The Chariot Tarot Card Meaning

The Seventh Major Arcana card in the Rider Waite deck primarily represents Succor and providence, with secondary emphasis on war, triumph, presumption, vengeance, and trouble.

The Chariot corresponds with water, the moon, and the astrological sign Cancer (June 21 – Jul 20).

Illustration Credit: Violetta Astanina


The chariot rider looms large in center, commanding the opposing forces of the white and black sphinx. Framed by a canopy of stars in a moody night sky, the chariot riders’ regalia evokes balance. He wears a star-pointed crown and crescent moon spaulders. From one spaulder rises a face of despair, from the other, a face of joy. Etched ruins adorn his armored skirt, while his breastplate boasts the stamped symbol of earth. On the chariot is a painted symbol of a gyroscope underneath the wings of an angel, representing succor and providence.

The rider represents balance and is supported physically and spiritually by the Chariot and the power of the two sphynxes. The black and white sphynx pull in opposite directions, their power and force enough to destroy the rider. When the reins are in the riders’ hands though, the sphinxes cooperate, shaping the future in unison. Under the reins of the rider, they work in harmony.

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If you draw the Chariot Card it signals divine support in your endeavors. Triumph is on the horizon. Continue your path without wavering and assert your will. You are close to success and greatness, but reaching that achievement will require even more focus, control, and determination. Be confident in pursuing your goals and know that the difficult path ahead will be worth the struggle.


If you apply the Chariot card to your relationship it is a signal that you should focus on balancing your own inner emotions. Both partners should be taking care of themselves in any healthy relationship. Whether currently involved or not, be sure that your needs are met and fulfilled. Everyone can set their own needs first without neglecting their relationships. Prioritize your goals and your well-being to be the best you can be in your relationships.

If you are not romantically involved The Chariot is a signal to work on yourself and find happiness before entering a relationship.

Remember that no challenge is insurmountable. Hard work and determination apply to relationships as much as anything else.

The Chariot card can also indicate that you are being too aggressive in your relationships. You may be overzealous in pursuit of someone you long for, or you may be overbearing in some relationships. As always with the Chariot card, evaluate whether you are truly in balance, pay attention to your inner thoughts and re-evaluate your actions. If your needs are taken care of and you are being reasonable in your relationships or pursuit of someone you desire, then move forward with confidence, always being mindful that you are maintaining inner balance.


The Chariot card is a great omen for your career. Perhaps you’ve been having trouble getting a business idea off the ground, or maybe you’ve been working hard for a promotion, and it hasn’t paid off yet. It’s time to double down and move forward with your goals. Success is right around the corner. Be sure to maintain balance in the other parts of your life and put the rest of your energy into achieving your career goals.

If you have a business trip coming up or any travel-related business obligations, then this card is an especially good omen. Move forward with confidence and surety.

No matter your situation, now is a good time to take a risk and go after a career you’ve always dreamed of. You can also consider a career including travel.


If you’ve been having financial issues now is the time to move forward and push through your obstacles to find a way to alleviate that financial pressure. If you’ve been experiencing financial success, then now is a good time to invest in yourself and your financial future. Perhaps there is an investment you’ve been considering, now may be the time to move forward. As always with the Chariot card, assess your financial situation and make sure everything is in balance before you move forward with any large financial decisions. You cannot drive forward if you are not in control.


If you’re in good health, then your energy levels should be taken advantage of when they are high. Your newfound energy should be tempered and taken advantage of with exercise.

If you have not been in good health The Chariot card is an indicator that you should stay motivated and keep moving forward with treatment, no matter how long the road is ahead. The Chariot can potentially signal digestive issues as well.


The reversed Chariot represents riot, quarrel, dispute, litigation, and defeat.

If you draw The Chariot card and end up laying it upside down that may just seem like a small mistake to be overlooked, but when a card is drawn that way, it is considered reversed. The reversed Chariot card comes with all the negatives of The Chariot card and none of the positives. Drawing this reverse card is a good indicator that you need to be more patient and less aggressive. You may be out of balance.

Blasting through obstacles can cause issues and there may be unintended consequences for blindly pursuing your desires. Beware if you draw the reverse Chariot. It may be an omen of impending conflict. If you are already experiencing a conflict it may signal your defeat.


The reverse Chariot is a terrible indicator for a relationship. If you are not in conflict already then it is on the horizon.  You may be forging forward without looking inward, or you may be too focused on your own needs and priorities to foster a healthy relationship. You or your partner may be feeling a lack of support and it may be bringing about very negative feelings. Do not make any rash decisions about your relationship if you draw this card.

Again, the remedy to the reversed Chariot is patience. Slowing down in a relationship can be discouraging but it is sometimes essential to do so for the relationship to move forward healthily.


When reversed, the Chariot card may indicate that you are moving too quickly, working too hard, or trying to do work that may be outside of your area of expertise. Re-evaluate your situation and ask for help if needed. Your goal should be to attain balance once again so that you can continue to drive forward positively.


You may be out of control with your money. Perhaps you are taking on expenses you can’t afford, or maybe you are looking at investing in a volatile stock with the hopes it will pay off quickly in a big way. No matter what, consider slowing down and assessing the situation.

Do not forget, The Chariot rider always maintains balance and control, which allows him to drive forward and conquer. You cannot have success without controlling your drive.


While the upright Chariot indicates increased energy, this may not be the case with the reversed Chariot. If you do have increased energy, it may be more unstable in this case. You may be manic rather than energized. Be mindful of how you use this energy. The more of it you pour into destructive habits and decisions the worse the outcome will be. Just as you can use this energy to achieve greatness, it can wreak havoc on your life if not properly channeled.

If you do not balance rest with your high level of activity you can burn out and it may negatively affect your health, so be mindful.


Those who draw the chariot card are strong-willed and capable. The Chariot indicates that one is driven and able to control what is in their power to attain balance and reach their potential. Corresponding with water and cancer, those who draw this card likely have receptive energy. They are most likely a comforting presence to those around them due to their confidence and formality. Despite this, they may be a bit possessive.

The chariot as a person is most likely well dressed, adhering more strictly to dress codes than others. Presenting themselves to the world in the correct way is essential to success, and that is clear to them.

While they are strong-willed they are in balance, meaning they’re receptive to the ideas of others if they aid progress.

Keep in mind, The Chariot Card also represents war, triumph, and vengeance. One must be mindful of The Chariot’s aggressive tendencies. They may give in to negative impulses if they do not temper themselves. The Chariot can drive you to victory as easily as it can run you over and leave you in the dust.


Drawing the Chariot in your past is least desirable. It signals that you have already had success and that your ambition may have been diminished since then. While it is good to have succeeded, once the energy of the Chariot has gone it may be difficult to maintain that success. It may be difficult to move forward from that point if you think you have already reached peak success.

Drawing the Chariot in the present indicates that you are moving forward with confidence and that you have been successful in a recent endeavor. Your hard work is paying off, but don’t let that cause you to lose your drive.

Drawing the Chariot in the future position is the best-case scenario. This signals that you will be able to conquer the challenges you are facing as well as the ones coming to you in the future. Do not waste energy worrying about your struggles, instead move forward with the confidence that you will be successful and use that energy to be productive.


The Chariot Card is almost always positive. Because of this, it has the potential for many powerful combinations that will bode well for your future.

Many combinations will help you draw out the specifics of which aspects of The Chariot are truly present in your reading.


The High Priestess signifies enlightenment, godly knowledge, and wisdom. This combination indicates that you may need to put effort into learning something to attain victory. You may also be better off trusting your logical instincts rather than your emotions to attain better results. Make sure to consider all avenues before moving forward. Intelligence is nothing without wisdom.


The King of Wands represents experience, confidence, and leadership abilities. When combined with The Chariot it indicates that you will be even more successful in every endeavor. The combination of passion, drive, wisdom, and determination means you are most suited to a leadership role, especially in a creative endeavor.


The Death Card is one of the most misunderstood in Tarot. Death often symbolizes a transition, the end of a period and a new beginning. It can also signify bad luck and failure. While the Death card and the chariot can be positive, there is always the potential for a negative meaning. Together, they may represent lost opportunities, unwillingness to move forward, or simply a net zero from the combination of the two opposite cards.

However, these cards may also symbolize the end of an era, and a fresh start for you to move forward and triumph. You may now be unencumbered by something that was holding you back. Moving forward is essential with this pairing, as both cards signify change and both will lead to negative outcomes if not understood and acted on correctly.


The Chariot and the Star are closely related cards. The star signifies hope and faith, as well as a sense of cosmic belonging and divine inspiration. Combined, the two cards indicate that faith and a confident drive will lead to success. The star signifies a peaceful loving phase in life, while The Chariot in this sense represents progress.


Overall, The Chariot is a great Card to find in your reading. While it can be volatile, it signifies that you are receiving cosmic support in whatever you do. The positive and negative implications of this card depend entirely on you. If you draw this card and you are out of balance and experiencing inner turmoil then the worst may be yet to come. Take it as a signal to change your ways. If you draw this card and you have been taking care of yourself and others and working hard, then the best is yet to come. Keep working hard, in fact, increase your efforts. Success and triumph are in your near future.