Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

The Queen of Wands card portrays the characteristics of conviction, purpose, and satisfaction. A dynamic and compelling energy of focus and inspiration often accompanies this card.

Illustration Credit: Celia Favorite

Element: Fire

Planet: Mars

Astrological Sign: Aries

Key Dates: March 11th to April 10th


The Queen of Wands rests confidently on her throne, accompanied by her crown and cape. A staff is positioned in her right hand, while a sunflower is occupying her left hand.

The staff demonstrates her fortitude and power, while the sunflower speaks to elation, contentment, and passion. Her throne is embellished with carvings of lions, which suggests courage, determination, and assertiveness.

A black cat rests at her feet, indicating that the Queen must not forget about her dark side if she wants to prevail over it.


Individuals who identify with the Queen of Wands are often impassioned and determined. This person is often characterized as personable, with traits of radiance and extroversion. They are friendly in nature and are typically comfortable conversing with a large group of people. Queen of Wands people have an innate propensity to spread optimism and pride to those around them.

They also have a strong understanding of self-esteem and will not allow others to discredit them. A strong ability to focus on what’s important allows them to stay on track. They strive for excellence in their professional lives – and they almost always achieve this.


The upright Queen of Wands emanates positive energy. She urges you to go after your goals and uphold healthy and rewarding romantic relationships.


The Queen of Wands’ powerful womanly energy suggests that you’re set to experience heightened passion in your romantic relationship. During this time, you and your partner will experience more love and affection toward each other than ever before.

If you’re not involved in a romantic relationship, there may be someone trying to express feelings of adoration and reverence. You should be attentive and ready to observe how certain individuals act around you. They might be apprehensive about initiating a connection and are relying on your courage and affability to make the first move. It’s important to be receptive to any new attention or signals from new individuals you find yourself conversing with.


You’re getting ready for a pivotal stage in your professional life. It will be arduous, but you shouldn’t be concerned – you will relish the magnitude and difficulty of your work and find gratification in achieving it. Naysayers might say that you have too much on your plate, but they’re not privy to your ability to accomplish your goals. Stay focused and remain diligent in your current responsibilities.


You should be conscious of the value you provide, and be confident enough to demand adequate compensation if your hard work isn’t being recognized. You’ve been an efficient and effective worker, and this effort should not be unappreciated.  Your financial situation will subsequently improve as a result.

Meanwhile, you need to do your part to avoid any frivolous spending, even if it’s going toward those who are close to you. It’s important to put yourself first, even if you’re being pressured to help others.


Your vitality will improve as you work towards the goals you’ve set out, which will give you the strength needed to realize them. The Queen of Wands also indicates pregnancy and fecundity. If you or someone you know trying to procreate, this card is a promising sign that these efforts will be rewarded.


The reversed Queen of Wands is symbolic of your darker side taking control. Your progress in life can be hampered by feelings of resentment, uncertainty, and greed.


Either you or your partner are not feeling seen or heard in the relationship. One of you may be focusing too strongly on your professional life, which is making the other feel less significant. There may be a new friend or colleague in your life making one of you feel envious and anxious. It’s imperative to share these feelings and address the situation with one another. If ignored, these feelings can fester and make matters worse for both of you.

If you’re not involved in a relationship, the reversed Queen of Wands is a signal that you have low self-confidence. You would be wise to avoid starting a new relationship at this time. You need to face these feelings of insecurity before burdening someone else with them.


The weight of your work responsibilities is starting to overwhelm you, and you may be in over your head. It’s important to relinquish control in some aspects of your job, and free up the time necessary to complete your work with the attention and precision it deserves.

It’s important to know that your value is not limited to specific work assignments. There shouldn’t be a negative stigma associated with seeking assistance when needed.


You’re too concerned with replicating the lifestyles of those around you, which has resulted in unnecessary spending. Spending more than you should will not provide the satisfaction you seek. Rather, it will send you further away from financial stability and increase stress levels.

Quickly assembling a budget or turning to a finance app won’t fully resolve these issues. You need to focus on the source of the problem by recognizing and practicing a realistic lifestyle for your situation. This will benefit your efforts in aligning your spending habits with your individual needs.


The reversed Queen of Wands can symbolize fading energy levels from a health perspective. It’s possible that you feel distraught about a health matter. If that’s the case, it would be wise to seek out encouragement and guidance from individuals who share your affliction.


In the past position, the Queen of Wands card can point to a nurturing upbringing and a stable maternal presence in your life. You’re always at ease in a social setting and have several close relationships that you can rely on. You’re able to see things from other people’s perspectives, which has resulted in making sound and thoughtful decisions in your own life.

In the present position, this card indicates that you are currently putting forth a tremendous amount of effort and focus on your career. This can potentially have a negative effect on your relationships. Applying too much focus to either side can result in unnecessary stress and drive others away. Try seeking advice from a woman you trust to develop more balance in your professional and personal life.

In the future position, the Queen of Wands implies that your family is your main source of strength and focus. This has been a positive force in accomplishing your professional goals. It’s important not to get bogged down in short-term success and instead focus on the big picture, including your future career path. No one else can put a limit on what you’re capable of and how much you can accomplish.


When integrated with other cards, the Queen of Wands’ powerful essence leaves a clear, enduring impression.


This card combination implies that you’re not surrounding yourself with people who recognize your worth. Their disrespect is impacting how you view yourself and languishing your ability to grow and mature. The Eight of Swords proposes that finding a more encouraging and sympathetic group of people give you a much-needed change of perspective. This will also help you locate unrealized potential.


The Knight of Cups is a charming and fearless personality. When accompanied by the Queen of Wands, it hints towards a new romantic relationship on the horizon. This new lover will understand you on a profound level and will match your level of intelligence. You should make it a priority to put yourself out there and meet new people at this time.


The Ten of Wands represents a current hardship that you’re dealing with in life. Your strong work ethic may be getting in the way of what’s truly important at this time. Placing too strong of an emphasis on your career can cast aside important personal relationships that require your energy. It’s essential to recognize the importance of having fun once in a while. Connecting with those close to you can positively reinforce your relationships.


Someone very close to you – represented by the King of Swords – has recently expressed concern over your choices in life. You should be aware that this judgment is coming from a place of contempt and anguish, and isn’t emblematic of their true feelings toward you.

You should let yourself brush these words off at this time. There will be a moment of reconciliation once they are feeling more like their normal self. Your relationship will be reestablished and maintain the strength it once had.


The Queen of Wands is a lively and autonomous woman. Her passionate and dedicated nature will serve to feed her drive and aspirations. The answer to the question you’re asking yourself is yes.