The 4 Most Sensitive Signs Of The Zodiac

Each Zodiac sign has a different personality, which we can also relate to their element; or is it a coincidence that three of the most sensitive signs are belong to the Water element?

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In this article, we have chosen the 4 signs that tend to have their feelings close to the surface. First of all, we will explain the case of Leo, which you wouldn’t have thought to find in this list; then we will talk about Scorpio, followed by the most sensitive signs of the entire Zodiac: Pisces and Cancer.

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Leos are sensitive people, although they might not seem like it at first. Their pride and selfishness could make you think they are actually the opposite, but they are vulnerable, if they don’t feel secure, they can’t handle situations well. Leo’s feelings can be hurt easily, so whatever you do, don’t judge a Leo, they will switch from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds.

Leos need to learn to control their emotions and find the balance between the inner cub inside them and the outer lion they like to show the world.


Scorpio is a water sign, together with Pisces and Cancer, and these three signs listen to their heart and feelings before anything or anyone else. Personal experience is what makes a Scorpio an expert on emotional matters. They might not express their feelings at first, but when they feel comfortable and safe, they will definitely open up.

The dark side of a Scorpio comes out when someone wounds this sensitive sign, because a Scorpio can be delicate, but they can become your worst enemy if you hurt them badly. Don’t expect forgiveness from them.


Sensitivity is a word that clearly defines this zodiac sign. Pisces people are completely aware of their own feelings and whatever happens in their heart, but they can also sense and understand what the people around them are experiencing, emotionally speaking. This also makes them great advisors.

If you are in love with a Pisces, make sure you do things carefully in order not to break their heart. And you, Pisces, make sure you don’t rely on other people so easily, not everyone can be trusted.


Cancer, together with Pisces, is the most sensitive sign in the entire Zodiac. They are loving and caring people. Cancers seem to have their emotions on edge 24/7; they also seem to feel everything a lot more than any other sign. Taking things seriously and personally is their thing, and all this leads to their need to feel protected and safe at all times. A Cancer may be smiling at some point and switch to sadness the very next moment. They are considered direct people who don’t hide what they have to say, and they might even offend someone with their honesty, oh, but if you are willing to offend them back, get ready for the sensitivity bursting!