Sagittarius and Aquarius

With these two free-spirited individuals, whose idealism and thirst for life are exactly the same, we have a great love match. Sagittarius and Aquarius both find a perfect partner in each other due to their equal desire for independence. Intense, passionate, playful and often competitive, the relationship of these two never has a dull moment. Aside from their romantic relationship, the Sagittarius and Aquarius friendship is known to be rock solid as they understand each other easily and know how to reach out for one another in order to be understood. This empowers their future endeavors in the game of love and makes it much easier to build a strong relationship.

Do Sagittarius and Aquarius go together given the fact that their element signs are different? As a fire-air element combination, these two are of course different in many aspects, but the thing is they complement one another in ways unimaginable. Aquarius is a dreamer, visionary, innovator, creative and imaginative individual, while Sagittarius is an individual with incredible will power, leadership capabilities, energy and enthusiasm to get things done. Together they make a couple that can accomplish everything. To find out how do Sagittarius and Aquarius get along in romance, love life, sex life, marriage, trust, communication and shared values, here we provide you with a detailed Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility analysis.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Love and Romance

Widely regarded as unemotional signs, Sagittarius and Aquarius are completely different than all other astrology signs when it comes to receiving and giving love. When these two meet, attraction happens quickly and as two courageous individuals, they will act upon the attraction right away. Due to their tendency to be reserved and make rational decisions most of the time, both lovers will give warm and passionate feelings but in limited amounts. Aquarius’ creativity will allow them to explore everything there is in the realm of love, while Sagittarius’ strong desire to travel will lead them on a trip of incredible experiences around the world. However, all of that will fail unless they build a strong emotional bond. That is absolutely a difficult challenge given the fact that it’s Sagittarius and Aquarius we’re talking about, but they can do that only if they’re honest with themselves and their partner regarding the pureness of their feelings.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Emotional Compatibility

Emotions is not the favorite topic when Sagittarius and Aquarius are involved, simply because they are bad at handling them. On the surface, both partners will not show their emotions and will appear as unemotional to others. However, when these two are in a relationship, they will understand each other’s emotional nature well enough to trust them and surrender to their feelings. Their shared vision will strengthen their bond further, while their sexual chemistry which is off the charts will keep them coming back for more. Still, with these two there is always the risk of flirting with people outside of their relationship, because that’s a part of their nature. If they find a way to manage their flirting tendencies and control their impulsive tempers as a consequence of their jealousy, the Archer and the Water bearer can develop an unbreakable emotional bond.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Sexual attraction between Sagittarius and Aquarius is really strong from the very first moment they start flirting. It is impossible for both of them to resist to the physical attraction that happens between them, simply because it is overwhelming. Sagittarius and Aquarius sexually make a dynamic and explorative duo that is very likely to have sex at places most unusual. Learning new moves and new positions is something they both truly enjoy and when they both feel free to be themselves sexually, their sex life will be utterly satisfying. However, these two need to try their best to develop some emotional depth as early as possible, because without it, they won’t be satisfied for too long. One of them will most certainly get annoyed by their emotional weakness and that will be the end of their relationship.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Marriage Compatibility

Sagittarius and Aquarius go for the married life? More like entering the Panic City. When two freedom lovers and independent individuals like these decide to tie the knot, it’s as unpredictable as it gets. Nobody can tell for sure how will a Sagittarius and Aquarius marriage unfold, because they are constantly changing, developing and moving forward. Married life suits neither the Archer nor the Water bearer, so they are very likely to leave that aside and enjoy their exciting relationship as is. Stereotypes regarding marriage mean nothing to them, because they are both born rebels and they don’t mind being the outcasts. If they have honesty, trust, understanding and love in their relationship, they will probably see no point in taking the next step and keep going the way they’re used to, but they may also see no reason why they shouldn’t do it – it largely depends on the circumstances. If they do say the wedding vows, however, Sagittarius and Aquarius have huge chances of having a successful marriage full of new experiences and journeys around the world.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Trust and Communication

Since these lovers understand each other so well, they know who are they with and they know how trustworthy they really are. Honesty is something they both value equally, so there will be no playing games, no secrets and no telling lies. Nevertheless, they know each other’s wild side and desire to act recklessly for the sake of having fun, so even when they make a commitment to one another, Sagittarius and Aquarius will both find it difficult to trust one another.

As two intellectuals and knowledge seekers, they both have large fields of interest and they will easily find something to talk about and get lost for hours. But when they are passionate about same things, that’s when things get intense. Although Aquarius usually has a tendency to wander off in their mind during conversations, that’s not the case when they have the passionate conversationalist Sagittarius. When they run into a topic that doesn’t amuse both of them, they will quickly move to the next fun topic and so on. These rational individuals always make sure their partner is understood and respected as they expect to be. The optimism and passion of Sagittarius and the ideas and innovative thinking of Aquarius make up for a incredibly productive duo that gets things done.

Sagittarius and Aquarius Shared Values

What to say about two zodiac signs that, aside from complementing each other, share a whole lot of values. Sagittarius and Aquarius will agree on many things, because they are open minded, resourceful, knowledgeable and simply accept other people’s beliefs. They value freedom and independence equally and they will never get bothered by one another’s tendency to explore life as an individual, not as a couple only. Giving each other freedom can only improve their relationship, as that’s what makes them truly happy. Honesty is another shared value for these two and it’s also one of the components that makes their relationship strong.

If you were wondering what is the best match for a Sagittarius , then the answer might be Aquarius. As far as zodiac signs compatibility goes, Sagittarius and Aquarius are perfect for each other and they posses huge potential for a lifetime connection.