Scorpio Man: Personality Traits, Love, Compatibility & More

Describing the character of Scorpio man is known to be a mission impossible – you can never be fully aware of what hides behind their piercing gaze and their shield of darkness.

Scorpio Man: Personality Traits

A Scorpio man can give you the chills when he enters a room. He’s serious, quiet, and looks like he doesn’t want to be approached. This Water sign tends to hide behind his strong exterior, leaving an impression of someone people shouldn’t mess around with. This bad boy has danger written all over him, but is that all there is to the Scorpio man? Definitely not. Scorpio men are actually quite sensitive and passionate, but they rarely let people in and they don’t often show their vulnerable side.

Becoming a Scorpio man’s friend is not an easy task. He’s very picky when it comes to choosing his surroundings and he pays very close attention to detail, even when you think he seems uninterested in what everyone is doing. Scorpio men don’t confide in other people unless they are absolutely sure in the strength of their friendship. Are you wondering how to know if a Scorpio man likes you? Just remember that he’s not the type to open up easily, so if you notice that he’s trying to connect with you on a deeper level, it means he trusts you enough to consider you his friend.

One little-known fact about Scorpio men is that, even though they have a powerful appearance, they can be very self-destructive. If a Scorpio man thinks that he hasn’t met certain expectations (according to his own standards, of course), there’s a chance he might crash and take it out on his own well-being. After all, suffering is a part of life as well, right?

Scorpio Man: Home & Family

A Scorpio man’s home can be just as dark and mysterious as his personality. If you have ever been considered worthy enough to enter his lair, then you know that a Scorpio man’s inner space is nothing but strong, bold colors such as black, violet, or midnight blue. Everything screams with intensity and depth, starting from his long and heavy drapes covering the windows all the way to his giant couches that can swallow you whole. Pluto rules this sign and, as god of the underworld, it’s been made sure that the Scorpio man will live in a scary, complicated, but in a way satisfying environment.

As for family, it doesn’t seem like Scorpio men are too interested in fulfilling the social norms of becoming husbands and fathers. But, the opposite has been proven to be true – deep down, they seek for true love as deep as the love in Shakespearean plays and they know how to be loving and caring fathers. Even though they might not always experience the intensity of love in relationships, being father figures is something that Scorpio men see as the biggest challenge in life and they will give their all to protect their loved ones, even if it kills them.

Scorpio Man: Career & Money

Careerwise, Scorpio men usually pick a job that asks of them to be creative in one way or another. Being a Water sign, the Scorpio man is an emotional being who puts focus on feelings and impulses, often ignoring the rational and all that is considered to be “correct” or “acceptable”. He needs space, lots and lots of space, in order to bring his idea to life. A Scorpio man’s work is often hard to understand, but incredibly powerful nonetheless. Working in teams doesn’t suit him well; he prefers being a lone wolf, his own boss. If you start telling a Scorpio man how to do his job, there is a small chance that it’ll turn out well.

As for money, Scorpio men like to bet big. They are not afraid to take risks and invest in something new or even a bit shady. If they ever end up penniless, Scorpio men will always find a way to get back on their feet. This sign is very secretive about all aspects of his life, including his source of income and the size of his paycheck. He might even look like he’s not making enough for a living when, in reality, he might be loaded. The reason behind it is the Scorpio men’s belief that what happens in their lives is nobody’s business but their own.

Scorpio Man: Love & Sex

Dating a Scorpio man will be a romantic journey. He likes to treat his dates as a true gentleman would, taking them to pleasant, sometimes unusual places and allowing them to take the lead. But remember – a Scorpio man will enter a relationship with you only if he thinks you’re worthy of his time. He won’t share his feelings right away, so just know that when a Scorpio man says he loves you, it’s a huge deal. He takes feelings and emotions very seriously and doesn’t throw them around easily.

If you’re wondering how does a Scorpio man act when in love, you should pay very close attention to the signs a Scorpio man is in love with you. If you notice him starting to get jealous and obsessive, take it as a good sign. Scorpios only behave this way when they trust you enough and feel free enough to open up to you. But even though they can be overly critical and possessive, Scorpio men are also incredibly faithful, loyal, and passionate towards their chosen partner. The same goes for Scorpio men in bed – you’ll be met by a strong intensity, passionate energy, and complete focus on their loved one.

Scorpio Man: Compatibility with Other Signs

As for Scorpio man compatibility, this Water sign will look for intelligent, strong, and powerful individuals that will be capable of dealing with their complicated nature and intense mood swings. The best matches for a Scorpio man are Capricorn, Pisces and Cancer.

Scorpio Man and Capricorn Woman

In a Scorpio-Capricorn relationship, loyalty will never be an issue. Both these signs know the true meaning of commitment and, if they are truly in love, they will fight to keep their relationship going at all costs. There is a mutual understanding between the Scorpio man and the Capricorn woman – they share many values and they aim for stability before anything else.

Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman

This can turn out to be a wonderful match with just a few minor setbacks that can be overcome with a bit of work – the Scorpio man needs to tone down the possessive attitude and learn to let go of all the control, or else he might end up smothering his Pisces partner. Other than that, this couple will function in a wonderful harmony, with a deep and mutual understanding of one another’s needs and desires.

Scorpio Man and Cancer Woman

Cancer women know how to keep the Scorpio men interested and they will provide them with their needed passion, love, and security. On an emotional level, this is the perfect match, for both signs are very intuitive and sensitive to other people’s feelings. Cancer women share many of the Scorpio men’s likes and dislikes, including some of their values such as loyalty towards family, need for stability, and building trusting relationships.