Six of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

The c is a reminder that you are capable of success, but that success is dependent on your own investment in others. The more time, compassion, and money you share, the greater your success shall be. This card also speaks to the actions of others. Someone you’ve barely taken notice of will act generously towards you, and this generosity will play a role in your triumph.

  • Element: Earth
  • Planet: Moon
  • Astrological Sign: Taurus
  • Key Dates: May 1st – 10th

Visual Elements and Symbolism

In the Rider-Waite deck, this card shows a tall man dressed in an ornate, red cloak. His attire, from his boots to his head scarf, suggests he is wealthy. Beggars kneel at his feet, and he passes out coins to them. In his left hand, he holds a scale, which stands for equality.

All in all, the Six of Pentacles represents financial security, generosity, and the importance of giving.

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The Six of Pentacles as a Person

The Six of Pentacles is an energetic and outgoing person. Their energy fills the room, and in a good way. Others see them as strong and reliable. They are often envied for their prominence and gregariousness. Their positive reputation is well deserved and well earned.

The Six of Pentacles is also someone who cares and loves deeply. When their friends or family members need them, they drop everything and run to their side. Their compassion knows no bounds, and it is deeply tied to their spirituality. Their personal spiritual quest has taught them patience and resilience. Their very nature is to strive for good and act in the best interest of others.

The Six of Pentacles Upright: Positive Meanings

When the Six of Pentacles is revealed in the upright position, it stands for kindness, gift giving, and generosity. Sometimes the gifts it represents are not physical, but are instead gifts of time, knowledge, and wisdom. The generosity may be your own, but this card could also be speaking to generosity bestowed upon you by others.

Above all else, keep the following in mind: the more you give, the more you shall receive.

Love and Relationships

When drawn in a love reading, the Six of Pentacles is a positive sign. It represents mutual generosity and kindness. If you are in a relationship, this card reveals that you and your partner are both benefiting, deeply, from the partnership. Your bond is strong, and you should continue to work on strengthening it.

If you’re single, take this card as an omen that love awaits. The person you’ll soon meet is generous and kind. They’ll be drawn in by your positive energy. When you do find this love, be sure to reciprocate with equal care and kindness.


The Six of Pentacles suggests a positive energy around your career. You’re in a good place, professionally speaking, and your success will endure. You have not achieved this by accident, but instead due to your own hard work and dedication over time.

Something is about to change for you, career-wise, but it will be a positive change. A supervisor may notice your work and grant you opportunities to move up in the company. If you’re a business owner, a prospective investor may be waiting in the wings, ready to finance your creativity and help you gain prominence.


You’re not just stable financially; you’re doing great. Now that you’re in this position, you’re feeling an urge to be more generous with others. Give into that urge and its positive energy.

You may also be on the receiving side of someone else’s financial generosity. If this is the case, accept their generosity with grace, and reciprocate when you’re able.

In either case, your financial standing is the result of your own, long-standing kindness and positivity.


In a health reading, the Six of Pentacles can have one of two meanings. The first possibility is that your health has taken a major turn for the better recently. In this case, you should feel free to enjoy all the joy that it brings.

The second possibility is that you’re suffering and need to reach out to others for help before your health gets any worse. If you’re in this second scenario, don’t hesitate to open up about it. Those closest to you are willing and able to help.

The Six of Pentacles Reversed: Negative Meanings

When the Six of Pentacles appears in the reversed orientation, it represents a lack of generosity. This could be a selfish act on the part of a friend. Or, it could be a gift that is offered, but with strings attached. In this scenario, you could be the recipient, but you could also be the person trapping others with your conditional gift. This is a good opportunity for self-analysis.

Love and Relationships

In a love reading, the reversed Six of Pentacles suggests that your relationship has fallen out of balance. Is one of you too domineering over the other? The power dynamic has become unhealthy, perhaps because one of you is creating conditions for your love and generosity. You have a chance to address it, but you’ll need to act quickly before this power imbalance ruins your relationship.

If you’re single, the reversed Six of Pentacles reveals the reason. You’ve been too greedy and arrogant, and this is off-putting to potential partners. The reverse may also be true: you could be so generous that others have been taking advantage of you, leading to resentment before a relationship can even develop.


The reversed Six of Pentacles speaks to a difficult position in your career. You’re feeling undervalued and perhaps underutilized. You see an opportunity for advancement or change, but the person offering the opportunity is making it tough to come by. You’ve attempted to satisfy their demands, but their conditions continue to expand, making advancement feel out of reach.

It’s also possible that your hardships at work are your own fault. Be mindful of your own demands and tendency towards selfishness. You could be becoming a sycophant operating out of a need for attention and reward. Focus on finding balance and working to understand which promises are genuine.


You’re deep in debt. It could be because others have not shown you generosity when you asked for it. It could also be because you’ve been too generous with others and have not left enough for yourself. Perhaps you gave to a charity that exploited you, or maybe someone you thought you could trust took advantage of your generosity. To find your way out of debt, you’ll need to learn from these mistakes.


Your health is suffering, and it’s because you’ve been neglecting yourself. You have failed to ask others for help, and as a result, you have fallen ill. If you wish to improve your health, you’ll need to get better about asking for help and utilizing your resources.

Your Past, Present, and Future

When the Six of Pentacles is revealed in the past position, it sends a message about your parents. One or both of them were so wrapped up in their pursuit of wealth that it consumed them. You’re in danger of heading down the same path, if you’re not already.

In the present, this card points to compassion and balance in your own life. You’ve shown great empathy, and it has enabled you to receive plenty of love and care in return.

In the future position, the Six of Pentacles is a reminder that you can’t control others or their actions. As tempting as it might be to try, you cannot force others to be generous. You can, however, continue to be kind and empathetic towards those who deserve your benevolence.

Important Card Combinations

When cards are revealed together, they balance each other out and influence each other. Certain cards, when paired with the Six of Pentacles, will inherit its core traits.

Six of Pentacles and Hierophant

This is a shadowy combination that reveals something dark and looming. Someone you know, or perhaps a group of people, may soon seek to take advantage of your giving nature. Be mindful of your wealth at this time. Read the fine print of every situation, and be careful who you assist.

Six of Pentacles and Temperance

The Temperance card represents abstinence. When presented with the Six of Pentacles, the combination suggests you’ll soon have to do without some of your favorite things. Don’t let this get you too down. Life can still be pleasurable without those items and activities. Look at this as an opportunity to explore new passions and interests.

Six of Pentacles and Magician

The Magician is a giving, yet transformative card. In this case, the Magician passes the meaning of the Six of Pentacles onto you. You’re the one holding the power in a very important situation, and you must be mindful of how that power affects others. Be careful not to abuse your position; act with empathy.

Six of Pentacles: Yes or No Questions

This card speaks to wealth, generosity, success, and balance. It advises you to help others, and it calls attention to ways in which others have helped you. Your positive energy is infectious, and it will lead you towards happiness and wealth. The Six of Pentacles answers with a “yes.”