The Sun Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

The Sun (XIX) is the nineteenth card in the Major Arcana. It represents optimism, innocence, and joy. The Sun is an overwhelmingly positive card and is a positive omen in any reading.

Illustration Credit: James Tandy
  • Element: Fire
  • Planet: Sun
  • Astrological sign: Leo
  • Key dates: One year from the present


The Sun card features a joyful child riding a white horse with arms open wide and flowers in their golden hair. This imagery represents purity and the joy of embracing one’s inner child. The child is smiling and has no clothing on, aside from a single feather on their head. The feather is the same one seen in The Fool card. This connects the cards and their shared themes of innocence and free-spiritedness.

Behind the child, there is a wall, which symbolizes restrictive boundaries being left behind in the pursuit of joy. The wall has 4 sunflowers growing from it, representing new life, and the 4 minor arcana suits. The orange flag waving in the wind represents energy and excitement from newfound freedom.

There is a large sun shining over the child. The sun has a calm facial expression and its rays are beaming throughout the sky. This symbolizes success, vitality, and happiness. The brightness and positive imagery of the sun reflect the positive messages associated with an upright pull.


The Sun card as a person represents someone who is confident and full of life. They are forever young and serious about living life to the fullest. The Sun is always seeking new places, new adventures, and new ways to experience life. They are carefree and don’t bother worrying about tomorrow when they could spend that time enjoying today.

People represented by The Sun are some of the most optimistic people you can know. They see the best in others and know that everything will be okay in the end. The Sun makes a great friend, and will always be there to make you smile when you’re feeling down. They care deeply about others and their optimism is contagious. They are at their best when they’re with others and spreading their joy to those around them.

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The upright Sun card is one of the best cards you can pull in a tarot reading. You are surrounded by positivity and may find others drawn in by it. The world is on your side and the time for optimism is now. Continue listening to and embracing your true self.


The Sun card is a good omen, regardless of your relationship status. It signals that positive change and joyous love are near. The Sun represents confidence and optimism. Celebrate your love for yourself and others by embracing your confident energy.

For those in a relationship, The Sun symbolizes great happiness and satisfaction. Your relationship is stable and healthy. In a serious relationship, it may indicate marriage or children. If you’re going through any difficulties in your relationship, The Sun signals that, whatever the result, you will be better off in the end.

If you’re single, The Sun represents positivity in your romantic life. You may meet someone new soon or find yourself attracting more suitors than usual. Lean into your magnetic confidence, whether that’s by going on dates or embracing the single life!

The Sun also represents a joyous celebration, so an engagement, wedding, or baby shower may be in your future.


The Sun is an affirming card to get into a career reading. If you’re looking for a sign, this is it. Your goals and dreams are within reach. Be confident in moving forward with them and embrace whatever added responsibility comes your way. Others are noticing your contributions and positive impact on your workplace.

All of this is not to say that it will be easy. To reach the results you want, you’ll have to put in more hard work than usual. Use your optimistic outlook to inspire and uplift yourself and your coworkers. The Sun signals that good things are coming if you put in the effort and keep your spirits up.

The Sun represents new opportunities and success. This may appear as heightened relationships with your colleagues, taking on more responsibility, or the completion of a long-standing goal.

Take pride in your accomplishments and enjoy the benefits that come with them. Remember to keep your humility and optimism throughout your successes. Your positive attitude will help make your dreams come true.


Pulling The Sun card implies financial gain and success. You may want to take advantage of the good omen and explore any side hustles, pay off debts, or make an exciting investment. The Sun may also represent a particularly helpful or affluent business partner or someone whose presence will have a positive impact on your financial situation.

The Sun suggests great abundance, so this is the perfect time to treat yourself to something you have been waiting for.


Your sunny perspective on life and mental well-being will reflect on your overall health, so you may be feeling strong and full of life and energy. You should feel up for any new venture, whether that means picking up a hobby or trying a sport.

If you have been feeling sick, the Sun predicts a full recovery and restored health.


The reversed Sun card is a message to your inner child. Something is blocking them from coming out and fully embracing the joy of life. There may be someone or something that is stopping you from finding fun and enjoyment.

You may be stuck in a rut of pessimism. Don’t let those negative thoughts and feelings bring you down. Listen to the voice inside you cheering you on, no matter how quiet it may be.

The Sun, even if reversed, is never a truly negative card. You can move forward from whatever obstacles you may be facing. Find people who inspire you and work on building your self-confidence. With some work, your future can be very bright.


If you’re in a relationship, pay attention to the space you give to your partner. Try to be mindful and consider that your partner may feel overshadowed. The Sun reversed may represent taking a relationship for granted, so reflect on what you love about your partner. It’s never a bad time for a refresher on the person we love!

If you’re single, reflect on the way you come across to potential partners. The Sun reversed signals you may come across as cocky or arrogant. It’s okay to be confident, but be aware of the way you speak about yourself and others.


If you pull the reversed Sun card during a career reading, you may be dealing with problems at work. You may feel unheard or overshadowed by your colleagues. Your confidence may be damaged and you may find yourself doubting your abilities.

You may also feel dissatisfied with your current role or career field. This can lead to feeling pessimistic or discouraged about work. Try to build up your confidence and remind yourself why they hired you in the first place. If you still feel dissatisfied, don’t be afraid to explore other options that feel like a better fit.


It’s not advisable to make large financial decisions or make important purchases when the reversed Sun card appears in a reading. Things may take a bad turn, and you want to be prepared just in case.

The reversed Sun may be telling you that you have more power than you think in your finances. Even if things aren’t great at the moment, you can have an effect on things if you’re willing to put in the work.


The reversed Sun may indicate an illness or lack of energy. You may be sick and feeling negative about your condition. While it’s understandable to get down when you’re sick, your attitude may be impacting your illness. Do what you can to keep a positive outlook and try talking to your doctor or loved ones about your feelings.



The Sun card is always a good sign in a past, present, and future reading. Generally, it signals happiness, satisfaction, and success.

In the past position, The Sun represents a happy and positive childhood. You have warm memories of your childhood and they may have come up in your life recently. The Sun card in the past position is a call for gratitude. Take time to reflect on your past and think of all the moments you cherish.

In the present position, this card is two big thumbs up! You are (or you’re about to be) on top of the world. Keep yourself humble, but don’t be afraid to rise to the occasion and take in the results of your hard work.

In the future position, The Sun card is telling you to keep pushing forward. You are so close to reaping the rewards of all your efforts, so don’t give up now! Things will be turning in your favor, and you may even be surprised by how well things turn out.


The Sun card is a part of many different powerful card combinations. Within those combinations, The Sun brings positivity and success to its counterpart. It’s important to pay attention when these card combinations appear in a reading because they may be signaling something important.


The Chariot represents victory, determination, and discipline. When paired with The Sun, the Chariot is almost a sure sign of success.

You followed your dreams and worked hard to accomplish your goals. Your success isn’t random, The Chariot shows you overcame issues and dedicated yourself to your cause. Now is the time to shoot for the stars!


The Hermit, when paired with The Sun, represents rebirth and inner self-work. Both cards signify reflecting on yourself and finding enlightenment.

The Hermit card features an old man while The Sun card features a young child. This contrast symbolizes reflection and rebirth. Don’t shy away from deep thinking if you get this pairing in a reading. You have a huge potential for growth and self-improvement, so embrace change and new perspectives.


When The Lovers and The Sun appear together in a reading, you may be entering a new phase of your relationship.

If you’re in a relationship, you may be feeling more endeared to your partner and they may feel the same. You both may want to spend more time together and take your relationship to a deeper level. This card combination signals that your relationship is in a good place.

If you’re single, you may be entering a relationship soon. You should feel positive about your prospects right now, and keep an open mind when meeting new people. The dating world is your oyster!


This pairing is unique, knowing that The Moon card is the inverse of The Sun card. The Moon represents fear and anxiety, while The Sun represents success and joy.

Because of how opposite these cards are, they may signify opposition in your life. You may be stuck between two choices or be a part of two opposing narratives in your mind. Find time to sit down and think out your choices. The Sun’s positivity signifies that happiness and satisfaction are right around the corner.


The Sun is a positive card that offers “yes” to any and all questions.



In its upright position, the Sun signifies love in its many forms. Your love extends to those around you as well as deep within yourself. Your positive disposition and ability to self-reflect and grow will draw love and intrigue people toward you.


The Sun card reversed warns that strong feelings of enthusiasm or optimism are being affected by a harmful presence. Someone or something, or even yourself, may be overpowering or misconstruing your positive qualities.


The Sun in the future position tells you that success is imminent. Now is not the time to give up–your present hard work and efforts are likely to be rewarded


The Sun is a positive card that offers “yes” to any and all questions.