The Strength Tarot Card Meaning

The strength tarot card is the eighth Major Arcana card in most modern tarot decks. Its symbolism goes beyond strength because it also represents passion, courage, and confidence, winning the battle for intelligence and morality vs. brute strength and evil.

Illustration Credit: Violetta Astanina

Element: Fire

Planet: Sun

Astrological Sign: Leo

Key dates: July 22 to August 23


The title of the Strength tarot card conveys a clear meaning, and so do its visual elements. Traditionally, the card was called Fortitude or Lust, and the illustrations portrayed a different meaning than what’s known today.

For example, the Visconti-Sforza tarot deck has eight depicting a man beating a small lion with a club. In the Lust versions, the card showed a naked woman riding a lion. Modern tarot decks commonly use the standard depiction of Strength inspired by the English Rider-Waite version.

This illustration shows a woman with her hand resting on a lion’s head while calmly stroking its jaw. Lions are ferocious animals, but the woman has courageously tamed this lion and doesn’t need to restrain it or beat it with a club. Hence, strength portrays mastery over adverse situations, through compassion, shrewdness, and understanding, without using force.

The lion represents a blend of raw passions and desires, and the woman controls these by channeling her inner strength. Ultimately, she gains dominion over the lion and all aspects of her world.

Also, note the lemniscate or infinite symbol above the woman’s head, which signifies infinite self-control and wisdom.

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What Tarot Card Goes With Strength


The strength card represents a person possessing several great qualities, including courage, compassion, poise, self-control, heroism, vitality, and confidence. Hence, pulling the strength card is considered an honor and has positive connotations.

It means that you attract people looking for guidance, or you may feel that your strength gives you dominion over your peers. With great power comes great responsibility, so this is not always a blessing because you’ll lose your power if you abuse it. That’s because the true and pure personification of strength is the defender of the just and righteous.


Pulling the strength card represents many positive things. In essence, it underlines that you have the inner strength and characteristics to ensure a successful outcome and make significant progress in your life. While you may be facing adversity, you’ll easily conquer obstacles in your path by mastering doubt, fear, anxiety, and other raw emotions.


If you’re single, this reading indicates that a new relationship might be on the cards. Your confidence draws adventure into your love life, so you’ll likely meet someone exciting and unconventional. If you already have a solid relationship, you should view Strength as a confirmation that your connection is stable.

Adversity in your relationship only serves to strengthen and highlight the bond when you both face and overcome the problem as partners. You should start thinking of your partner’s loving embrace as a permanent fixture because the relationship is for the long haul.


Strength encourages you to take your career to the next level. For example, you can leverage your confidence to ask for the promotion or raise you have worked hard for. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, now is the perfect time to start your business venture. Taking a giant leap in your career may carry some uncertainty, but unwillingness to take the risk will be your undoing.

Strength emphasizes the need to follow your passions when searching for a job because that’s where your success lies. The highest chance of success is in pursuing a career that revolves around serving others, especially marginalized or vulnerable groups. A career that focuses on caring for animals is also suitable for you.


Strength represents stability, so you should expect a smooth cash flow in the immediate future. A financial boost is coming in the form of a raise or a similar, stable increase. That doesn’t mean you’ll hit the jackpot, so be sure to increase your savings accordingly.

Set aside more than you usually would and resist the urge to treat yourself or lend your friends cash. Your savings will come in handy for a future large purchase that’s closer around the corner than expected. If you have plans to borrow a large amount of money, you should put those plans on hold.


Strength usually correlates to good health and vitality for the body and mind. The Strength card prompts you to improve your health by adopting good habits like eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Taking these steps will be much easier as you’re aided by self-control and inner strength.

Strength Reversed

Reverse strength doesn’t mean a lack of strength. It still carries many of the positive connotations of upright strength. However, it indicates that you may not be taking full advantage of your inner strength, which is an obstacle you must overcome. By reconnection with your inner strength, you’ll enjoy the same good fortunes equivalent to pulling the strength card in an upright manner.


If you’re searching for love, you have been warned. Now may not be the time to embark on a relationship with another. Instead, you should work on your lack of confidence and the self-doubt that has led to bad relationships in the past.

Focus on building self-confidence and realizing that you’re worthy of receiving love from a good partner. If you take this approach, you will find the love you seek down the line.

For those already in a relationship, reverse Strength indicates your relationship might be doomed. Your lack of confidence breeds jealousy and being clingy to your partner only pushes them away. Take a step back and have faith your relationship will stay the course.


Reverse Strength indicates that you have great potential to succeed in your career, which is the same reading from Upright Strength. However, reverse Strength also indicates you have additional obstacles to overcome in the form of self-doubt and fear. You’re your own worst enemy and liberator. Find the inner strength you already possess and use it to boldly and confidently implement your ideas.


Reverse Strength also emphasizes the same reading you would get from upright Strength, financially speaking. That means you should expect a steady cash flow and take advantage of the opportunity to save.

The only difference with reverse Strength is that you’ll likely need the savings to settle an unexpected fee or bill instead of covering a purchase. Having sufficient savings will keep you financially protected.


There are no immediate health concerns, but problems might arise in the future when your bad habits catch up. So this is the perfect time to make healthy lifestyle changes to steer away from negative effects on your health down the line. Make changes one at a time, and the results will perpetuate your momentum.

Strength: Past, Present, and Future Positions

The reading from the Strength tarot card indicates your past, present, and future. The past position for this card is particularly fascinating. Your success so far comes from having previously faced adversity with confidence and composure.

Strength in the past position highlights your inner strength and how you have used it to consistently scale new heights, never sticking to the status quo for too long. In essence, Strength in the past indicates a never-ending series of successes powered by self-control and iron will.

Strength in the present position encourages you to tap even more into your inner strength and take advantage of difficult and risky opportunities that come your way. Your chances of success are bright, so don’t hesitate to dive into daring ventures that ignite your passion.

In the future position, Strength is a message of hope and encouragement. You’ll overcome your current troubles sooner than you think, and adversity might even be a blessing in disguise that aids your success.

Important Strength Card Combinations

Strength embodies many positive characteristics with a strong emphasis on courage. Hence, it’s always a positive and welcome pull that encourages you to boldly pursue your plans no matter how risky they may seem or stay strong in the face of adversity. You can maximize the Strength card’s power in a reading by heeding advice from important card combinations.


On its own, the Tower represents chaos, money problems, and being stranded. It’s usually not a welcome reading, but when paired with Strength, it’s no longer as foreboding. Combining Strength and The Tower signifies mastery over chaotic situations and encourages you to raise the stakes. If this pairing appears in your reading, be prepared to take high risks if you hope to reap high rewards.


The Magician symbolizes focus, self-confidence, and self-control. The Magician and the Strength have one feature in common – the lemniscate or infinite symbol. That explains why both cards signify self-mastery, and when this pairing comes up, this element is greatly enhanced.

Your inner strength goes deeper than ever, giving you more power and control to steer events toward a favorable outcome.


The Eight of Cups encourages you to transition towards bigger and better things constantly. It also signifies abandonment, loneliness, and disillusionment. When paired with Strength, the odds are in your favor if you walk away from people and situations and chart your own path. Your courage and self-confidence will help you move past your troubles and find success.


The Eight of Pentacles indicates a period of hard labor, apprenticeship, and commitment. The common theme with many Strength card combinations is taking swift and bold action to overcome your situation. However, the pairing with Eight of Pentacles favors patience and consistency. Your hard work will eventually unlock great rewards if you remain determined and dedicated.

Is the Strength Tarot Card a Yes or No?

Strength is almost always a yes. The Strength card is generally welcome when facing a challenging situation or chasing success. It encourages you to remain passionate, courageous, and confident, and you’ll eventually gain control over a situation.

Your inner strength is all you need to overcome outside forces. Remember, you should only wield your inner strength in the name of justice and love for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you’re single, pulling upright Strength means the time is ripe to meet someone new. Your confidence will help you attract an exciting and adventurous relationship with an extraordinary person.


No. Reversed Strength and upright strength are not perfect mirror images. Although reversed strength signifies the same good fortunes as upright Strength, it also signifies additional obstacles you must overcome to succeed.


In the future position, the Strength card indicates you’ll soon gain control over a troublesome situation.


Strength is almost always a yes, especially when you’re trying to master a situation you’re passionate about.