Mighty God of Thunder is not only capable of incredible feats of strength and possesses a very high resistance to physical injuries, Thor is able to summon the elements of the storm: rain, wind, snow and lightning. Taurus is also known as the most skilled zodiac sign to stand up to both physical and emotional challenges, which is why they’re referred to as unbreakable – just like Thor.

Gemini: Jean Grey

Gemini is known for its dual-nature, complexity and indecisiveness and if they were a superhero, Jean Grey is their most likely representative. People born under Gemini are energetic, imaginative and clever and professionally, they possess a great combination of communication skills and intellectual prowess. However, they can be impulsive and sometimes unpredictable, just like the iconic X-men character when the Phoenix, a cosmic entity, takes over.

Cancer: Hulk

Just like the green-skinned muscular beast, Cancers have two sides: a Bruce Banner-like kind, cautious, loving and caring side, and a short-tempered and moody side. However, Cancers are incredibly compassionate and naturally emphatic above all else. There’s nothing a Cancer wouldn’t do for a friend or a relative. Even if they’re not at their best of moods, they will still jump into action to save their loved ones – just like Hulk saved Iron Man.

Leo: Wonder Woman

Who else would be a better reflection for the natural leader, the bossy, the energetic and the eternal truth-seeker Leo than Diana Prince, an Amazon warrior who possesses a magical Lasso of Truth that, when wrapped around someone, they cannot help but speak only truth? Wonder Woman is a strong character with a variety of skills, just as Leos usually are in the real world. Her position as a powerful yet graceful representation of women makes Wonder Woman especially similar to the female representatives of Leo.

Virgo: Batman

The analytical, observant, patient, incredibly intelligent and detective-minded Virgo is a lot like Batman. The wealthy American playboy, philanthropist and owner of Wayne Enterprises, Bruce Wayne, is an emotionally stable person whose parents have been shot before his eyes, an accident that made him confront the criminals himself as the Dark Knight and make sure justice is served. Batman may not be comfortable working along with a team like Virgo does, but he is a perfectionist too who does like getting things done in an orderly manner.

Libra: Captain America

Being diplomatic, peaceful even in the most tensed situations and a perfectly balanced person is just another day in the office for the Libra representatives. Captain America, who can be idealistic almost to a fault, is totally the superhero Libra would be. Just like the Avengers’ leader, Libras’ optimism for life and idealism can sometimes make them look naive, although they have it all planned out. Cap can also be indecisive in some cases, however, he always strives for balance and harmony in his life and the lives of the people around him.

Scorpio: Black Widow

With a charm that no one can resist and a personality that attracts people like magnet, Scorpio would’ve undoubtedly represented the Black Widow. Marvel’s finest superspy, the famous Natasha Romanova, has a lot in common with these passionate, curious, and dynamic individuals. For example, although they’re incredibly sensitive, emotional and loyal friends, Scorpios are known to be secretive by nature and are often perceived as a mystery.

Sagittarius: Spider-Man

If Sagittarius were to be described by only one characteristic, that would surely be incredibly optimistic. The restless and optimistic Sagittarius is awfully similar to the Spider-Man, the teenager superhero with a set of various skills, among which is getting the truth out of anyone. These fun-loving individuals have a great sense of humor, but you shouldn’t get fooled by it, because they’re smart and analytical. Also, they are similar in terms of self-confidence and occasional irresponsible behaviors.

Capricorn: Daredevil

Capricorns are very patient, practical and ambitious individuals and they cannot keep their cool until they accomplish they’ve set for themselves. Besides Matt Murdock was blinded after an accident with a radioactive substance, his other senses were heightened to a level beyond any normal human could take. Against all the odds, Matt learned how to control his four senses and later used them to seek revenge for his father’s murder. To do so, he also needed to learn how to fight. For a blind man, Daredevil overcame a whole lot of obstacles, thanks to his Capricorn-like ambition and dedication.

Aquarius: Deadpool

Aquarius is known for their innovative mind, original way of coming up with solutions and intellectual prowess. Their game of sarcasm and wittiness are also on point. If they were a superhero, they would’ve surely be Deadpool, the famous antihero. Wade Wilson is a mentally unstable mercenary-for-hire with a wide range of super abilities. Friendly in a way and always original with his target eliminations, Deadpool is the guy they all like – just like Aquariuses.

Pisces: Superman

In the real world, Pisces is an imaginative and compassionate dreamer. In the superheroes world, this zodiac sign would be someone who is also compassionate, selfless and kind above all else, like Superman. Pisces always put others’ needs before their own, which is why they often end up feeling the weight of the world on their own shoulders. Superman has done that a million of times – even literally quite a few times. The Superman-like idealism can sometimes get out the best of Pisces individuals, but it can also mislead them into an unrealistic world.