Taurus and Pisces

Taurus and Pisces make one of the best zodiac matches, as these two sensual and emotional signs can click on emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual level quickly and easily. This famous Earth-Water combination ranks very high on the compatibility scale and their relationship is usually happy, pleasing, caring, loving and dreamy. While the practical Taurus always sticks to a plan, the Pisces is always guided by their intuition in chasing their dreams, which can take these two in a world made for two. The dreams of Pisces will all be chased due to the can-do spirit of Taurus, which can take their relationship on a whole different level than average.

Since Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign and Pisces is Mutable Water sign, these two individuals in a relationship can complement and balance each other perfectly. Although Taurus is practical and down-to-Earth and Pisces is idealistic and dreamy, they both crave grounded and stable relationship, but in the same time, one that will make them feel like they’re in heaven. Continue reading to learn more about the Taurus and Pisces compatibility and find out how well do Taurus and Pisces go together .

Taurus and Pisces Love and Romance

A Taurus and Pisces friendship is based on a deep empathy for each other and a solid foundation built on respect, admiration and intense feelings, which can easily turn into a serious relationship. A romantic relationship between these two sensual signs is one like those we watch in romantic movies. These two won’t give up their relationship for just anything, as they are always sincere when it comes to their feelings. Although Pisces is much more idealistic and spiritual than the bull, these two will have to find a way to balance between what’s real and what’s not. Being with someone who is extremely straightforward will be an amazing experience for the fish. The secret behind their powerful emotional bond is their natural ability to love, to share and to genuinely appreciate others, which will allow them to complement and fulfill each other’s needs and desires.

Taurus and Pisces Emotional Compatibility

Taurus and Pisces basically have the same emotional nature and that’s why it’s so easy to click emotionally. These two recognize each other’s need for security, consistency and comfort in relationship, because they both want it. Their relationship will always be full of love, wonders and incredible understanding as long as the Pisces don’t change their mind. Pisces values feelings over thoughts, but sometimes finds it hard to verbalize their own complicated feelings, especially when Taurus demands them to. The sensitive fish can be intimidated by the forcefulness and sometimes harsh nature of the bull, so they can swim away to distant waters where the bull has no power. Taurus is very likely to get emotionally attached to their Pisces partner and a potential break up could crush them.

Taurus and Pisces Sexual Compatibility

Pisces’ endless imagination and Taurus’ incredible stamina will result in out-of-this-world sex experience. Their bedroom encounters will always be passionate, intense, satisfying, sensual, tender and simply orgasmic. As a dreamer and a creative person, role plays and erotic games is what Pisces likes the most. With both having high libidos, their bedroom games will always be sensual and highly sexual. A sensual touch is the biggest turn on for both. When their emotional and physical needs are met, their sex will always be fantastic and utterly satisfying. Although the Taurus has a tendency to be a bit conservative, when they connect with a Pisces on all possible levels, rest assure they will be more than opened up for trying out literally everything sexual they may have in mind.

Taurus and Pisces Marriage Compatibility

How do Taurus and Pisces get along and how far can they get? Taurus and Pisces have a great potential for a long haul, as they both crave security, commitment and absolute devotion in only one person. For the long term, however, they will need to regulate their energy with each other, because otherwise, they may develop dynamic in which the Taurus will be dominant. Therefore, the Taurus should be careful to tame their domineering proves and the Pisces should become more assertive and more self-confident. Also, the Taurus can get possessive and even though Pisces is usually hiding their dissatisfaction, their relationship can get unstable. Aside from these potential threats which can actually strengthen their relationship, a Taurus and Pisces marriage is one that can last a lifetime.

Taurus and Pisces Trust and Communication

While Taurus usually needs a lot of time before they open up completely to their partner, it’s a completely different story when they get together with an idealistic Pisces. The fish is very likely to open up to Taurus as soon as they feel the security and stability they seek in a relationship, which will make it much easier for the bull to open up too. If they manage to lose their need to hide emotions from each other early in their relationship, they will have a solid formation on which they can build a long lasting relationship that end with love ever after.

Nonverbal communication between these two signs is on a high level. Taurus and Pisces will often feel like there’s no need to talk much, because they get each other perfectly without a single word. Although they both have tendency to try to stay perfect for one another for as long as possible, ignoring the not-so-perfect stuff can have consequences. It is important for them to tell each other the most important things when they are apart, because otherwise they will end up feeling weak and unsafe.

Taurus and Pisces Shared Values

With similar personalities, these two have a lot of shared values. Both are admirers of all that’s beautiful, comfortable and luxurious, so combined, they can create a sanctuary for their minds, bodies and spirits. They find joy in same things and that is a big plus for those with a long term relationship in mind. It will be easy for Taurus and Pisces to find magic in their everyday life, simply because they both know how to appreciate the simple joys in life. Also, they value love the same way and when in love with each other, it’s a connection that nothing can ever break. Taurus loves Pisces’ dreamy and fantasy side as it strengthens its sensuality. Pisces loves Taurus’ down to Earth nature and loyalty. When Taurus gets possessive and obsessive about their partner, Pisces is the only partner for the bull who will not be bothered but rather have their ego boosted. This makes them a perfect match on its own. Still wondering what is the best match for a Taurus? Well no more; it’s Pisces.