Pisces Woman: Personality Traits, Love, Compatibility & More

To know a Pisces woman is to love a Pisces woman. She is the emotional powerhouse of the zodiac who can touch your soul just by looking at you. There is no running away for a Pisces woman’s gaze; she can sense your feelings even before you realize they’re there.

Pisces Woman: Personality Traits

Pisces women are gifted with highly sensitive intuition which helps them heal people even without them asking. They know when people are hurt and they give their all to help in any way they can. It’s what fulfills them and it’s what they find meaning in. Ordinary things bore the Pisces woman and she will do anything to escape reality when she feels like she doesn’t belong there. Her favorite hobby is losing herself in her thoughts – poetry, books, art or just plain ol’ daydreaming is what keeps her sane in the everyday world. If you know how to keep a Pisces woman interested for a longer time period, you will be loved and cherished forever.

Pisces women are selfless beings that always put other people’s needs before their own. They’re loyal and trustworthy, and they will never leave you hanging. Once they make a promise, they fulfill it. Pisces women are very open to meeting people and creating friendships, but they also tend to connect with new individuals in a crowd almost instantly. They know how to make a stranger feel welcome and they don’t have a habit of asking for anything in return. Want to know if a Pisces woman likes you? Once you notice that she has certain expectations from you, it means she feels comfortable enough with you to do so.

Pisces Woman: Home & Family

Colorful, mystical, unique – three words that best describe a Pisces woman’s home. Once you walk inside, you will be able to feel the magic she’s created with her flowy colorful drapes, dimmed atmosphere, scented candles in every corner, and unusual objects here and there – a crystal ball, for example. A Pisces woman’s home creates a captivating vibe that keeps you from leaving for a long time and, thus, giving her the time to get to know you better. The whole space will have a nurturing aura, and you will feel safe, relaxed, and welcomed every time you step in her living room.

As parents, Pisces women will be a creative source for their kids. They will inspire them to be imaginative and to create as much as they can. Teaching their kids to express their thoughts and ideas in new and innovative ways is one of the highest accomplishments of a Pisces mother. She won’t mind spending the entire day with her kids because she can always find new ways to entertain and amuse them. Children with a Pisces parent will most definitely develop a high level of empathy for others around them.

Pisces Woman: Career & Money

You should never offer a Pisces woman a job that requires office work or sitting in front of a computer for eight hours straight. She needs enough space and time to make all her ideas come to life, and you should trust that she has plenty to give to the world. Pisces women love being involved in humanitarian work. You will most likely find them working as therapists, as volunteers in a child care home or as caregivers to abandoned animals. Other professions that suit them well are those involving a creative mind such as drama, painting, writing poetry etc. Anything that captures their thoughts in proper ways is welcomed.

Money management is not a Pisces woman’s strong side. She often goes on spending sprees, especially if she has an idea on her mind that she wants to realize. This can be dangerous and could eventually leave her out on the street, but she won’t care too much. There will always be someone who will take a Pisces woman in. Also, for her, it’s better to have no money than to have earned that money doing something she despises.

Pisces Woman: Love & Sex

There is no doubt why Pisces is known as the most romantic sign in the entire zodiac – her title has been earned fair and square. She is the sweetest, most charming, and most compassionate partner one could ask for. When dating a Pisces woman, make sure you show her that you’re interested in what she has to say and wow her as someone would in a romantic movie. She expects lots of flirting, lots of compliments, and lots of fairytale-prince behavior.

Wondering how does a Pisces woman act when in love? Some of the signs that a Pisces woman is in love with you are her obsessive interest in your life and, more importantly, your deepest, darkest emotions. She will want to discover everything about you, but beware – she might get annoyed if she realizes that there is nothing interesting left to explore. In times like these, Pisces women lock themselves in their heads and fantasize about wilder and more dramatic scenes that are way too insane to actually happen in real life. That’s the bad thing about the Pisces woman – she expects her relationship to be like she’s imagined it in her head with all the drama, romance, and surprises included. Her standards are almost impossible to reach.

Pisces women in bed can give you an amazing experience, but only if they feel like you’ve connected on a deeper emotional level. They don’t like one-night stands; it’s just not their style. They prefer long-lasting relationships and enchanting romantic stories that they can share with friends and be proud of.

Pisces Woman: Compatibility with Other Signs

When exploring the Pisces woman compatibility with other signs, the perfect match would be a caring gentleman who will know how to take care of her and who will be ready to sweep her off her feet. Some of the best matches that fit the Pisces woman characteristics are Taurus, Cancer, and Capricorn.

Pisces Woman and Taurus Man

The Taurus man is responsible and knows when to take initiative, which is an opposite of the Pisces woman, who prefers to let others take the lead and stays away from responsibilities. Taurus men know how to be romantic and caring, but they can become a bit demanding after some time. Pisces women don’t like being pressured, but with the right method of communication, these signs will find middle ground.

Pisces Woman and Cancer Man

Both these signs are Water signs, and that means there’ll be a giant pool of emotions and feelings throughout the entire relationship. The only difference here is that Cancer men prefer to keep their feelings to themselves and only share them when they’ve learned to trust someone, while Pisces women can’t wait to jump into deep conversations and touchy topics. Eventually, she will manage to bring out everything out of her Cancer partner and the relationship will grow because of it.

Pisces Woman and Capricorn Man

The great thing about this couple is that they will help each other evolve for the better. The Capricorn man will bring Pisces’ thoughts to reality when there will be need to, while the Pisces woman will stir his fantasy and will bring some color into this conservative Earth sign’s life. Despite their different belief systems and values, they will manage to meet each other half way through mutual respect and understanding.