Taurus Zodiac Sign & Compatibility

Ruled by planet Venus, Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and the most sensual one. Symbolized by the Bull, the pleasure-loving and earthly Taurus is widely known for being stubborn and determined. People born under this sign feel a strong need to succeed in life and their overall happiness and comfort depend on being surrounded by the best things. The Taurus dates are April 20 – May 20. Read on if you want to discover the Taurus meaning and to learn more about Taurus dates compatibility and personality traits.

Taurus Yearly Horoscope

2023 will “force” you to find a balance between your love life and your personal life, between the desire to be physically intimate with your significant other and the need for alone time. You’ll be very focused on your career, so 2023 is a year when your hard work will finally pay off. You dislike any type of changes, and this year will definitely be very dynamic and full of radical changes. But, you’re better equipped than any other astrological sign to ride out life’s ups and downs with ease, so don’t worry, because, no matter what 2023 will be a very productive and rewarding year for you, Taurus.

Love & Relationships

Your ruling planet, Venus, doesn’t go through any retrograde periods in 2023, which means that when it comes to love, this is not a good year for the Taureans who are single. If you’re single, in 2023 will be very difficult to find someone who makes your heart beat faster. And if you’re already committed, you’ll lack understanding and patience with your partner and you might even start questioning the future of your relationship. But, whether you’re single or in a relationship, you’ll have two beautiful months for love in 2019. In the months of January and November, Jupiter will conjunct with the lovely Venus in Sagittarius, so spend this time opening up to your partner or opening yourself to love.

Health & Wellness

Even though you’ll experience some stressful moments and drastic changes in 2023, you’ll be able to overcome any challenges that come your way thanks to your stubborn personality. And since 2023 is also going to be full of opportunities, it is crucial that you maintain a healthy lifestyle and take good care of yourself. During the period between March and May, you may face some health issues, so be careful and take preventive measures. Eat healthy, try to get 8 hours of sleep, exercise regularly, and practice meditation or yoga for mental clarity and peace.

Career & Money

You’re known as a hard-working, determined, patient, and ambitious person, so when it comes to your career, Taurus, 2023 will be a very successful and productive year, full of positive changes. Your hard work will pay off and your efforts will be recognized at work, so your coworkers will look up to you as their leader and role model. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, especially in the months of March and April, which will be the best two months of the year for your career. But even though your career will blossom and you’ll manage to climb up the ladder of success, your income will increase at a lower rate. Your financial situation may face some stagnancy for a certain period of time, so in 2023, be careful and avoid making risky moves that may lead to losses. Come up with a plan, create a budget, and stick to it, at least for the first five or six months of the year.

Virgo Traits

Virgo strengths: analytical, helpful, reliable, observant, confident, patient, emotionally strong
Virgo weaknesses: overcritical, skeptical, inflexible, fussy, restless, conservative
Virgo likes: being helpful, being part of a team, being social, doing things in an orderly way
Virgo dislikes: crowds, careless behavior, vulgarity, disorganization, revealing secrets

Virgo Personality

Individuals born under the Virgo horoscope sign tend to be very intelligent and independent, so they are often mistaken as selfish. Virgos are straightforward and would not think twice before speaking. Thanks to their analytical minds, Virgos are the perfect candidates when it comes to handling business matters.
Virgos always want to keep things under control and they’re really conservative in all departments of life – they simply don’t like to share their personal information with other people.
Even though all Virgos rely on their minds to give them all the answers they seek in life, a lack of understanding from others can lead to irrational behavior. Another weakness these individuals have is the lack of awareness of their self-worth, which is usually shown through their need to always think less of themselves. On the other hand, Virgos tend to be very determined in life and patient, while approaching any tough situation. They are sincere in everything they do and always have a solution to every problem.

Virgo Friends and Family

Virgo is the least consistent and least reliable of all Earth star signs. With all of their attention to detail in their personal or professional life, Virgos are almost always late or they forget to call and change plans in the last minute. Virgos seek similar people to socialize with – they’re too strict and judgmental to those who will show weaknesses they don’t want to see in themselves. However, Virgos are loyal and truthful friends, even though many people find them cold and emotionally detached. Virgos might try to always analyze and control their friends’ lives, but only with the idea that this will improve their lives.
As parents, Virgos are very sensible, but they have high standards and appreciate perfection. Even though sometimes this may seem as if they lack emotion for their children, the truth is that they care deeply about them, but always want to remain rational so they don’t lose their temper. Virgos need to understand that their emotions should be shared with their family and children more than anyone else. Virgo parents love discipline and order and enjoy teaching their children about taking care of their possessions and meeting responsibilities.

Virgo Love and Sex

A Virgo will often choose a partner who is emotional and open-minded. When Virgos love someone, they are caring, nurturing and will do everything in their power to make their loved one feel good which can be a bit clingy at times. Their need to control their partners is often based on the fear of losing them, but with clearly set boundaries, this shouldn’t be a problem in the long run. If there’s only one thing a Virgo can not accept in a romantic relationship, it is dishonesty. Once they build up faith and intimacy, they are faithful, loving and supportive of their partners. Some Virgos can be too shy and difficult to open up, so they have trouble finding their soul mate.
When seeking a sexual partner, Virgos tend to be extremely fussy about who does and who does not measure up to their standards. The Virgo is a sensual sign which tends to focus on the physical aspects of sex. When they’re making love, they’re more likely to be thinking about how they can improve their sexual performance rather than expressing their true feelings towards their partner.

Taurus in Relationship

In a romantic relationship, Taurus is sensual, dependable, dedicated and loyal to the bone. People born between April 21th and May 21st are stubborn, determined and powerful forces that don’t accept failure – once they set their mind on something, bet your bottom dollar that they will make it happen.

Tough by nature, Taureans find it really difficult to let themselves into a relationship carelessly and they usually need a lot of time to start one. Taurus women are sensual, beauty-loving and desire the finger things in life. Self-reliant, self-confident and determined, they need a man who’s just as loyal as they are and treats her with the respect she demands. A Taurus woman will only shower a man with affection and delight if he honor her as Venus herself.

Taurus men know how to treat a lady. These energetic and tough individuals may be difficult to show their romantic side in the beginning, but once they make the first step, ladies beware. Similar as the female counterparts, Taurus men seek a dependable and trustworthy partner who’s in for the long haul right from the start. Once a person born under the Bull realize that someone is the right person for them, absolute devotion and constant gestures of admiration are in order.

Due to their caring and kind personality, Taurus individuals can get along with literally anyone, unless their stubbornness gets in the way. They can be unimaginably stubborn, easily bothered and quick to judge, but they are usually right. Despite their sensitivity, however, they can get obsessive, possessive and controlling in a relationship. Lies, dishonesty and uncertainty is something that can awaken all the rage within them.

Taurus Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs

As an earth sign, Taurus is most compatible with all earth signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The lover of the zodiac seeks a relationship that gives them all the stability and security in the world, much like the other two earth signs. When two earth signs start a relationship, the practical aspects are discussed right away. Economic and cultural differences are also considered. Goals and expectations from the unity as well. Then, the romance may unfold.

Taurus is highly incompatible with air signs, especially Gemini and Aquarius. While Taurus is practical and desire stability and security, Gemini and Aquarius are unpredictable and make and change plans on the go. This is something that Taurus just can’t live with. If they somehow find themselves in a relationship with a representative from one of these two signs, it won’t take long for both parties to realize that they have completely different views in life.

Aside from earth signs, Taurus is also compatible with water signs: Cancer, Pisces and especially Scorpio. The depth and the passion of Scorpio is irresistible for the sensitive Taurus and it is a perfect example for opposites attract. The intensity of the relationship between a Taurus and Scorpio is really something inexplicable. Cancer and Pisces are also great matches, as they connect on a deep emotional level. However, they do have a lot of differences which can be easily sorted out if both partners want it equally.

Taurus will never settle down for someone who is not on the same emotional level and doesn’t give them the security and stability they crave.

Slow, yet impulsive, sensual, yet tough on the outside, Taurus is a partner with who you are always on the same page. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, these individuals are among the sincerest, most loyal and most faithful partners of the zodiac. A relationship with a Taurus is a long marathon rather than short sprint: they take things steadily and prefer long-term security above all else. Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces seem to have identical views on that, which is why they are the most compatible signs for the Bull. Learn more about Taurus compatibility with other horoscope signs here:

Taurus Career and Money

People born under the Taurus horoscope sign are dependable and reliable workers which prefer stability and security in life over anything else. They are loyal, practical and rational individuals who are motivated by rewards and bonuses. These people are good at starting and developing their own business and they know how to handle any sort of a crisis. Taurus’ ability to focus on detail and put in the long hours needed to complete a certain project makes him an excellent employee.
However, when it comes to their own finances, Taurus is second to none. These people know how to make the most of whatever money is available and they’ll be able to survive on a smaller amount of income than the other signs of the zodiac. Taureans hate falling into debts and they will do whatever it takes to prevent this. They are not greedy, but the are materialistic and will make every effort to achieve financial security in life.

Taurus Man

As an Earth sign, the Taurus man is very sensible and down to Earth – he is simply not the type of man to sweep you off your feet. He is practical and wants a high-quality woman, so he will do his research before he makes the first move. When it comes to relationships, the Taurus male is patient and romantic and he’ll make sure to protect and cherish his partner all the time. He is loyal, faithful and generous, but he is not the right person for a woman who craves exciting and adventurous relationship. The man born under the sign of Taurus is perfect for the woman who wants comfort and stability, because he is an incredible provider. With the bull as his astrology sign, you should know that the Taurus man can be extremely stubborn sometimes.

Taurus Woman

A Taurus woman is a master in the art of seduction. She is patient and will wait as long as it takes to get what she truly wants in life. A Taurus woman is the old-fashioned type when it comes to love and relationships – she only needs security and stability. She is a supportive, protective, loving and devoted woman with an excellent judgment ability. A Taurus lady is ideal for the man who likes to be pampered. She has a lot to give to her partner, but she also requires a lot in return. Be careful because if you ever break her trust, it will be impossible to gain it back again. Being unreasonable or aggressive with the Taurus woman can also get you into trouble.

Why Are Taurus So Self-reliant

Taurus is one of the most stubborn, independent and determined signs out there. People born under this sign are very hard-working, self-sufficient and strong-willed individuals who always want to feel grounded and stable. They’re natural-born leaders who can take good care of themselves and prefer to make their own luck in life, therefore they rarely need any help from other people. Taureans rely only on themselves and they hate asking others for help. They’re not afraid to work hard to earn a lot of money and create the luxurious, secure and comfortable life they want for themselves.

Why Are Taurus So Stubborn

Are you wondering why are Taurus so stubborn? This zodiac sign is symbolized by the Bull, one of the most steadfast and stubborn animals, so it makes sense why Taureans are considered to be the most determined people of the zodiac.

Taureans are persistent and extremely stubborn, so when they have their eyes on a goal, there’s nothing that can stop them from realizing it. They need a lot of time and thought to come to a decision, but this is because they are very cautious and don’t like to be pushed by others. They proceed with decisions carefully in order to make sure everything is secure and stable before they commit. However, once they decide on something or they commit to someone, they’re committed for life. Thanks to their stubborn, determined, and persistent nature, they won’t give up easily on a relationship when the times get tough.

Why Are Taurus So Loyal

Taureans are also very caring and committed people who value a deep, stable relationship and a happy home life. They’re known as incredibly loyal friends and affectionate partners who adore their significant others, their friends, and their families and will do anything to protect them. Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, Taureans are incredibly devoted, sensual, romantic, and protective individuals, so when they finally find someone that makes them truly happy, they will stand by this person no matter what and will never betray them or sacrifice their relationship. If Taureans fall in love with someone, it’s usually forever.

However, since they’re honest and devoted, they also expect 100% honesty and loyalty from their friends and partners. If you lose their trust, you should know that the relationship will probably end. Taurus is not someone who can easily forget the pain and hurt someone has caused them, in fact, they’re known for holding onto grudges and resentment as their life depends on it.