Scorpio and Scorpio

The eight sign of the zodiac, Scorpio, is widely known as the most intense and mysterious sign. This is a fixed Water sign, represented by the Scorpion and ruled by Mars, the planet of war and Pluto, the god of the underworld. Thanks to Pluto’s influence, Scorpio is the darkest and one of the most powerful, highly intuitive, and intense out of the 12 zodiac signs. So, how do Scorpio and Scorpio get along with each other?

Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility in love is extreme, so when two Scorpions enter a romantic relationship, it’s an instant connection that moves incredibly fast. Scorpios feel most confident when they’re in full control of the situation and the people around them. They want a committed, long-lasting relationship and are extremely loyal and faithful, but they can also be very stubborn, jealous, possessive, and manipulative when they’re in love, so this may turn off potential partners. However, Scorpios are very passionate beings who crave sex and intimacy, so there’s no doubt that their relationship will be extremely intense and fiery.

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Scorpio and Scorpio Love and Romance

Scorpio and Scorpio is one of the most intense pairings in the zodiac, but their relationship could go either way: it will either be the most beautiful and powerful relationship in the world or a disaster in the making.

When Scorpio and Scorpio meet, they will be extremely attracted to each other and they will use their intense emotional and highly intuitive nature to love each other very deeply. Scorpio is a Water sign, so naturally, their first instinct in love will be to respond passionately and deeply. When these two powerful signs enter a romantic relationship, they will be faithful, loving, loyal, and truly committed to each other. They share the same desire for success, so no goal will be difficult for them, especially when they go for it together. However, because both are so devoted and possessive lovers, jealousy may become a huge issue in this relationship. They will be very protective and supportive of each other, but they need to trust each other if they want their relationship to work out.

Scorpio and Scorpio Emotional Compatibility

Since both partners are from the same Water sign, these two understand each other very well and are on the same wavelength emotionally. Both know what it’s like to have to deal with deep and intense emotions, so they’ll be able to understand each other’s feelings and moods. Scorpios long for emotional intimacy, but since they are very proud and secretive, they tend to bottle up their true emotions which could eventually lead to resentment and numerous conflicts. Things can get really ugly when their pent-up feelings finally explode and the partner who’s been hurt more will not let it pass without exacting vengeance. Even though their strong love will win in the end, this can be a bad recurring cycle, so Scorpios will have to learn how to be honest with their feelings.

Scorpio and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

Scorpio is known as the sign of sex because these individuals are very passionate, intense, and they have strong libidos. But, are Scorpio and Scorpio sexually compatible?

Two Scorpios in the bedroom could light a fire. Their sex life will be very intense and adventurous, even though they will both fight for dominance in bed. Both of them will want to dominate and control each other and both will be concerned only with their own sexual pleasure, so in order for their sexual relationship to work out, they will have to control their dominating and possessive behavior. If not, they might have to end things and look elsewhere.

Scorpio and Scorpio Marriage Compatibility

Scorpio and Scorpio marriage can be heaven and hell, filled with both tremendous love and fiery arguments. When two Scorpios get married, they will become so wrapped up in one another, they will rarely interact with anyone else. These solitary souls will prefer to stay in their own home with their loved ones, instead of going out. They’re private, not very sociable people who don’t trust others easily, so they usually have a tight-knit circle of friends. Scorpios cherish family and tradition, so they will be loyal partners and the most devoted and protective parents in the world. As a married couple, they can function well and they will share household tasks and parenting duties. Scorpios are also extremely ambitious and hardworking individuals, so they’re in sync when it comes to protecting their finances.

Scorpio and Scorpio Trust and Communication

What is the best match for a Scorpio when it comes to trust? Another Scorpio is certainly not the right answer. Scorpio is naturally jealous, suspicious, and controlling sign who always wants to be involved in their partner’s life. Scorpios don’t trust others easily and because they’re extremely possessive lovers, they’ll need constant reassurance. They both find it hard to forgive and forget, so betrayal or disloyalty can completely destroy the Scorpio-Scorpio relatonship.

Two Scorpios can have very good day-to-day communication because they understand each other completely and know exactly what makes each other tick. They will rarely talk about their problems, but they will instinctively know what they’re thinking and what needs to be done to solve things between them. They only issue this couple could encounter would be their tendency to bottle up their true emotions and this could create a huge wall between them that can destroy their relatonship. However, once they build trust and open up to each other, these two can talk about anything.

Scorpio and Scorpio Shared Values

Since both partners are Scorpios and they belong to the element of Water, they are deeply emotional signs who value simple and innocent pleasures which allow them to exchange basic emotions, like love, adoration, and care, with others. Scorpio is also a very mysterious sign, so these two value privacy, intimacy, and honesty. Both being fixed signs, they have the same goals and values in life, as well as an equally strong desire to dominate, which makes them extremely compatible.