Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

So you’ve pulled the Ten of Cups. Congratulations! This Cups suit card is among the most positive, optimistic, and affirming Tarot Cards. This happy card represents emotional contentment with those nearest and dearest to you, especially your spouse and family. The Ten of Cups also portends professional success and gratification.

The visual representation and symbolism of the Ten of Cups

If you’re using the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck, the Ten of Cups illustrates a happy scene of a husband and wife along with their two children. It’s a beautiful day, the family is dancing beneath a rainbow flanked by ten cups. The presence of the rainbow suggests peace of mind and good luck, while the children represent creativity and the importance of play.

There’s a river running beside the family which symbolizes an endless flow of positive emotion. Water represents our feelings, so the gently flowing river implies fulfillment and togetherness. The card also features trees spreading a canopy of summer leaves representing fertility and growth. The mother and father are stretching their arms skyward in gratitude for the blessing of their beautiful family, and their idyllic day-to-day existence.

One unique feature of the Ten of Cups is that the happiness depicted is enjoyed by a group rather than one individual alone. This is more of a group hug than personal fulfillment.

The Ten of Cups Representing a Person

If the Ten of Cups represents a person in a reading, they are good-hearted and of a spiritual bent. On the other hand, these people can be meticulous to the point of perfectionism. This tendency can prove to be problematic for those close to the Ten of Cups person.

Since they are so personable and hardworking, these people can achieve great success in any endeavor. They are tireless in their efforts to maintain their success once they get it, which is vital to the equilibrium of a Ten of Cups person. Since their inner peace is so important to them, they’ll studiously avoid negativity and conflict. This tendency leads Ten of Cups people to deliberately live sheltered lives, away from disagreements and unpleasantness.

Despite their intent, this self-isolation can threaten their cherished inner equilibrium, and their aversion to conflict at any cost can also prove detrimental. They’re apt to sacrifice their best interests instead of asserting themselves. This level of avoidance can lead to frustration that the Ten of Cups person turns inward, which threatens the equilibrium that sustains them, creating a vicious circle.

The Ten of Cups Upright

The Ten of Cups is defined by inner peace, happiness at home, and positivity. It denotes being in sync with your higher self. The joy and good fortune you possess are shared with all around you, so the good vibes in your life extend to your loved ones, past and present. If you and someone dear to you have been separated, confidence is high that a happy reunion is coming your way under the Ten of Cups’ influence.

If you’ve been struggling with getting motivated or a lack of creativity, the Ten of Cups ensures energy and inspiration are headed your way. The Ten of Cups typically indicates participation in enjoyable and creative activities once more.

In general, the Ten of Cups suggests perfectionism and success. All the rewards you’ve worked to attain will soon manifest. Your commitment and effort will be greatly rewarded, leading to happiness and satisfaction..

Love and Relationships

If you draw The Ten of Cups when you’re involved in a happy, long-term relationship you can expect your romance to endure indefinitely. This card is an excellent omen for affairs of the heart.

Under the influence of the Ten of Cups, you’ll soon figure out that your partner right now is your twin flame and soulmate. If you’re concerned about the future of your relationship or whether your partner returns your feelings, worry no more. The Ten of Cups indicates that your partner feels as strongly about you as you do them, and your relationship will endure.

If you’re unattached, the Ten of Cups is an encouraging sign in your Tarot spread because it indicates that any new partnership could turn out to be a serious long-term union that could ultimately result in marriage.


If you drew the Ten of Cups during your Tarot reading, you’re definitely on the right track professionally. You’re a valued team player and a vital presence in your workplace. This isn’t just luck, it’s due to your tireless work and dedication.

Laziness has never been an issue for you, but avoid the temptation to ease up and coast along. This could cause your boss to look upon you less favorably, whether it’s fair or not. This is because they’ve come to rely on you going above and beyond to get the job done, as you’ve established a standard of excellence that isn’t always easy to obtain.


The Ten of Cups is a positive omen if your question is about financial issues. If you’re having money issues, they will soon be over, and you can look forward to financial gain and prosperity in the near future.

However, this doesn’t mean you’ll benefit from a huge windfall like a big gambling win, but you’ll enjoy the security of financial stability and the ability to build a nest egg if you ever fall upon hard times again.


In a health Tarot reading, the presence of the Ten of Cups signifies that any health problems you’ve been experiencing are getting better and shall continue to do so.

If your health has been good, you can rest assured it shall remain that way. The Ten of Cups signifies that it’s a great time to take care of your physical well-being by taking measures to guard your health. Lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise are likely to reap positive results. This is especially true if you have close family or friends working toward the same objectives. It’s easier to stay the course and remain motivated when you’re included in a group working towards the same goals,

The Ten of Cups Reversed

If you pull the Ten of Cups reversed during your Tarot reading, this could indicate serious problems at home, like emotional or physical abuse. If left unchecked, this dysfunction could cause the complete disintegration of your family relationships. And these issues tend to spill over into every area of your life.

However, the Ten of Cups reversed doesn’t always mean a crisis of epic proportions. It can signify that you feel emotionally isolated from the people closest to you, or you feel homesick because your family and friends are far away.

On a happier note, the Ten of Cups is such a positive card that even reversed it provides the solace of knowing that you can still achieve happiness in the future. You will have to take a proactive approach by taking a hard, honest assessment of your path to determine the best way to achieve contentment.

Love and Relationships

The Ten of Cups card reversed presents several challenges for love relationships. If you’re unattached presently, this card suggests that you may be holding prospective partners to ridiculously high standards. Emotional issues left over from a past relationship and repeating those same negative patterns can mean difficulties in a new relationship until you address these problems. Once you do that, your odds of finding a suitable match will increase.

If you’re presently coupled up, the Ten of Cups reversed indicates that you could have doubts about your partner because your expectations are incredibly high. Acknowledge that all humans are flawed, including you and your partner. It’s unfair to expect perfection from anyone, even yourself.

Whether you are currently involved or not, the Ten of Cups reversed advises lightening up a bit. When you have addressed this, it’s very likely your romantic prospects will improve.


If you’re asking about your career, the Ten of Cups reversed indicates you may be dissatisfied with your current job or career path. Even still, your hard work is noticed by your supervisors. You probably realize deep down, that even though you aren’t always content with your job, you also know that your employment situation isn’t as bad as it could be.

If you happen to be presently looking for work, persevere and maintain an optimistic outlook when you’re engaging with potential employers. Obviously, standing out from other job seekers improves the odds of landing your dream job. The Ten of Cups reversed indicates a proclivity for careers such as social work, physician, therapy, or other occupations that involve working closely with families. You can expect success if any of these jobs are your chosen career path.


If you pull the Ten of Cups reversed in a money reading you don’t have any serious financial difficulties at present, and that trend will probably continue. Practice gratitude, and avoid dwelling on the things you desire but don’t possess. Remember that your situation could always be worse. Be mindful of and grateful for the blessings that you do have.


The main message here is to know your limits. If you draw the reversed Ten of Cups when inquiring about health matters, it indicates an imbalance in your body. It’s important to keep on top of any health issues and accept that you’re not invincible. Listen to your body and develop healthier habits.

If you’ve been attempting to become pregnant without success, the Ten of Cups reversed suggests you could be dealing with fertility problems that need to be dealt with before you can be able to conceive.

Your Past, Present, and Future

If the Ten of Cups is in your reading’s past position it represents the morale and integrity you’ve possessed your whole life. Believing in yourself and treating others respectfully has allowed you to go further in life than those who don’t possess these traits.

In the present position, the Ten of Cups indicates that a new endeavor is in the offing and that you’ll develop new and enduring friendships because of it.

When it’s in the future position, the Ten of Cups can represent your existing real estate property or property you’ll obtain in the future. The Ten of Cups energy could manifest as your Airbnb being completely booked for months, or even something as life-changing as inheriting valuable investment property. You’ll have to be patient and see how it pans out.

Important Card Combinations

The Ten of Cups card is primarily about emotions. When it shows up with any other number 10 card in the Minor Arcana, the emotional impact of the Ten of Cups card is accentuated. The following cards are some additional combinations that are particularly noteworthy.

Ten of Cups and Three of Pentacles

If you pull the Ten of Cups and the Three of Pentacles during a read, this is a sign that the groundwork for a deep, enduring friendship is in the works.

Ten of Cups and the Chariot

If the Ten of Cups and the major arcana card The Chariot are in the same Tarot spread, it heralds that a huge win is in the offing.

Ten of Cups and Six of Cups

This combination indicates that you are creating a new life path with childlike innocence and wonderment. The appearance of the Six of Cups suggests that you’ll finally begin to reap the rewards of past efforts.

Ten of Cups and the Hermit

The pairing of the Ten of Cups card with the Hermit represents you understand the value and importance of your creative endeavors. This could mean a poem you’ve written, a song you’ve composed, A painting you’ve completed, or any other fruit of your creativity.

The only downside is your reluctance to sell and promote yourself and your work. This could mean your artistic achievements may never be enjoyed by a wider audience than yourself..

The Ten of Cups and the Six of Pentacles

The Six of Pentacles denotes financial stability and the necessity of giving back. When these cards appear together in a reading, it means that creative talent will advance your progress.

Ten of Cups: Yes or No Answer?

The Ten of Cups is a very positive omen so the answer, in a nutshell, is yes, yes, a thousand times yes! This is particularly true in situations that involve a romantic relationship or your family.