Queen of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

The Queen of Cups is a card that represents a mature instinctual female. She guides you to look inwards and symbolizes safety, love, loyalty, comfort, and creativity. This water minor arcana is a healer by nature and is interpreted as a good omen.

  • Element: Water
  • Planet: Neptune
  • Astrological sign(s): Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio
  • Key dates: June 21 to July 20

1. Visual Elements and Symbolism

The Queen of Cups sits next to the ocean, showing her affinity for water. Water is symbolic of the inner self, so the Queen of Cups is a card that represents emotions. Her throne, adorned with sirens, is sat upon a beach of brightly colored pebbles, positioned facing out towards the tranquil ocean.

As she looks carefully and observes out to the horizon, she keeps her feet out of the calm water, demonstrating her ability to look at her feelings from a different perspective, and keeping herself well-maintained.

She holds a golden chalice with angel-like handles. Her cup is closed- the only suit to have a closed cup; she keeps her feelings and thoughts reserved and protected, which could also be inferred by the Queen’s solitude. The stillness of the sea and the emptiness of the sky represent a serenity or peace with her solitude.

2. The Queen of Cups as a Person

This Minor Arcana card represents a wise and mature female or one with feminine nature, who is peace-loving, protective, and empathetic. This could represent yourself or another woman in your life who can help you reach your full potential. The Queen of Cups is very closely tied with water, and if she were to represent someone with these traits in a reading, they could have a strong Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer placement.

The Queen of Cups prefers to keep to herself and is sometimes referred to as very timid. However, she is still dedicated and creative. She uses her intuition and judgment as her guide through the world and it has never led her astray. Often, people come to her because of her reflective and compassionate nature. Her sentimental soul and strong instinct attract many admirers.

If the Queen of Cups were to represent a partner or relationship, she takes on a very trustworthy and dedicated role. Her obvious powers of intuition make her a great partner and she is very sympathetic, gentle, and kind. The Queen of Cups is very nurturing, making her a great mother or healer.

3. The Queen of Cups Upright

The Queen of Cups is nurturing, caring and empathetic. If this card appears upright, you (or someone you know) may be embodying her motherly energy. You listen to others and are often advising the many people who seek wisdom from you. You also may have a passion for all things creative. You are well tuned with your own emotions- so much so- that you are an advocate for all to appreciate emotional freedom. You are very well grounded and know how to ease an atmosphere.

Love Reading

If you pull the Queen of Cups in a Love Reading, you can expect, (or may already be in) a position of emotional security. She may indicate a necessity for open and honest communication. This card represents someone who is a great listener and very receptive to others’ feelings. If this represents you or someone in a current relationship, this person is very loyal and trustworthy, but she does need to be treated with proper affection and care.

If you are in a relationship when you pull this card, it means only good things. Your and your partner’s love is growing stronger every day, as you continue to build a relationship based on trust, compromise, and respect.

If you are single when you pull this card, this may be a sign of love on the way! You may have many admirers or meet someone soon, thanks to your magnetic atmosphere. Spreads for men that involve the Queen of Cups signify a reminder to stay true to yourself and your feelings.

Financial Reading

This card possesses a very generous nature, and as such, you may be moved to help out others financially. You’re willing to help out friends, family, or any other cause of need.

If you have a job and are looking for a growing change, pulling the Queen of Cups is a good sign!

If you are without a job or looking for a change, expect something soon. Due to the nature of this card, career paths that are suggestable could be nursing or counseling, or perhaps art or fashion. This card brings a good omen.

Your current financial situation may reflect current stability, but also a reminder to be cautious with your money. As long as you make good judgments and avoid risky investments, stability will remain or come into view.

Health Reading

The Queen of Cups is a healer, so in an upright position, she may be telling you to look after your health. You may be receiving care or support, if not, this may be an indication to have an injury or sickness evaluated. This also may be a sign to partake in self-care: remember, you are not a machine- you need to rest.

If you aren’t unwell, you may be taking care of someone’s health or you may have a strong inclination to look after others’ well-being. This card could also be telling you someone you know is in need of your care.

4. The Queen of Cups Reversed

When the Queen of Cups is pulled upside down in a tarot reading, it has a different meaning. Simply put, Queen of Cups reversed is just the opposite: she represents emotional immaturity. You may be feeling overly sensitive or depressed.

As a person, the reversed Queen of Cups may represent someone who is female (or feminine in nature) and is weak or clingy. She may be shallow and unfaithful. She may be mature but still demonstrates sensitive and needy traits, probably due to her disorganized nature. As a mother figure, she could be controlling, manipulative, or smothering. In a partner or friend, she could represent disloyalty or infidelity.

Love Reading

If you pull the Queen of Cups in a love reading, you may be letting your insecurities hinder a current relationship. You may have been emotionally clingy. The upright position connotes a sense of control of your emotions; the reversed position is telling you that you might not be in control of your inner self. Let the storm pass. Be careful to not drive away those you love.

If you are single, this card is a terrible omen. Keep a close eye on any potential relationship. You may be feeling vulnerable and someone may try to take advantage of that. Do not let anyone disrespect your boundaries.

She may also represent a toxic person in a relationship or pursuit. Reversed, the Queen of Cups is a vindictive, jealous and vengeful critic. She is someone you wouldn’t want to be around! She’s unfaithful and manipulative.

Financial Reading

Reversed, the Queen of Cups may indicate current financial, namely career issues, and the stress that can accompany them. You may have colleagues who are making your life harder, or your job doesn’t compensate you as nearly as it should.

If you currently have a job, this card might be trying to ask you something. Is your current job meeting your emotional needs? Your material needs? Don’t forget that while it is responsible to maintain physical stability, a good foundation comes from within. Don’t wear yourself out and remember to give credit when credit is due.

If this card doesn’t apply to your career, it could just be a warning to keep watch of your finances. You could be already in a position of financial struggle, however, do watch out for anyone trying to take advantage of you and your vulnerability.

Health Reading

The Queen of Cups reversed advises you to take care of your health. You likely have been letting other responsibilities take priority over your well-being and you need to take some well-deserved rest.

5. Your Past, Present, and Future

To pull the Queen of Cups for a past reading, it may indicate you have been on a very successful path that has been calm and stable. That path is promising, given you continue on it.

The Queen of Cups in the present position means that you are currently forging toward success through your own creativity, wisdom, and confidence. You know how to trust your instinct. This could also mean a wise female may enter your life to guide you. This also could represent spiritual guidance.

The future position with this minor arcana card means you should either accept help and wisdom as it is given to you; or if you have the help and wisdom to give, that you give to those in need.

6. Important Card Combinations


The Knight of Pentacles represents hard work and sensibility. This duo means you can expect a positive career change!


The Two of Cups is the ultimate symbol of partnership. When combined with the Queen of Cups, it can represent two people who are deeply in love.


The Eight of Swords represents insecurity and mistrust and paired with the Queen of Cups foretells financial insecurity and concerns.


The Ten of Wands symbolizes the burden of great responsibilities. This pairing may indicate you have been procrastinating especially as of late. Perhaps you haven’t been moving towards a goal as quickly as you should be.


The Eight of wands represents a goal on its way to completion. This combination implies you are most vulnerable to new knowledge, so now is a great time to learn a new language if you have been thinking about it!


The Wheel of Fortune is the ultimate symbol of chance and good fortune. This combination foretells financial freedom!


The Hierophant represents tradition, learning, philosophy, and vision. This combination is an excellent sign of a happy, agreeable relationship.

7. Queen of Cups: Yes or No?

To use the Queen of Cups for a Yes or No question, first, perform a one-card pull, then observe the orientation of the pulled card.

An Upright Queen of Cups represents a positive affinity with emotions, healing, and guidance, and as such, would represent ‘Yes’ in a reading, especially a love reading.

A Reversed Queen would indubitably represent a “No” in a reading, as it is the true opposite in nature of the Upright Queen of Cups.