Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

Seated atop a stone throne is the profile of the Queen of Swords, facing the right with a sword in her right hand, her left hand lifted as though in the middle of explaining something. She’s a stern figure, sharp and determined, with a clouded robe over her shoulders and a crown on her head.

The way her sword is held is very similar to the Justice card, illustrating her ability to pass sound judgement. On her left wrist is a small tassel that’s similar to something you might find on a prayer bracelet, just a small thing to show her connection to the divine despite her place being one of logic.

Behind the Queen of Swords, grey clouds boil up from the ground and go halfway up the card, leaving the rest nothing but clear blue skies and the shape of a single bird almost directly over the Queen’s head. She is painted as a stern but fair ruler. One that, like the bird overhead, can see above the clouds that often obscure the truth and confuse most others.

The Queen of Swords Card as a Person

The Queen of Swords is someone who is quick-witted and clever. Their logic often outweighs their emotions, and they’re one of the few people who can talk themselves down from emotional reactions. They’re a bit like icebergs in that what you see of them on the surface is only the tip of what really goes on inside their mind. Yet they’re also very intuitive, which makes it easy for them to sense what other people might be thinking or feeling.

This makes the Queen of Swords an amazing communicator. They’re the people that always seem to know what to say and when to say it, and their words are almost always taken as intended. This is good if they’re giving advice or trying to encourage a friend, but if you get on their bad side, they know exactly what to say to wound you the deepest with just a few cutting, targeted words.

The Queen of Swords Upright: Positive Meaning

When the Queen of Swords comes up in a reading, it’s calling you to embody her qualities. Situations will work out for the best if you approach them logically instead of emotionally, and if you make sure you communicate your needs and desires clearly and succinctly. Now is a time to exercise your control and use your mind and words.

Love and Relationships

In a relationship reading, the Queen of Swords indicates clear communication and respect. You and your partner are past the honeymoon stage and have a more mature relationship, one where you talk out problems as they come up and have a healthy understanding of boundaries. Neither of you feel the need to smother each other, but rather you both have your own space to grow individually while also coming together to grow the relationship.

If you’re not in a relationship, you don’t feel the pressing need to be in one. The Queen of Swords is very independent and like her, you don’t feel the need to determine your value or worth on other people. That being said, if you’re looking for a relationship you have a clear understanding of what you’re looking for in a partner and what you bring to the table for someone else, which will help you find a lasting partner without too much trial and error.


In the workplace, the Queen of Swords is a leader. This card indicates that your level-headed nature and your ability to work with all kinds of personalities will be valued in the workplace, and when stressful situations arise, you’ll be able to approach the situation calmly and communicate to others what needs to be done. With a single-minded focus on success and the intuition to see the most efficient way to get your work done, you’ll be rising through the ranks within no time.


In terms of money, the Queen of Swords indicates an objective and logical approach. You’re more conservative with your finances and you base your spending habits on logic rather than emotion, which your bank account thanks you for. When you do invest your money, you make sure to do your research, and all large purchases are thoroughly gone over so you can be sure it’s what you want, and at the lowest price.


In a health reading, the Queen of Swords could represent repressed feelings and insecurity around emotions. You may be putting on a stoic face, afraid to show how you really feel, or you may feel like emotional displays are a loss of control on your part. If there are things that need said and expressed, holding them in and restricting your emotions can cause more harm than good, and you should work on exploring your fear regarding your emotions.

The Queen of Swords Reversed: Negative Meaning

When the Queen of Swords is reversed, it takes all her positive traits to an extreme and throws her out of balance. Where there was once a fair and logical ruler, there’s now a rigid and uncompromising Queen, who uses her words to cut others down and masks her heart with an emotionless outer shell as if she doesn’t care about anything but herself.

Our greatest strengths, when overdone, can easily become our biggest weaknesses and nothing is more true of that than the Queen of Swords reversed.

Love and Relationships

High expectations and a cold exterior could currently be keeping you from a loving and fulfilling relationship. It’s good to know what you want, but if you start to get too specific and refuse to compromise, you’ll only deny yourself the pleasant surprise of someone you never realized you would enjoy so much. Allow potential partners to surprise you.

If you’re in a relationship, the Queen of Swords could show up reversed because you’re being too critical of them and not properly expressing your care. You can’t mold your partner into the perfect version of what you want, you have to love them as they are, and remember that everyone wants to feel cared about in a relationship. If you’re not ready to be vulnerable enough to express your love and be loved in return, you might not be ready for a relationship at all.


You may be frustrated by things in your workplace not working out as you want them to. If so, there’s a good chance you’re going through all the wrong steps to get things back on track. Blaming others and trying to control their work isn’t going to help right now, it’s only going to make everyone else frustrated at you, and they may feel like you’re trying to micromanage instead of help. Take a breath, and think about how you can communicate your ideas more clearly. Work with your coworkers, instead of trying to control how they’re doing their work. The problem right now isn’t with them, or the workplace, or your superiors, right now it’s with you.


Your usually clear judgement regarding financial matters is muddled right now, so avoid making any overconfident decisions as something might slip below your notice. Be wary of anyone trying to push you to make a financial decision, because you’re currently in a place where you might be taken advantage of. It’s a good time to just take a step back from your finances, especially if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with them, and come back when you have a clearer head.


Reversed, the Queen of Swords is an indication of bottling up your feelings and ignoring your mental health. You may find yourself feeling constantly overwhelmed and on the edge of having an emotional outburst because you’re not properly expressing yourself. Because of this, you may find yourself feeling foggy and distracted, and you’ll have a hard time staying focused and objective as you usually are.

Your Past, Present, and Future

Positioned in the Past, the Queen of Swords represents some decisive decision was made that shaped who you are now and and how you approach your life. It’s something that helped you learn who you are and gain independence over your life.

Positioned in the Present, the Queen of Swords represents keen focus and confidence. You’re in control of your own affairs and you know where you want to be and how to get there. Just be aware that the only life you’re in control of is your own. If you start offering unsolicited advice, you may come across as controlling or meddling.

Positioned in the Future, the Queen of Swords is suggesting you approach upcoming events with a calm and even temper, and take the logical approach instead of an emotional reaction. If you analyze the situation and do your due diligence, you’ll wind up on top.

Important Card Combinations

Queen of Swords and King of Swords

The King of Swords represents control and logic, and when paired with the Queen of Swords, they’re a dynamic duo that gets things done and has complete control over a situation. It shows that your handling of a situation will be taken seriously and without question.

Queen of Swords and Knight of Wands

The Knight of Wands represents action and creation, and when paired with the Queen of Swords, it’s both the careful consideration of a situation and the action necessary to get the task done.

Queen of Swords and Fool

The Fool represents new adventure and a carefree attitude, and when paired with the Queen of Swords, may seem like a contradiction. After all, the Queen of Swords is all about calculation and control. But life is full of surprises, and this combination shows that when all your plans get turned upside down, you’ll be able to calmly improvise your way through it and seem like you’re in control the entire time. Everyone will think this is exactly as you planned.

Queen of Swords and Two of Pentacles

Two of Pentacles represents time management and adaptability, and when paired with the Queen of Swords it shows a need for a solid time frame and a schedule. You may want to do everything right now, but the Two of Pentacles is a reminder to schedule accordingly so you don’t overbook yourself. Allow yourself some flexibility and time to unwind.

Queen of Swords: Yes or No Questions

There is no set yes or no answer with the Queen of Swords. When she comes up in a reading, it’s telling you to do your research and weigh both sides carefully before making a decision. Don’t go with the emotional answer, go with the logical one. Lead with your head, not your heart.