Seven Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

The seven of wands card emphasizes the defense of footing gained in love, health, or career. It urges the individual to surpass current struggles, stand steadfast, and reach for more. In essence, the seven of wands card symbolizes perseverance and an unwillingness to be defeated.

Illustration Credit: Raphael Arar

Correspondences of The Seven Of Wands:

  • Element: Fire
  • Numerology: Upright – defiance, challenge, defense. Reversed – compromise, surrender
  • Time: August 12 – August 22
  • Astrological Symbol: Leo
  • Planet: Mars

The Symbolism Of The Seven Of Wands

The seven of wands card depicts a man using a wand to defend against six unseen opponents who wield six large wands. The man stands upon a small hill that he seems to be protecting. In some decks, the man is wearing two different feet of shoes, suggesting he is unprepared for the battle but still willing to mount a defense. While the image suggests a physical struggle, more often than not, the actual fight may be mental or spiritual.

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The Seven Of Wands’ Character Traits

Those represented by the seven of wands card display similar character traits to the card’s image. These people will be steadfast in their convictions and willing to defend their opinions even if they represent the minority of the group. They are brilliant advocates and are particularly likely to protect vulnerable people.

However, these traits, when overemphasized, can often lead to problems as these people can become highly defensive and find it easy to see battles where there are none. They may even pursue arguments with little or no evidence simply because they believe they are right. Therefore, individuals represented by the seven of wands card should choose their actions carefully to maintain credibility.

The Seven Of Wands Upright Meaning

When displayed upright, the seven of wands card represents acts of defiance, the meeting of challenges, and the defense of beliefs and people.


In relationships, romantic or platonic, the seven of wands card symbolizes the need for protection against situations or individuals looking to disrupt your stability. In such cases, communication and effort are key when fending off enemies that might not be physical. Confidence in your relationship will see you through the worst, as no worthy goal is without struggle.

Career Paths

The seven of wands card’s application to your career and work-life highlights periods of challenge, whether in achieving a promotion or holding your current position. While this might sound worrying, the card also emphasizes the rewards of perseverance. You are worthy of your role or the advancement you seek; all that is needed is to show others this truth. By pushing past your insecurities, you can achieve whatever you want.


In finance, the seven of wands card speaks to your actions to secure long-term financial returns and protect the money you already have. This card is a good sign that you are either currently or will be profiting due to past decisions. Unfortunately, it is also a sign that your increased wealth might bring with it those who are envious of your situation. While this success is enjoyable, you should ensure your money continues to grow for any troubles you might face.


Regarding health, the seven of wands card serves as a warning to protect your physical and mental health. This warning is usually in response to a long-term condition or illness you might be facing. The card urges you to remove any factors contributing to your present state, be it physical factors or even people. Recovery requires peace of mind and the steadfastness of your spirit. You must work towards building yourself up and stand in defiance of anything that might worsen your condition.

The Seven Of Wands Reversed Meaning

The reversal of the seven of wands card represents the feeling of being overwhelmed, weak, and unconfident. Simple questions about your actions and goals may leave you feeling criticized and judged. While avoiding conflict may seem like the best option, holding on to your dreams and convictions is vital to overcome these moments of weakness.


The reversed seven of wands card may indicate periods of extreme combativeness in your relationship as you find yourself backed into a corner while trying to defend your decisions. It is essential to be willing to listen at these times. Those outside your relationship might see issues you haven’t noticed, and shutting them out may do more harm than good. Perseverance is key. Keeping your confidence while fighting for your relationship is the way forward.

Career Paths

The reversed seven of wands card appearing during a reading for your career may symbolize moments of discontent in the workplace. Your current position might no longer fulfill your financial needs, or your new promotion might prove overwhelming due to a lack of preparation. However, while the grass might seem greener on the other side, protecting what you have now is crucial. An emphasis on preparation can ease the worries of a new or current job, giving you the time and distance needed to find your footing and flourish.


When applied to money, the reversed seven of wands card often highlights a frivolous spending practice. While you might feel more than entitled to a bit of luxury, considering the long-term impact is crucial. The appearance of this card in such situations is a caution that you would do well to heed. Treat yourself on occasion, but always look to help your money grow rather than watch it disappear.


The reversed seven of wands card is never a good sign in health readings as it represents someone close to you losing their ability or will to fight against an illness or condition. It might also mean an illness you suffer from becoming more severe over time. In both cases, communication is the answer, whether this is emphatic communication with a friend or a loved one or communicating with your doctor to discuss your treatments.

Past, Present, And Future

The seven of wands card, when displayed in the past position, often indicates that you have stood resolute in your convictions. You have worked hard to create the foundations of who you are today. It would help if you took pride in this independence while always striving to move forwards despite the obstacles in your way.

When displayed for a present reading, the seven of wands card might speak to the need for support in the face of an upcoming challenge. For example, you might require additional stability to overcome your struggles. Still, the presence of the card is an assurance that you will overcome your adversity with perseverance.

In the future position, the seven of wands card represents the fragility of new growth in your life. A new job or role may leave you more open to criticism as you try to find your feet. But despite criticism, you have the potential for growth in your new circumstance, and you should weather the storm while trying to grasp your future with both hands.

Card Combinations

Through the combination of cards, especially those of the Major Arcana, the seven of wands card often coveys the message of confrontation or struggles.

The Devil Card Combination

When the seven of wands card joins the devil card, it strongly indicates that you are fighting against someone seeking to manipulate you. This battle is often complex. The person might not confront you but trick you into fighting in their place. Therefore, you should assess your interactions carefully to ensure you aren’t a scapegoat.

The Chariot Card Combination

The seven of wands card indicates absolute victory when paired with the chariot card. While you might struggle in your battle due to a lack of support or conviction, you should never let yourself crumble, as success is right around the corner.

The Knight Of Wands Combination

The knight of wands card combined with the seven of wands card speaks of leadership and the need to impress your ideas on a larger group than you are currently appealing to. Widening your outreach group may garner support in places you never expected.

The Justice Card Combination

The justice card combination with the seven of wands card speaks to the triumph of fairness. While the journey to this point might not be easy, and there will be struggles along the way, you are encouraged to keep fighting. Despite what you may lose, you will surely overcome.

The Seven Of Wands: A Yes Or A No?

The seven of wands card drawn in a yes or no reading will always be a yes. However, this outcome requires you to defend your beliefs, goals, and dreams. While you might encounter times of suffering and trials, courage and determination are your keys to a better future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the meaning of the seven of wands card when reversed? When reversed, the seven of wands card indicates feelings of lack of confidence, weakness, and being overwhelmed.
  2. In a yes or no reading, what is the seven of wands card? The seven of wands card in a yes or no reading is always yes as long as you are willing to defend your beliefs.
  3. What is the meaning of the upright seven of wands card in a love reading? In a love reading, the card indicates your relationship’s need for defense against situations or individuals.
  4. What is the future meaning of the seven of wands card? The seven of wands card represents a period of new growth or circumstance in your life.