Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

Her majesty, the Queen of Pentacles, is a positive sign when revealed in the future position. She symbolizes practicality and success, particularly in the realms of finance and career. Look forward to prosperity and expanding wealth, if only you stay the course.

Heed the queen’s advice, and she will prove herself to be a valuable partner. As manager of your household, she will guide you towards success on your chosen path.

  • Element: Earth
  • Planet: Venus
  • Astrological Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Key Dates: December 20 – January 21

Visual Elements and Symbolism

You’ll notice her majesty, the Queen of Pentacles, is seated upon a lavish throne. Above her, a canopy of flowers form a beautiful arch. The Queen appears to merge with her surroundings. Her red, white, and green attire complements the stone throne, which is ornately carved with images of animals. This is symbolic of her fertility and her innate connection with abundance and nature.

In her hand, the Queen holds a very special coin – one engraved with pentacles. These pentacles symbolize the three materials of life: wealth, possessions, and career. The Queen does not appear to toil; she rests contently on her throne, proud of the fruits of her labor. Her mindful efforts have brought her great providence.

At the bottom of the card, a jackrabbit jumps towards the queen. He is a symbol of luck, fertility, and the boundless energy which has allowed the queen to prevail.

The Queen of Pentacles, in all of her glory, represents achievement. Through tireless action, even the highest goals can be reached.

The Queen of Pentacles as a Person

The Queen of Pentacles is best described as a loyal, selfless, open, and persistent woman. She is an ever-loyal wife, a sensual lover, and a kind and compassionate mother. She is consistent and reliable to all who depend on her. While she is successful in material terms, she is not greedy. Rather, she takes pride in sharing her material success with those around her.

The Queen is also a lover of nature. She tends to the garden, trimming her plants and cultivating the flowers that dot her landscape. Gardening is an example of her persistent toiling. Small steps, taken daily, result in a satisfying reward: abundant blooms.

The Queen of Pentacles wishes to inspire you on your life path. She is a reminder to step back and evaluate your achievements, honoring yourself for the work you performed to earn them. Some achievements that seem insignificant to you right now will soon become far more important.

You may have lofty goals you’re still working towards. The Queen assures you that you’re right where you’re meant to be, carrying on towards a rewarding future.

The Queen of Pentacles Upright: Positive Meanings

When the Queen is revealed in the upright position, she represents prosperity and success. She is the mistress of creature comforts, yet the warden of practicality. The Queen knows how to apply her talents not only for her own improvement, but for the success of those around her. Take a page from her book, and hold yourself accountable. If you persist and apply yourself, you can continue to achieve.

Love and Relationships

For those in committed relationships, the Queen of Pentacles suggests that you and your partner are approaching an important achievement. This may simply be a period of trust and consistency – something you’ve been working to develop between yourselves for quite some time.

Take a step back, and appreciate what you have in each other. This could be a good time to plan a weekend getaway. Like the Queen, you’ll continue building a strong, stable space and relationship once you return home.

For those who are single, the Queen of Pentacles, when revealed in a love reading, means you’re ready to find your match. You’ve toiled. You’ve prepared. You’ve worked on yourself. And now, you’re the “catch” someone else has been hoping for.


You should be delighted to see the Queen of Pentacles come up in a career reading. Ever practical and prepared, she is a symbol of wealth and achievement in business. But don’t get too confident. The Queen requires that you follow her advice and stay the course to reap the rewards in your career.


A symbol of financial prosperity, the Queen of Pentacles is a lovely draw in a money reading. She is not a symbol of pure luck, but rather an indication that what you’ve been working hard for is about to pay off.


When revealed upright in a health reading, the Queen of Pentacles means you’re healthy and fit. If you’ve been paying more attention to your diet and health, your efforts are paying off.

If you’re struggling with some illness lately, the Queen is an indicator that you should step back and examine your habits. Making small changes to your lifestyle and routine could have a positive impact on your vitality. The Queen means you’re on the cusp of a breakthrough – but again, only if you put in the effort.

The Queen of Pentacles Reversed: Negative Meaning

If the Queen of Pentacles reveals herself in the reversed position, she is a symbol of carelessness, inattentiveness, and failure. She encourages you to stand up and face the reality of your situation. You may be letting some things slide, and if you don’t make some changes, you’re in danger of facing a major loss.

On a personal note, the Queen of Pentacles, when reversed, is a woman or feminine individual who has squandered their wealth and position. Perhaps they are idle, stepping back when there is still work to do. Or perhaps they are too possessive, hesitating to share what the prosperity bestowed upon them.

The reversed Queen can also be a woman who is smothering and possessive towards her companions. She is anxious and unaccepting, refusing to acknowledge the peace that is possible if she were to be more open.

Love and Relationships

In a love reading, the reversed Queen of Pentacles is a symbol of jealousy and over-possessiveness. Perhaps you are holding on too hard to a partner who is ready to be set free. Or maybe you’ve been acting out towards your partner based not on their actions, but on your own irrational fears.

The Queen can also symbolize your romantic partner. If they are manipulative, jealous, or unwilling to contribute to the household, she could be a sign it’s time for you to acknowledge their short-comings.


The reversed Queen of Pentacles is certainly not a positive sign for your career. She symbolizes chaos and disorder. Perhaps you’ve taken on too much and are struggling to deliver satisfactory work. It may be time to take a step back, acknowledge your shortcomings, and make a more organized plan for future success.

The Queen may represent a coworker. When revealed in the reversed position, she could represent someone who is a ruthless competitor, rather than a team player. This person is not to be trusted. They’ve been shown not to deliver on their promises, and they’ll continue to be unreliable.


Financially, the reversed Queen of Pentacles can be a sign of upcoming financial struggles. She is a reminder that you have not been planning as you should. Inadequate savings or overspending may soon catch up with you. If you act quickly, you may be able to get your financial house in order before it’s too late.


The revered Queen of Pentacles is a sign of poor things to come in terms of your health, but perhaps not in the ways you’d expect. Situations in your daily life and relationships may be interfering with your self-care. You may be letting your focus wane, skipping exercise and making poor dietary choices. The Queen is a reminder to stay in the moment and make better decisions for a healthier outcome in the future.

Your Past, Present, and Future

When drawn in the past position, the Queen of Pentacles is a nod to your achievements, which are the result of long and sustained effort. She may symbolize a relationship which ended, but which you’re now beginning to see as significant in a positive way. The Queen can also represent a family member who nurtured you and allowed you to grow into your most beautiful self.

In the present position, the Queen is a reminder that you’re being cared for, or that you are the caretaker. Lean into this role. If you’re the caretaker, be kind and open. If you’re being cared for, accept this act of kindness with grace and warmth.

The Queen is a remarkably positive card when shown in the future position. She is a sign that you can and will reach your goals – as long as you stay the course and remain ambitious. Your efforts will not be in vain, even if you feel defeated at times. Pick your head up, and keep toiling.

Important Card Combinations

Above all else, the Queen is a nurturing character. When paired with another card, she empowers and strengthens its effect.

The Queen pairs beautifully with the Wands suit. She nurtures its creativity and expands its mindfulness. She also partners well with the suit of Cups, a warming match for her nurturing love.

When the Queen appears with other cards in the suit of Pentacles, the reading is focused on wealth and finances.

Queen of Pentacles and High Priestess

This can be a jarring combination to reveal. When paired together, the Queen of Pentacles and High Priestess represent rivals. The High Priestess is the “other woman” – everything you’re not, and many of the things you fear becoming. She may be a jealous intruder, a ruthless social climber, or a friend who takes advantage of you. Heed her warning, and keep your distance.

Queen of Pentacles and Six of Cups

The Six of Cups is a card with a deep connection to your past, or to past versions of yourself. When combined with the Queen of Pentacles, this card reminds you to look back on your past achievements with respect and gratitude. If you’re a parent, this combination reminds you to be proud of your children – and the work you have done to raise them. Take this as a reminder to spend more quality time with your family.

Queen of Pentacles and Nine of Pentacles

This combination can only mean one thing: success. You’ve toiled and kept on, and you’re about to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Often, this is financial independence or security.

Queen of Pentacles and King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles is the Queen’s perfect partner. When they appear together, they represent the perfect match – not only romantically, but as business partners. They symbolize working together towards common goals, acknowledging one another’s efforts, and persisting in love.

Queen of Pentacles: Yes or No Questions

While it’s easy to get lost on life’s path, the Queen of Pentacles reminds you to stay in the moment. Remember the hard work you’ve already put in, remain practical and organized, and keep your goals in the forefront. Good times are yet to come, as hard work really does pay off.

The Queen’s answer is a resounding “yes.”