The Fool Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

As one of the most well-known tarot cards in the deck, “The Fool” is no stranger to many people. Getting the fool could mean a variety of things. From affairs of the heart to vitality, financial prospects, and change. The representation of letting go and moving on towards a new beginning.

Illustration Credit: Violetta Astanina

Belonging to:

The Major Arcana family.

– Numbered “0” representing the beginning and the end of the deck.
– In the deck “Hero’s Journey” with 22 cards.

What is the fool?

With great power & importance, the fool remains positive in most scenarios.

What does it mean?

The representation of this tarot is the purity and innocence of a youthful soul. A bright new day is before you here, although it does not come without some risk. Taking the plunge is the only way to push through it. Expect to make some detrimental & challenging decisions in the road ahead.

The fool & its correspondences

  • Element ~ Air – They Breeze through life, light as a feather.
  • Astrology ~ Aquarius ~ Full of creativity & confidence
  • Ruled by (Planet) ~ Saturn & Uranus, The bringers of change.
  • Time of year ~ The beginning of Springtime.

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Physical aspects

To symbolize his ‘not a care in the world’ mentality, the fool is carrying a small knapsack filled with all of his earthly belongings. With a happy demeanor and a white colored rose to represent his innocence and purity, he wanders blindly toward the edge cliff ahead. He had adorned a feather that faced towards the sky and sun to indicate that he has a ‘breeze through life, feeling light as a feather mentality.

The Fools’ gaze was locked on the blazing sun leaving him unaware of the fatal fall that lies before him.

In this depiction of “The Fool”, he either doesn’t care about the danger lurking or he’s simply too naïve and ignorant to see it.

Not far behind him, his loyal companion barks a warning to try and stop him from the life-altering fall ahead.

The background represents his mental state. The bright yellow backing is meant to portray that he has his head in the clouds and maybe it’s time to come back down.

The Fool, himself, symbolizes the ability to let go of the past and that there’s nothing to hold him back. He has no regrets, and that freedom allows him to face the future and start a new life.

As an individual

As an individual, the Fool is open-minded and resilient with a curious and youthful mentality. He is a free spirit and is always one to live for the moment. No regrets and no concerns which often makes him seem eccentric or flaky. This also allows him to spot things that most people wouldn’t.

Common careers associated

There are several careers that can be associated with The Fool. Creative careers are the most appropriate. Here are some.

  • Comedian ~ Allowing him to express his creativity through humor and laughter
  • Management of Technology or social media ~ Both careers are constantly evolving and changing into something bigger or new.
  • A Writer ~ Expression in the form of words.
  • Musician ~ A powerful tool – a perfect tool for an artistic soul like the fool.

In the upright position

With the fool in the upright position, expect the unexpected. There is change around the bend and a chance for a new adventure. Take the plunge and you’ll be able to reap the benefits and rewards to help you grow as a person. You may even have the chance to travel to new places and discover something about yourself or the world you didn’t know.

Romance and connections

If you’re single, now’s the time to put yourself out there and try something new with someone new. Don’t settle for the same old thing that you’ve always gone for, try branching out. Even if you think it’s not someone you would ordinarily be interested in. They may not be your normal piece of the pie, but you might be surprised by the connection you can have. Make the time for Mr. or Ms. Right now while you wait for the right one to come along.

If you want to know more about the other party, expect them to be spontaneous, alluring, and carefree. Be careful, though, because no matter how much they enjoy your company they aren’t likely to settle down with you.

If you’ve already found your partner, then now is the best time to be spontaneous and impulsive with them! Do something crazy! Take an unexpected trip, elope, or do something crazy. Take this time to enjoy each other in unfamiliar ways and strengthen your bond.

Career path & employment

With the question about the workplace, you have great potential here for a new profession or the prospect of a new business. Release your insecurities and reservations and be ready to fully commit and you will succeed! Be wary, however, if you get too excited you may no longer be professional. Don’t focus solely on the enjoyment & creativity of your work at the risk of slipping away from your more important tasks at hand.

Financial prospects

There is a fantastic opportunity for major financial gain. Either a possible raise at your current employer or potentially another prospect that lies ahead. Keep your eyes open for those opportunities and be prepared to do your best!

Well-being & vitality

If you are already healthy then expect to stay that way for the foreseeable future. If you are ill, then expect to be better before you know it! Take care of yourself.

In the reverse position

The Fool, reversed, has an adverse effect. Full of negativity and recklessness, leaving you to be selfish, ignorant and apathetic to your actions and how they affect those around you. You are too focused on the now and yourself to see the harm you may be doing to others.

Connections & romance

For a love reading, reversed, assess your current relationship. One of you is not fully in the relationship, as if it’s not being taken seriously. It’s probable that either you or your partner are taking risks that you haven’t taken previously which is causing tension in your relationship. All these things mean that someone is desperate to be free of ties and commitment. This does not bode well for your future and will likely result in the ending of your relationship.

Employment & career path

Taking unnecessary risks is not suggested now. With everything you already have responsibilities for whatever risk you’re thinking about taking, don’t. This is where the fool is barking a warning at you, just like his companion was doing on the depiction of the card. If it sounds like it’s just too perfect, then more than likely it is. You’re not able to see the danger that is afoot, so tread extremely carefully and don’t walk off the cliff.


Be extra cautious right now, whatever potential you see may look great but do your research and make sure you know what you’re doing before you take the leap of faith. There is likely something lurking in the shadows that you are unable to spot.

Vitality & well-being

You may be a little less graceful than usual right now, possibly tripping more or suffering from an unusual number of bumps and bruises. If you’re already ill or unwell, then seek out something different. Perhaps a new provider, or a new course of treatment.

The three tenses


The prior decisions that you’ve made in your life have set you up for the future and the positive outlook ahead of you. Trust your judgment and keep pushing forward and be ready to reap the rewards! The sky’s the limit!


You’re beginning a new journey in your life, and though the road seems unclear right now, whether it will be up or down, it won’t be long before your path will reveal itself. Assess all of the risks and weigh all your pros and cons as it will be detrimental to making sure you’re taking the correct path in life.


The path that lies ahead will help you develop yourself on a deeply spiritual level. With new resolutions and goals to meet, welcome this new path with open arms and you benefit from great knowledge and prosperity.

Pairing with the fool

Two peas in a pod! When paring with the Fool, these combinations amplify each other.

The King

Persistence and tenacity are present here. A new opportunity awaits you! Be open to the possibility of a new position that may present itself to you in your career path.

The Page of Swords

Charismatic & Energetic, now is the time to develop your underdeveloped talent. Express your passion and build on it.

The Lovers

A fiery and intense romance is in full bloom. Your relationship is full of passion.

The Magician

When your next project comes to light, open your mind and allow yourself to use your creativity to express yourself.

The Three of Cups

This is a card of celebration. If romance is what you’re looking at here, you are moving hastily into a budding romance. Take the time to enjoy each other and celebrate this.

Is the Fool a yes, or a no card?

Yes, this card means that now is the best time to say ‘yes’ to that vital question that has been on your mind.

Questions most commonly asked

What does “The Fool” mean in a love reading?

Now’s the time to join that dating platform. Flaunt your stuff and you’ll be bound to find a love story that is full of passion and desire. If you’ve already got a partner – now’s the time to be spontaneous and do something new with your partner. What have you been dying to try?

What is the reverse fool card’s meaning?

Apathetic to the effects your actions have on those around you. Living in the moment is great until it turns into negligence & foolishness. Ignorance is not always bliss.

What does the fool mean in the future position?

Embrace the new journey that lies ahead. It will help you grow on a deeply personal and spiritual level. Accept the journey and you might be surprised at what you’ll find on the way.