Pisces Man: Personality Traits, Love, Compatibility & More

It’s not easy to figure out what lies behind a Pisces man’s appearance. Like the ocean, he can be very unpredictable – from calm and peaceful waters into a wavy storm with a crushing power. One should always be careful with Pisces men: just because their strength is not visible doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Pisces Man: Personality Traits

The sign of Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in different directions. One of them symbolizes reality, while the other one illusion. This is the perfect way to describe what goes on in a Pisces man’s head on a daily basis. He has great intuition and is always aware of his surroundings in everyday life, but most often, he wishes to escape reality and just lose himself in daydreaming.

People love being in the presence of Pisces men, since they have a certain mystical aura that circles around them. Their look is filled with wisdom and empathy, and they have the power to understand why people behave in a certain way. If you’re wondering how to know if a Pisces man likes you, just ask him to help you with any simple task. If he agrees without question, that should be a clear indication that your friendship has meaning for this zodiac sign.

Pisces men are extremely sensitive people who have a tendency to connect on an emotional level with everyone in their surrounding. They don’t care much about small talk, but they are more than happy to stay up all night with you discussing the meaning of life and getting you to explore the depths of your inner self. That is why people usually turn to this sign when in need of an emotional support and understanding.

Pisces Man: Home & Family

Pisces men take a good care of their homes and they make sure everything is just as they imagined. They invest a lot of time and effort into creating an encouraging and stimulating environment for themselves where they can dig deeper into their thoughts and find their creativity. A Pisces man’s home is usually filled with various artwork: paintings, sculptures, posters and what not. He will make sure that his home is also suited for spending time with those he loves. The Pisces man is a true romantic and he will most likely invite people home to read them his poetry or play out scenes from his favorite plays.

As a dad, the Pisces man will be caring and gentle, allowing his children to try anything that might seem interesting to them. He will never punish his kids nor forbid them from doing things that might seem insane or like a bad idea. Pisces men will always be there to offer advice, but they will leave the final decision-making to their kids.

Pisces Man: Career & Money

When given the liberty to choose his own career, the Pisces man will most likely invent something that has never been heard of or choose something so insane that it makes you wonder how he even survives. Pisces men don’t really like sunlight too much, so they will often choose to work night shifts once everyone already falls asleep. A regular 9-to-5 job doesn’t suit this Water sign’s creative mind, and it’s very likely that the Pisces man will break every company rule imaginable. The reason why he won’t get fired is that his brain is too good to throw away. His boss will bear with him solely because he is too big of an asset even when he can’t be controlled.

When it comes to money, Pisces men aren’t too great at keeping it. The fact that they choose artistic careers like painters, musicians, or actors, could leave them struggling with money. They don’t have a habit of saving for the future and they tend to go on spending sprees when they have a certain idea in their head. If you have a Pisces man in your life, try and teach him a bit about preparing for rainy days.

Pisces Man: Love & Sex

Pisces men are the most romantic sign in the zodiac. When they fall in love, they fall in love hard and they give their all to their partner. Dating a Pisces man will be a magical journey, a romantic fairy tale in which he charms his partner into spending the next three days in his bed without thinking about the outside world. Speaking of which, Pisces men in bed can fantastic lovers, always aiming to please their partner and fulfilling her every need. Their desire to please is strong and they prefer satisfying their partner more than being satisfied themselves.

Want to know how does a Pisces man act when in love? Be sure that he will smother you with kisses, kindness, and soft words. He will fly you to the moon and take you over rainbows, he will cuddle you until you can’t breathe and he will recite every romantic poem he knows to express how he feels towards you. These are clear signs that a Pisces man is in love with you, but make sure you don’t take them for granted. Besides the fact that Pisces men are known to give plenty of chances, their emotions could shift in a matter of seconds if they feel betrayed or let down.

Pisces Man: Compatibility with Other Signs

On the topic of Pisces man compatibility with other signs, this gentle soul will need someone he can count on, someone who will be dependable, reliable, and loyal. Short-term flings don’t work well with the Pisces man because he always falls in love believing it will last forever. Pisces men need a sensitive partner, someone who will understand their need to connect on an extremely deep level. The perfect matches for him would be Scorpio, Taurus, and Cancer.

Pisces Man and Scorpio Woman

This is a great match overall because Scorpio women are very strong-opinionated and live according to their emotions, while the Pisces man doesn’t always know what he wants. He will need someone to guide him through life because he has a tendency to get lost in his imagination. The Scorpio woman will know how to keep the Pisces man interested, considering the fact that she is incredibly creative and loves expressing that side of her.

Pisces Man and Taurus Woman

This particular couple will love spending time cuddled up in bed and being romantic with one another. Neither of them likes leaving the house too much, which is perfect for the “honeymoon phase” of the relationship. A problem might occur once the Taurus woman becomes a bit too possessive during a time when the Pisces man is on one of his self-discovery journeys. Nevertheless, this relationship will grow on mutual trust and both partners will be glad to have one another’s backs.

Pisces Man and Cancer Woman

Cancer women share many of the Pisces man characteristics. Both signs are highly intuitive and know how their partner is feeling just by looking at them, but they don’t always express their feelings with words. This could become a problem if one of them doesn’t take initiative and convince the other to talk. Once they share their inner thoughts, it will help them better understand one another and improve the relationship.