The First Thing Each Zodiac Sign Takes Notice of in Your Room

We all know that everyone’s taste for interior design is different, but that is not what we all notice when entering a room for the first time. Indeed, someone might be an interior designer and might know a lot about trends and style so they cannot help but notice the tiniest of details. However, there could be someone who is a big technology freak (cough Aquarius) whose eyes seek only tech gadgets. And, of course, there are those people who only care if the room is tidy and neat. In case you don’t know what type of people you are living with and what do they all take notice of when entering your room for the very first time, we got you covered. Here’s what your friends and your lover have noticed or will notice first in your room based on their zodiac sign.

Aries: Everything

Aries cannot help but grasp everything that their senses offer. In the very first minute spent in your room they’ve never been before, they already know the interior design applied, they’ve seen all the paintings and all the pictures in your room and they’ve noticed the available technology in the room, and what not. After a while, your Aries may start feeling like they truly know you, regardless of your previous connection.

Taurus: Is there food on the table?

Taurus the big foodie! Is there something more important for them than a home with lots of food available at any time? The Bull loves a home that always has food on the table. They believe that love is best practiced through the stomach, which is why they love it when there’s something they can grab off your table and satisfy their ever-hungry taste buds.

Gemini: Is there a board game?

As an Air sign, Gemini loves mental stimulation and board games are practically their achilles heel. They would pick a mental challenge over anything else. When they will enter your room for the first time, they would like to know if there is a board game somewhere close, because they think that speaks volumes about a person. And it just might, so make sure you put some board game before hosting a Gemini in your home.

Cancer: Where are the family photos?

Family is the single most important thing in the world for the Cancer, and the relationship with siblings is a very important criteria for them when choosing who are they spending time with. Whether a partner or a friend, they believe that everyone should have family photos in frames or in visible albums on shelves. Not only because of their decorative value, but also because they give depth to the person and instantly makes them more lovable for them.

Leo: Diplomas and certificates

There’s nothing in the world that Leo cares more for than achievements, medals, trophies and certificates. The Lion loves being praised for their achievements and accomplishments (more than they like to admit). When it comes to people in their life, they somehow expect and would like them to be successful and well educated, which is why they will immediately check out if you have any certificates or diplomas shown somewhere in the room.

Virgo: How tidy it is

Whether it’s a sign of godliness or obsessive compulsive disorder, Virgo likes everything neat and tidy. Entering your room will be like an adventure for them, one that’s full of surprises. The main matter, though, is whether it’s clean or not. They believe coming home to a tidy room can help everything in life feel the same way. From that, the idea of being able to live in a dirty and disorganized home is unacceptable for the perfectionist Virgo.

Libra: Symmetry

Libra is drawn to symmetry, harmony and balance. They like things well-balanced and in perfect symmetry, especially when it comes to interior design. It would immensely bother them to enter a room of your home and notice an absolute asymmetry and no order in place. It is indeed the first thing they notice, and unless you are not too close with them and they witness a complete mess in your home, it could also be their last visit.

Scorpio: If there’s too much light

As a person who prefers darkness over light, the first thing that Scorpio notices in a room is if there is too much light. However, it is pretty uncommon to visit a home that has the perfect light conditions, since they prefer complete darkness. Instant bonding happens when they enter a room that meets their ideal light conditions, as they immediately know they have a plenty of things in common you. Wanna get close to a Scorpio? Invite them over and dim the lights off.

Sagittarius: Where are the magnets?

Sagittarius is not only a person who loves freedom, traveling and adventures, but also someone who inspires others to go on adventures of their own. They love giving and receiving souvenirs picked up from different countries in the world, and they mean a lot to them. The first thing they will notice in your home is if you have magnets on the fridge or the shelves. If there aren’t any, be sure that Sagittarius will start a conversation about traveling.

Capricorn: The trophy shelves

As a workaholic and success-driven individual, the first place that gets Capricorn’s attention is the shelves. They value trophies, medals and achievements more than any other zodiac sign, and they may even judge your for the lack of such. That’s stronger than them, no matter how hard you try, so don’t mind them if they do judge you. Nothing makes a first impression of a home like a shelf full of trophies for the Capricorn.

Aquarius: If there’s a gadget to play with

Aquarius is a huge tech freak. They are obsessed with latest technology advancements and they love getting their hands on new technology before anyone else. Upon their first arrival at your home, their eyes will immediately start wandering to see if there are any gadgets around so they can escape the tedious real life and live in their own.

Pisces: Art

There is no doubt that Pisces is the artist of the zodiac. For the Fish, art is life, and life is art. They love art in all forms and good art can lift their spirit up in a blink of an eye. The first thing a Pisces will notice in your room is whether you have enough paintings on the wall or if they match with one another. Be sure that they will perform a complete art-check of your home.