Taurus and Scorpio

Taurus and Scorpio is a prime example of opposites attract. When these passionate individuals find a way to work out their differences, it’s a love that lasts. This love match falls right into the love-hate dynamic, as they both want to have the control. While Scorpio is all about control and power, the Taurus is bossy and stubborn. There are two outcomes when these two meet: positive and negative, of course, but it is incredibly intense either way. With this couple, nothing will ever be average, because they cannot find middle ground. It will either be amazing or nothing at all. While differences can be a turn on for most astrology signs, Taurus and Scorpio cannot see through their differences and it’s usually what kills their relationship. However, these opposing signs strongly attract one another, so the Taurus and Scorpio compatibility easily goes beyond average. Wondering how do Taurus and Scorpio get along and how far they can get? Read on for further astrological analysis on Taurus and Scorpio friendship , relationship, marriage, sex and love life.

Taurus and Scorpio Love and Romance

As passionate and emotional by nature as these two zodiac signs are, Taurus and Scorpio are bound to have a fulfilling and intense love life together. They are opposite signs in the zodiac and it’s well known that opposites attract, but in this case they do more than attract: they burn with intense feelings for each other. Unless they see each other’s differences as an obstacle in loving them, Taurus and Scorpio can perfectly combine to make a whole and balance each other’s weaknesses. Nevertheless, they are still two individuals with strong and opinionated personalities, which will often result in passionate disagreements. While you will strongly agree on many things, you will debate endlessly on just as many. In most cases, it all ends realizing how they feel about each other and giving up to the power of love. The connection between these two is not only intense, but real too.

Taurus and Scorpio Emotional Compatibility

The emotional compatibility between Taurus and Scorpio is off the charts, simply because they have a similar way of dealing with their emotions and are equally intense about them. When either of them falls in love, their partner becomes their image of love ever after. With both having the same image for one another, there’s no doubt these two are in for a real treat. Sincere, honest and faithful to their own feelings, the Taurus and the Scorpio will give each other the attention, care and love that both of them crave. The earthly nature of Taurus can keep the Scorpio grounded, who is known for their tendency to let their emotions change their perspective, while the Scorpio will help and inspire the bull to always look beneath the surface to find hidden desires, aspires, ideas, agendas and motivations.

Taurus and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

As these two star signs are opposite, Taurus and Scorpio can be incredibly attracted to one another sexually and have an amazing sex life. Taurus is not very sexual by nature, but rather the most sensual sign of the zodiac. However, the Scorpio is known as the sexiest sign of the zodiac. When together in a relationship, they will take the physical pleasures to a whole new level. The strong sexual attraction between these two will be strong as long as they remain equally committed and devoted to one another. Given the fact that they both seek security and safety in their relationship above all, they can remain together for a very long time and keep things hot and steamy between the sheets as ever. Scorpio will explore sex fantasies and dreams that others wouldn’t dare to think about and the equally brave Taurus will love it.

Taurus and Scorpio Marriage Compatibility

When a Taurus and a Scorpio love each other truly and deeply (and there is no other way they can love), they both think about their future together and keep those thoughts close to heart. They share the qualities of loyalty, desire for security and safety, commitment and absolute devotion. If they manage to work through their differences and balance their weaknesses and strengths, their relationship will definitely result in a happy Taurus and Scorpio marriage . Since they both desire power, control and possessions, they are bound to face a plenty of complications. Taurus and Scorpio will both have to learn how to compromise and let each other win some of their arguments. When they’re loyal, protective of each other and respect each other’s differences, this marriage can last forever.

Taurus and Scorpio Trust and Communication

With both signs having problems trusting other people, it will be a bumpy road until they gain each other’s trust. Once they do, however, it is an unconditional trust, because they have already analyzed their partner and concluded that they are worth their trust. Nevertheless, Scorpio can have their own insecurities due to their nature to question everything and look for hidden motives behind every single action. Furthermore, Scorpio can get very suspicious at their partner which could eventually destroy the unconditional trust as it may become too much of a bother for the patient Taurus. If the Taurus has no problems with these obsessive behaviors of the Scorpio and answers to their many questions, their trust will most certainly never be broken.

Communication may be an area where they will need to work a bit harder, as they are opposing signs. At first, they seem like they have nothing in common, however, opposing signs do not only attract each other, but complement each other too. Since they are very likely to have different views on life, their communications will be thrilling, dynamic, passionate and utterly challenging. Taurus will be amazed by Scorpio’s deepest thoughts, while Scorpio will be thrilled meeting the tender soul of the bull.

Taurus and Scorpio Shared Values

Taurus and Scorpio live their lives in ways other signs cannot understand. Although their views on life are different in so many ways, their belief systems are equally deep. They both want to make the most out of their time spent in this world and that allows them to enjoy every single moment. When together, their relationship will be always as powerful and fulfilling as tomorrow never comes. Their differences in terms of financial security, emotional values and ground vs. ever-changing nature may seem as a too big of an obstacle to overcome, but due to their same core, they will naturally adjust everything else. Also, they both value freedom equally and they have no problems giving it to each other, which allows them to grow individually. So do Taurus and Scorpio go together ? Yes. Big time.