Seven of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

The Seven of Cups is a sign that you have unattainable desires. There is so much you want for your life. You are a dreamer, but you do not have the strategies needed to achieve these dreams. You need to start taking the right steps to achieve a part of the big dream.

  • Seven of Cups
  • Element: Water
  • Zodiac: Scorpio
  • Planet: Venus
  • Birth Dates: November 13 to November 22

Card Images and their Meaning

The Seven of Cups has the image of a human being looking at seven cups that float on the clouds above where he stands. Some of these cups have all the good things that the person desires, such as jewel and victory. Other cups have everything the man may never want, such as dragons and snakes. He is looking up for the gifts that these cups have to pour – those are his dreams. The cups with the snakes and dragons are a warning that not everything you desire will be good for you. Whenever you accept gifts, there are always repercussions. While some cups will pour good fortune, some will pour snakes and other items that man will have to deal with. Although most of the gifts will be alluring, it is important that you only pick those that are rewarding.

The Seven of Cups Personality

If you pick the Seven of Cups, you are detached from reality. It is likely that you will lose yourself in illusions of good fortunes. You carry around some unrealistic expectations and fantasies, and you never know how to deal with your shortcomings.

You need to be careful with people around you – some of them might be abusive, so be ready to defend yourself. If you fail to defend yourself, you might be a victim of bullying.

The Upright Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups is a representation of illusions, possibilities, and decisions that one has to make. Presently, you have several options to choose from to make your life better, but you have to be cautious with every decision you make. You have a huge ego that stands between you and your goals, but to move forward, you need to craft a balance.

Love and Relationship

There are important choices that should be made in your relationship. You view your relationship as something from romance books, but you do not do enough to keep the flame alive. You may fulfill the superficial wants of your partner, but there is a lot more that needs to be done.

You love fantasies, and these blind you from the real issues that are affecting your love life. The time is ripe for you to re-evaluate your relationships and the person you are with. Evaluate what is working for you and what you need to change.

Seven of Cups says a lot about the future. You are about to make huge decisions that will affect your relationships significantly in the future. Be ready for the consequences of your actions today. Be sure not to put your partner on a pedestal as they may never reveal exactly who they are to you.

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The Seven of Cups is a great sign for your career. You have many opportunities, and all you have to do is choose. However, it would be best if you were mindful of your choices, as you might end up taking more than you can handle. While you live fantasies and you love picturing your future, it is important that you take real steps and create strategies to achieve your goals. You trust that some people can help you achieve your goals fast so that you can live in your fantasies. However, without hard work, you will only have hope and wish.


You have so many opportunities to make money regardless of your current financial status. These opportunities are good if you take them on, but they may not be as great as you imagined them to be. You have a chance to amass wealth.

Even with these opportunities, you should not gamble with your savings immediately after someone promises to help you achieve one of your fantasies. Take your time to study and research opportunities before you make a major decision. You also need to work with mentors and professionals before you make a major financial commitment.


You have unattainable health goals. To achieve these goals, you overexert and take more than you can manage in a day. You will feel exhausted, stressed, and you might become chronically ill. Create a workload and a schedule that you can manage, and find time to eat right and exercise.

The Reversed Seven of Cups

The reverse card is actually a good sign. It means you are no longer living in fantasies, and your wishful thinking is now propelling you to achieve your goals.

The reversed Seven of Cups is a sign that your dream world is about to collapse. You have lived in a world where you have goals that are bigger than you, and these goals are starting to collapse. You are starting to see the world as it is and creating attainable plans, and making the right decisions. These steps will help you achieve your goals.

You may not have all the opportunities you imagined you’d have, but you are taking advantage of the few that present themselves. You work hard, and that will pay off in the near future.

Love and Relationships

If you have a partner, the reversed Seven of Cups shows that you are on your way to fixing the cracks in the relationship. You are starting to see the flaws your relationship has. Take this time to decide what you want for the relationship and whether you want to fix the cracks in your love life or you want to start something new.

If you do not have a partner, it is likely that you have unrealistic expectations of what a perfect partner is. You are stopping yourself from finding love even when you have great opportunities to find love. Take a leap of faith and start trusting someone – go on a date, and you may be surprised by what the love life has in store for you.


Your career is not progressing, not as it should. You have done the work, and you are waiting for a reward, but that is not coming. There are so many new opportunities that are available for you. Currently, you might feel bitter because you passed up an opportunity that would have been better for the one you have today. You feel that the opportunity you lost would have given you the reward you are looking for. Find a way to move past the regrets and bitterness and take advantage of the opportunities you have to move your career forward.


You have made good financial decisions in the past, and you feel confident about it. Your decisions will start to pay off. You have given a chance to a few people to help you make the right moves and create strategies to make money and save. Based on the results you have seen so far, these people care about you, and they will help you. Continue consulting with professionals, and your financial condition will only get better.


You feel confident about your health. Your health is improving, and you are starting to address the issues that might have brought your health down. The medical advice you have received from medical professionals is helping you, and you are following it to the best of your abilities. Your patience is starting to pay off. Do not worry; you are about to see good results from all the work you have been doing. You have goals, and you are actually keen on following them.

The Seven of Cups Past, Present, and Future

You have been following your goals, and it is starting to pay off. It is the small steps you have taken in the past that have led you where you are. You have had fantasies, but these have only stood in the way of achieving your goals. You are to blame for any setbacks in your life as you have lived your life in a fantasy.

Presently, you are unable to distinguish between your needs and wants. You want a lavish lifestyle with attention-grabbing items. These luxurious items fuel your ego and affect your pursuit of a stable relationship, a stable career, and a chance to follow your goals. Your desires will only continue growing if you do not tame them. You are likely to make uneducated decisions, like taking on a risky venture, just because there are promises that you might fulfill your fantasies. It is likely that you see things as being greater than they are, and you end up disappointed. Learn to see the world as it is and take your time before making any decision.

In the future, your dreams and fantasies might motivate you to achieve your dreams. Most of your fantasies are unattainable, but if you take steps to make them happen, you will achieve a lot. You are motivated to better your life. Although your goals are selfish, the motivation will help you keep you on the path to success.

Seven of Cups Card Combinations

When the Seven of Cups combines with other cards, the power and influence of the card are enhanced. However, some card combinations might negate the meaning of the card to bring a completely different interpretation.

The Seven of Cups Combined with the Chariot

If you draw these cards together, you get the desire of the Seven of Cups and the inspiration you need to pursue new opportunities. These cards urge you to keep pushing forward to meet your goals and go for what you desire. New opportunities have been intensified, and you are about to come into a great success. As a Chariot, you are a victor, a conqueror, and you have control. These two cards are a sign that you need to pursue everything you have always wanted.

Seven of Cups Combined with the Magician

The Magician can make things happen magically in your life. However, the card is full of illusions, and when you combine it with the Seven of Cups, your manipulative side comes out clear. This can benefit you in some situations, but you need to be aware of the tendencies as this could leave you friendless in the future. You have the impulse of creation, and you have desires, and there is so much you can do as long as you are keen to keep your manipulative side in check.

Seven of Cups Combined with the Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles represents a refined and accomplished person who is ready to enjoy the fruits of their labor. In itself, the Nine of Pentacles is a great sign when you are working on your career and your relationships. When you combine these two cards, you might be stuck in a life of pursuing your unrealistic goals to keep up with your heroes. Working to keep up with other people will bar you from achieving your goals, as you might not manage your finances as you should. You do not have to fit in or be like someone else as long as you follow your goals with a plan.

Seven of Cups: Good or Bad?

The Seven of Cups is not good or bad. It comes out as a neutral card that is a sign of as many good things as bad things. When you draw this card, you will have an array of confusing choices, you have temptations, and you live in a fantasy world. You do not want to see the world as it is, but when you do, your wishful thoughts can motivate you to find success. The card is good if you tame your wishful thinking and actually get to do the real work that will pay off. It is a bad card if you are stuck in a loop of thoughts of what could happen and you never get to do the work.