Scorpio and Pisces

As two zodiac signs from the same element Water, the Scorpio and Pisces compatibility is off the charts. This love match features two individuals who understand and respect each other perfectly, which is why they often feel like they found their home in each other. Equally sensitive, emotional and compassionate, as well as equally secretive, Scorpio and Pisces are in for a highly rewarding relationship. Their mysterious and secretive side along with their tendency to keep secrets from one another may often impact their love life, but if they’re both committed, they can surely learn how to deal with it in time.

The Scorpion and the Fish are both highly intuitive and they always recognize when their partner’s not in a good mood. They can help each other get rid of those bad feelings, unless their ego or temper gets in the way. Both partners don’t like the idea of presenting themselves as vulnerable, which is why they often lie or hide truths. In order for their relationship to blossom, Scorpio and Pisces need to be more honest and lose the fear of being vulnerable. To learn more about the unique compatibility between Scorpio and Pisces and how do they get in friendship, relationship, love, sex, romance and marriage, read on.

Scorpio and Pisces Love and Romance

As two easily obsessive partners over one another, Scorpio and Pisces will have a love life that’s full of romance, intensity, surprises, drama, intrigues and what not. Since intuition runs in the bloodstream of these two, this relationship can start as a love at first sight. With a dual Water sign match, there are a lot of emotions, mutual devotion and a strong mental connection. Unfortunately, the waves of these Water signs can sometimes be overwhelming for both and make it difficult to keep fighting for the one they love. If they have rooted their relationship in strong emotions and commitment, however, there’s nothing that can stop these emotional signs from loving each other.

Scorpio and Pisces Emotional Compatibility

These partners are perfectly compatible with each other in terms of emotions and there is no other zodiac sign that can fully understand the emotional nature of one another. The emotional depth these two can develop when they come together in a love afraid is simply incredible. No other sign is capable of answering such emotional demands from both partners. Scorpio and Pisces are two individuals with soul as deep as an ocean and they will enjoy having someone who does not only understand them, but is just as deep as them. Come rain or come shine, Scorpio and Pisces can easily and quickly develop a connection that can survive just anything. Unless they become self-destructive or raise their expectations from one another, they will enjoy a powerful emotional bond.

Scorpio and Pisces Sexual Compatibility

Sex is emotional for them both, so these two lovers will have an incredibly satisfying sex life. Scorpio and Pisces sexually attract each other from their first interaction, because of their strong intuition. Pisces will be attracted by Scorpio’s sensitive and mysterious side, while Scorpio will love Pisces’ creativity and willingness to turn all of their deepest sexual fantasies into reality. They both enjoy pleasing their partner and they both love role playing in the bedroom. When Pisces inspires, Scorpio follows, and when Scorpio is bossing, Pisces follows too. These two have no problem switching from dominant to submissive and vice versa, although Scorpio is naturally a bit more inclined to take the dominant role. Scorpio may often overlooked Pisces’ need for sensual physical satisfaction and emotional needs, because they act upon their instinctive sexual desires. Nevertheless, their sex will absolutely become an activity they will engage into anytime they need tenderness, comfort or fun.

Scorpio and Pisces Marriage Compatibility

Do Scorpio and Pisces go together well enough for the wedding bells? When Scorpio and Pisces come to realize they are soulmates, marriage is an obvious yet empowering step that will unite two individuals who have a great understanding and respect for each other. As an emotionally powerful match, these two will feel like they have known each other from a previous lifetime, which is why they’re so comfortable and so likely to last a lifetime. Scorpio will provide Pisces immense love and great support on which Pisces thrives, while Pisces will answer Scorpio’s emotional demands, depth and warmth. Even if they have different life goals, they can help each other to become the best version of themselves and reach those goals. A Scorpio and Pisces marriage is very likely to happen and absolutely one with huge potential.

Scorpio and Pisces Trust and Communication

The ever suspicious and mistrusting Scorpio is always going to do their thing: suspect their partner, even if it’s a Pisces. When these two connect on a deep emotional and intellectual level, however, Scorpio’s doubts and tendency to be overly controlling are somehow reduced, as they will come to the conclusion that their Pisces partner is actually honest and faithful. Both cannot stand dishonesty and value trust equally, so they will trust each other as soon as they realize they are each other’s true love. In order to get trust, first they need to give it – this is an important lesson for these two to learn.

How do Scorpio and Pisces get along when it comes to communication? With the imaginative Pisces and analytical minded Scorpio, it’s really strange how these two make their daily communication work. In this relationship, Pisces does most of the talking which comes as a huge surprise, as they’re desperately trying to match the wits and the energy of the Scorpio. Although Scorpio knows how to be comfortable in their own presence and appreciates silence, these two will have to learn to not talk together, because it’s only then when they will feel free to share their deepest secrets.

Scorpio and Pisces Shared Values

Whether it’s a Scorpio and Pisces friendship , relationship or marriage, these two signs have a lot of shared values. They both value a deep person with strong and opinionated personality. Scorpio and Pisces have an equal need for strong emotional bond and they work with all their energy to build such. Passion is something they also value equally and they are both guided by their intuition. When they come together in a romantic relationship, it’s a fairy tale coming true for them both, especially for the Pisces who tends to be the bigger dreamer. Living their own fairy tale is a goal they both share.

If you were wondering what is the best match for a Scorpio, now you have your answer: it’s Pisces. The Scorpio-Pisces relationship is full of emotions, respect, understanding and everything else that makes up for a happy and rewarding relationship. These two Water signs are prone to change, but that will never impact the level of commitment and pureness of feelings these two have for one another.