Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

The Ten of Pentacles is a good card if it comes in a reading. It denotes accomplishment, a new period of affluence, stability, strong ties to community and tradition and family happiness. When related to work or relationships, it says that you will get more financial rewards. For relationships, it signifies either a new relationship or new beginnings or making an existing relationship stronger.

  • Element: Earth
  • Planet: Venus, Mercury
  • Astrological sign: Virgo
  • Key dates: Sept 12 – 22

Design and Significance

The card depicts an old white-haired man wearing colored robes, sitting under the archway of a town. His family (a younger couple and a young boy) are near him. Two dogs are also around, and the child has his hand out to pet a dog.

The richly designed cloak of the old man has crescents and grapevines, combining elements of both spirit and material, and is testimony to his affluence. The younger couple signifies a continuation of the family and tradition. The child is symbolic of new life, a fresh start, and hope. The dogs are a sign of loyalty and protection. The archway shows that there may be a change coming and the town shows stability, security, and support.

The scene denotes contentment, a life well lived, and satisfaction. At the same time, the old man is supported by the younger family members, who can reap the benefit of his age, wisdom, and affluence. The card signifies the importance of family, tradition, and heritage as well as looking forward to the future.

When the Ten of Pentacles Card Represents a Person

Depicted with white flowing hair, it is clear that the man is old. He has achieved much in his life and is proud that he has more than enough to take care of his family and can leave his wealth to them. He is happy that he has done well and lives a comfortable and settled life and even takes care of future generations. He is now resting on his laurels and enjoying his old age and wisdom, got through hard work.

As a person, the Ten of Pentacles signifies success and stability. The individual has done well and is an important figure in his community and family, looked up to for major decisions and advice when needed. Because the card represents money, finance is a significant aspect of these decisions.


The Upright Ten of Pentacles is Positive

If you get the Ten of Pentacles in a reading (depending on its position, of course), it is a sign of positive outcomes. Whatever you have been working towards should happen, whether it is financial stability, a promotion, a step upward in your career, or another ambition fulfilled. You will feel satisfied and proud of whatever you have been able to do.

It is also a symbol that you have family behind you and that you need to take care of them. Whether this is financial or otherwise, you should ensure that their needs are met even if you have to sacrifice and put their needs before your own.


If you are concerned about a relationship, then the Ten of Pentacles is another positive sign. It may indicate that you are ready to take the next step, whether it is engagement or marriage. The card signifies that you and your partner will be together for the long run and embodies traditional family values and stability.

And if you are still single, this card may mean that someone you will soon meet may be the right person for a serious commitment.


In a reading related to work, education, and career, the Ten of Pentacles is a powerful card to get. Even if you are going through some ups and downs or breaks, do not give up. Persevere and you will achieve what you set out to do in terms of finance and moving forward.

The Ten of Pentacles also symbolizes that the organization you are with (educational or professional) is more conservative and hierarchal.


In relation to finances, the Ten of Pentacles is symbolic of financial security and richness. If you have a lot of money, you should think of conserving it for the future. This can be done by getting enough insurance, trusts for family members, and money instruments (stocks and shares, mutual funds, and the like) so that the future safety of your money is assured.

In a reading, this card may be indicative of some unexpected fortune or inheritance.


As far as health is concerned, the Ten of Pentacles signifies that you will get the best care and treatment in case of illness, injury, or accident. It is not just that you will have enough money to take care of medical expenses, but you will receive the necessary advice at the right time as well.

If you have any health problems, you should check out genetic factors for the right answers.


The Reversed Ten of Pentacles Reversed is Negative

When the Ten of Pentacles comes as a reversed card, it is indicative of financial problems. Since the upright card references a stable family, the reversed card references money matters that may have their origins in the family. These include unclear inheritance, feuds, arguments, and fights regarding money among family members. The problems may even be legal.

The reversed Ten of Pentacles may denote a financial loss, gambling or other forms of work or business problems, deals souring, money not coming in as expected, and more.


Your family has been very solid and stable till now. But the reversed card says that something more ominous is on the horizon. The family is likely breaking apart; there is a change or the end of some relationships. Finances may play a major role in this change.

The reversed Ten of Pentacles denotes that your relationship is not very strong and you may even have flings rather than be in a committed long-term partnership. It may signify the breakdown of an engagement or marriage or commitment.


As far as your professional life is concerned, the reversed Ten of Pentacles has negative connotations. Either the work or career is not working out, the business partnership is at an end or the company may be winding up. Your work situation is not good and you may even lose your job.


Since pentacles are symbolic of money, the reversed Ten of Pentacles in a reading denotes financial problems. This can be loss of income, debt, legal problems in inheritance or debt, or even indicate bankruptcy. Financial distress in one form or the other is possible.

If you spend more than you earn and are spiraling into debt, you need to have a game plan to get out of debt and achieve some form of financial stability, even if it is by reducing your debt slowly and restructuring your finances.


When this card comes in a health reading, you are likely to be faced with hereditary health problems. Whether it is a genetic predisposition or inherited incipient health conditions, you will have to deal with them.

Don’t just take conventional treatments, but try alternative or holistic remedies, focusing on the mind and body connection.


The Past, Present, and Future

This three-card spread is the simplest to understand. If the card comes in the past position, it denotes a strong foundation that helps overcome all challenges.

In the present position (the middle card), the Ten of Pentacles shows that you are going in the right direction and that your work will yield the desired results. At the same time, you need to keep your money safe and secure as it comes in.

The Ten of Pentacles, when it comes in the future position, is good for work, business, and new relationships. It shows that you will not have any money worries in the foreseeable future.

Cards in Combination with the Ten of Pentacles

When some cards come together in a spread, their significance is greater. Among these are five cards that indicate better finances. These cards are the Ten of Pentacles, the Nine of Pentacles, the Seven of Pentacles, the Six of Pentacles, and the Ace of Pentacles. Together they portend greater prosperity.

However, if there are many Ten cards in a spread, they may well signify that a cycle is ending.


If the Ten of Pentacles and the Ten of Cups come together in a spread they denote relationship progress. You may be ready to commit to someone and may be on the way to greater stability both financially and emotionally. It may mean that you are either planning on an engagement or marriage or even a renewal of vows. This may be for the first or second time.


When these two cards come together, the reading shows that the individual desires an outcome that is not realistic. Ensure that your dreams are not just wishful thinking and fantasy. The Seven of Cups is indicative of dreaming and not having your feet on the ground.

Together these cards may signify that one partner may start something new professionally from home, though still spending time looking after the family.


Together in reading the Ten of Pentacles and the World cards signify a period of enjoyment. You may be planning a holiday or break or just a day of rest. You feel good about yourself and believe that you deserve pampering.

Significance of the Ten of Pentacles as Yes and No Answers

If you are asking yes or no questions and you get the Ten of Pentacles, the card indicates stability, prosperity, finance, stability, and strong relationships with family and friends. So the card is generally positive and signifies a yes.