Taurus and Libra

What happens when two zodiac signs ruled by the same planet Venus fall in love? Well, for Taurus and Libra the attraction is instant and overwhelming, but is this a relationship that can last?

Both signs are ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and this means that this is a beautiful and harmonious zodiac match. Even though their relationship will be slow to start and they may feel like they share very little in common, Taurus and Libra have high love compatibility, one that has the potential to last a lifetime. These two astrology signs share a love of beautiful things and enjoyment of ballet, art, opera, and fine dining. Taurus will be attracted to Libra’s class and elegance, while Libra will love the comfort and luxury that their Taurus provides. If you’re interested in finding out what is the best match for a Taurus or how do Taurus and Libra get along , continue reading and you’ll discover more about Taurus and Libra compatibility in love, sex, and life!

Taurus and Libra Love and Romance

Taurus is a fixed Earth sign, while Libra is a cardinal Air sign. Both signs are ruled by Venus which means that there will be a lot of beauty, romance, and sensuality in place from the start of this relationship. But, do Taurus and Libra go together?

When these two pleasure-seeking signs come together for love, it’s will be a beautiful and harmonious relationship. They share a love of art, music, and poetry, and they’re both looking for security in a relationship. They both love to in love and think that courtship is a crucial part of any relationship, so they fit together very well. Taurus loves Libra’s charming and graceful nature, and diplomatic Libra is able to keep the peace and harmony in their relationship. Libra can help stubborn and inflexible Taurus see all the different sides of a situation, while Taurus can help hesitant Libra overcome indecision and move forward. If one day these two decide to get married and create a family together, their home will likely become the warmest and most inviting hub for family gatherings and holiday celebrations.

Taurus and Libra Emotional Compatibility

Because both signs are ruled by the planet of love, Taurus and Libra are two very affectionate and peaceful signs who hate any type of disagreement. They prefer to accept anything rather than confronting each other or speaking their mind, so as a result, they’re decreasing the potential for greater intimacy in their relationship. Usually, Taurus is too calm and collected, and Libra is too polite to bring up emotional issues, so if they want to avoid their differences in their relationship, Taurus will have to learn to be more emotionally responsive while Libra will have to try to be more honest.

Taurus and Libra Sexual Compatibility

Are Taurus and Libra sexually compatible? Taurus is a sign that has a powerful libido and relies on their sense of touch and taste. On the other hand, Libra prefers a more intellectual approach, for instance, a sensual conversation versus physical activity. Sex with Libra has to be classy, even though they’re also very creative lovers like Taureans. However, they’re both gentle and romantic lovers who dislike stress and drama in relationships, so they’re well matched.

Of course, Libra’s indecisiveness and constant mood swings can be upsetting for Taurus, who is always looking for emotional security in relationships, and Taurus’s possessiveness and jealousy can be a bit of an issue for Libra who is a social butterfly. But, thanks to the strong attraction between these two signs, these things are unlikely to be a huge problem, sexually speaking.

Taurus and Libra Marriage Compatibility

Chances for Taurus and Libra marriage are low because Taurus is stable, grounded, and predictable sign. On the other hand, Libra is more friendly, easy going, social, and sometimes very flirtatious. Taurus is a solitary thinker, while Libra communicates about everything, sharing all their thoughts and opinions with their partner.

So, even though these two are initially attracted to each other, for a long-lasting relationship to thrive, compromise and hard work will be needed. The key to success for this zodiac couple is to build on their strengths – their shared love of beauty and loyalty. Without effort, this marriage could quickly drift into boredom and passivity. However, the most important thing is that these two signs share the common goal of a loving and harmonious family.

Taurus and Libra Trust and Communication

Libra is flirtatious and needs to be liked by everyone, which can cause jealousy and distrust in their relationship. Taurus can’t help but be jealous, it’s just in their nature. Libra is very indecisive and insecure, so it is almost impossible to have a trusting relationship with these individuals. Their need for acceptance can make them unfaithful and destroy their relationship with stable Taurus.

Libra is a sociable sign that likes going out and being surrounded by many people, while Taurus is more of a family person and is very inflexible. If Libra isn’t out, they will probably be on the phone, because they need contact with other people. Sometimes, the two of them will honestly communicate with each other, but they won’t be able to actually understand each other. The Taurus-Libra friendship or romantic relationship will surely encounter many obstacles, especially in the communication area, but if they’re willing to compromise and work on their relationship, they can be really happy together.

Taurus and Libra Shared Values

Since both Taurus and Libra are ruled by the same planet of love and beauty Venus, they tend to share a love of material things and sensual indulgence. Both signs love the finer things in life, have an eye for style and want romance and true love. They love things to be in order and most of all, they love to be in love. Even though Taurus is more inclined towards material pleasures and Libra places a higher value on intellectual stimulation, they share a romantic outlook on the world around them and their final goals are the same.