Taurus and Aquarius

Having so little in common might make it really difficult for the Taurus and the Aquarius to hit it off initially, but once they see a way to play their strengths and balance out each other’s weaknesses, it is a great match. These two are opposing signs and as such, their relationship can be incredibly unpredictable. As two fixed zodiac symbols, Taurus and Aquarius both desire commitment to one person and when they find that in each other, it can be a strong connection. While the old-fashioned Taurus is all about security and tradition, the rebellious Aquarius is forever against social norms, traditions and rules. While Taurus craves security and safety in relationship and want to plant deep roots, Aquarius craves living an adventurous, unconventional life. Only when they find a way to work through these major differences can they enjoy a great romantic relationship. If you want to find out how do Taurus and Aquarius get along , we have a thorough analysis on Taurus and Aquarius compatibility .

Taurus and Aquarius Love and Romance

The romantic Taurus will often find themselves confused how did they end up with an Aquarius, someone who doesn’t want to talk much about love, romance and feelings. Not that Aquarians don’t want to be in love and share a romantic relationship with someone, but the Taurus may seek more than what an Aquarius can give. The water bearer is unusual in many ways and always changeable, which will be utterly disappointing and unpleasing for the eternal seeker of security. The free-spirited Aquarius will naturally want to flee from the Taurus’ possessive grip, which will make things even more difficult. When these two have similar emotional needs, however, the attraction will be strong. From there, they can build a solid relationship.

Taurus and Aquarius Emotional Compatibility

Astrologically speaking, Taurus will rarely fall deeply in love with an Aquarius, simply because their emotional nature could not be any more different. While the bull is the most sensitive sign of the zodiac and craves love on a daily basis, the Aquarius is distant and often described as cold and emotionless. When these two meet, they will either find something very rare in each other on their first date or never get to see the end of their first date at all. If they fail to find a common ground, they will seem like they come from two different planets. The Taurus craves stability, so only when they recognize the stable side of Aquarius, they can give themselves to the relationship completely and try to defy the odds.

Taurus and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

The tender and sensual nature of the Taurus is probably going to be too much for the eccentric Aquarius. However, when attraction happens, they can go a long way. While the Taurus wants nothing more than security, stability and safety in their relationship, the Aquarius always wants a relationship in which they will feel free to explore sex to the fullest. Unless this is too much asking for the sensual bull, these two can have amazing and unusual sexual encounters that will be fulfilling for both body and mind. The Taurus is also shy by nature and needs a lot of time before they give into the sexual pleasures, but that’s where the Aquarius will help them relax and approach the physical act from a different perspective. The Taurus and Aquarius sexual compatibility is best when both of them tell, ask and show what they need and want, and satisfy each other’s needs. Also, they will have to mend their differences in order to make the most out of their sex life, because neither of them would like to be in a relationship in which they feel disrespected or disregarded.

Taurus and Aquarius Marriage Compatibility

As people who live by completely different rules, morals, beliefs and values, a Taurus and Aquarius match may indeed be dynamic, fun and passionate, but in a marriage, where they need to make compromises to see through all sorts of issues that they’re bound to face, they may not do very well. Although Taurus and Aquarius marriage can happen when both are equally committed to one another, their differences and expectations in life could be too big of an obstacle to overcome. Aquarius is the most progressive sign of the zodiac and these individuals are ideological about life, while Taurus has a practical, down-to-Earth and conservative way of living. So when Taurus may believe it is time for starting a family, the Aquarius may just have bought tickets to Egypt. Taurus may never get the stability they crave in a marriage, because of the unpredictability of the Aquarius. Therefore, marriage between this too is very unlikely to happen and if it does, it may not last.

Taurus and Aquarius Trust and Communication

When it comes to trust, both the Taurus and the Aquarius have issues putting their trust in somebody else than themselves. Nevertheless, they are both trustworthy and straightforward individuals, the only problem is they are afraid of being hurt, especially the Taurus. The bull is prone to self-criticism and feeling guilty, as they always feel like they are not good enough for their partner. The water bearer can not understand these traits of the Taurus, which can easily lead to Taurus not feeling free to tell them how they feel but instead telling lies. As in every relationship, this could be a deal breaker, because once the trust is broken, rest assured there’s no going back.

Earth and Air signs can rarely find something they have in common, which is why they often have nothing to talk about. While the thinker of the zodiac always have something exciting going on in their mind, the practical Taurus is only concerned by the reality and the world they’ve built for themselves. Although it should not necessarily be a problem in their relationship, the Taurus can be narrow-minded and fail to understand Aquarius’ concerns, thoughts and dreams, which could be equally frustrating for both.

Taurus and Aquarius Shared Values

Since these two are very different by nature, they will appear to have only a handful of common interests. Taurus likes down-to-Earth behavior and values material things more than the Aquarius, while the Aquarius desires freedom, independence and adventurous lifestyle more than anything in the world. Taurus wants to be settled down, while the Aquarius wants to explore the world. Taurus is focused on practical and sensual interests, while the Aquarius on intellectual connections. There is not much they can do to adjust each other’s preferences, likes and dislikes but accept each other as who they are. However, they are both extremely opinionated and seldom do they accept other people’s opinions. When in argument, the Taurus gets angry and the Aquarius pulls away creating a distance, which can make it worse for the Taurus causing them to push harder and that will force the Aquarius to pull further away. Generally speaking, if you’re wondering do Taurus and Aquarius go together , it’s safe to say they are not made for each other. Unless they find a way to understand their huge differences, Taurus and Aquarius friendship or business partners makes much more sense than lovers or life partners.