Page of Swords Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

The Page of Swords card depicts energy, enthusiasm, passion, and diplomacy. It showcases an abundance of new ideas and mental energy, which, when pursued, will lead to success and happiness.

  • Element: Air
  • Planets: Mercury Venus and Uranus
  • Astrological Signs: Gemini, Aquarius and Libra
  • Key Dates: Autumn


Based on the English Rider-Waite deck, a young man stands straight, holding a sword pointed to the sky with his eyes facing a distant invisible opponent. The ground where the man is positioned is green and grassy. The man is alert and ready to take on what might come along.

The card spells dynamic energy as a breeze and clouds dashing through the sky are visible. Unlike other cards with multiple figures, the Page of Swords only has a single man full of honor and conviction. It depicts the power of a man with a clear sense of purpose and a desire to pursue it.

The green and fertile land on which the card lies suggests that the card brings forth constructive change and advancement.


Individuals who draw this card are usually curious and always looking for new ideas and information related to their interests. Most people would like a Page of Swords comparison as it’s positive.

Drawing this card on a spread also means you’re clever and aware of your surroundings. You’re in sync with what’s happening in your circle and beyond. You’re good at having your ear on the ground that others come to you for ideas on the latest social spots where they can have fun.

You’re charismatic, which has come in handy in tricky situations where you had to use your charm to get out of conflict. It’s also been helpful when you are looking to rise the ranks into high places.


Drawing the Page of Swords shows you’re ripe to take on complex difficulties and challenges thanks to your high level of integrity. Your high-level knowledge will always keep you on top of your league.

Make use of your allies which should come easily given your high charisma, so that your success resounds.

The Page of Swords shows you’re highly eager and full of zeal to pursue new ideas and levels. At this point, you’re highly ambitious with your plans for the future. Go ahead and use your charisma and wisdom to pursue unchartered territories, and you’ll succeed. You’ll successfully start off, but you need to keep the momentum to thrive.


When this card shows if you’re in a relationship, it means it’s firmly grounded, but lately, you have been experiencing challenges with your partner. You need to re-evaluate the causes of friction in the relationship; otherwise, they will weaken the foundation, and the relationship will wobble.

The Page of Sword is also a sign someone is trying to communicate or share new ideas, but they need help trying to get through to you. You need to be open-minded to make it easy for the person to communicate or allow your partner some time out so you don’t weaken the foundation.

If you’re single, the card shows you’re open to finding a partner. It will take effort to become more social and interact with new people. You should consider joining social groups and being open-minded, as platonic relationships could potentially blossom into romantic ones. Remain patient and allow the relationship to grow organically.


Your career path is clear since you’ve outlined a progression approach that you’re confident will work. The card indicates though your ultimate goal is clear, you need grit and a high level of endurance for your plan to succeed.

It will be challenging to attain your career goals; however, your persistence and charisma will help you sail through. Be sure to enjoy the journey and slow progression.

If you’re working on a new idea or project, the card indicates you should go ahead and implement it. As you engage, be aware that others may not be thrilled with your new undertaking, which can be challenging for you; when it happens, keep going, and you’ll ultimately succeed.


You’re optimistic and enthusiastic about the measures you’ve put in place concerning your financial well-being. Your savings, spending, and investments are intact; however, you’ll need to engage an expert to help you put everything into perspective.

Avoid being overconfident with the systems you’ve in place about finances. The financial expert should help you see a different picture or hit your money goals sooner.


The Page of Swords card is limited on health matters but shows strong mental health. If there’s something you’ve been numbing and avoiding addressing, now it’s high time you tackled it.

As you begin addressing your trauma and demons, it won’t be smooth sailing; however, given your strong mental health, you’ll sail through in the long run.


You don’t want the Page of Swords reversed because it’s a bad omen. You’ll have to halt your plans because soon you’ll receive negative news.

Be a keen listener and tame your tongue, as it could land you into problems if you’re not cautious.


If you’re in a relationship, you’ve been going through a rough patch with your partner becoming inconsiderate of your overall well-being.

You’re emotionally drained since your partner has been hostile or less responsive to your emotional needs. This has to stop.

Be open with your partner about what you’ve been feeling. Make it known to your partner that you feel neglected, and it’s high time they acted better for the relationship to work.

If you’re single, someone is intensely interested in pursuing a relationship with you, although they’re currently involved with another. The desire is so intense that the person is willing to sacrifice their current relationship to pursue one with you. If you choose to go down this road, let it be clear to all the parties involved.


Your career path is chaotic. It’s undefined, and you take up whatever is thrown at you. You aren’t patient in any industry or position, as you keep hopping from one to the next.

It’s high time you slowed down and gave yourself time to grow. Be patient and gain experience before you leap. You’ll be more valuable if you’re highly experienced in an area before shifting to a different industry.


A storm is coming in the form of bad news that will negatively impact your financial well-being. Don’t shy off from asking for help from your allies, friends, and family.

If you’re financially ready, good for you, it’ll pass but not without a notable dent in your finances.


As days go by, you feel more out of place and disconnected. Your lifestyle is stressing you out, and the routine isn’t helping.

When life feels out of control, it becomes unhealthy as it will stress you out, making you less productive.

Work to regain control over your life by taking time to audit the vices pulling you backward and eliminating them. Such vices could include overindulgence in alcohol and drugs. Ask for help when you feel overwhelmed.


In the past position, the Page of Swords card depicts that previously, you’ve cast your net wide in unrelated fields. The card shows that all the unrelated knowledge you collected from the different areas culminates to form a solid foundation of something bigger and your overall success.

In the present position, the Page of Swords indicates an oncoming tragedy. You’ll soon receive bad news. You need to be flexible and adaptive in case the news land on your desk; you’ll be better equipped to take the punch.

With proper damage control and management, you’ll sail through, and your plans will come to fruition. Be ready to deviate from your original plans to thrive.

In the future position, the card depicts that soon you’ll be bored by the stagnating status quo. You’ll desire change. You should heed the desire, take up new roles, and shake things up.

Expect that your newly chosen path will not sit well with your acquaintances. Ignore their dissatisfaction and soldier on. In the end, you’ll appreciate that you chose that route.


As a combination with other Minor Arcana, charisma and mental strength will be the most outstanding aspects under the Page of Swords. The power of the other cards will determine your shortest route to success and happiness.

Here are some combinations:


Alone, the Eight of Wands indicates a new path or a change. The two cards are akin in view of uncharted paths and new ideas.

As a pair, the cards indicate that soon you’ll encounter a new form of art. It could be any form of art, from music, visual art, or a type of literature not experienced before in its entirety or could be new to you.


The Four of Swords card is about contemplation and isolation. It advocates for solitude in planning for a comeback.

When combined with the Page of Swords, the pair depict your journey back on track will thrive on charisma. You’ll succeed in your recovery plan when you endorse and infuse enthusiasm into your plan.


On its own, the Knight of Cups depicts emotional wisdom and empathy. The combination shows you’re a peacemaker, and you’ll help bring together conflicting groups. You’ll alleviate lower tension amongst antagonistic groups.

Your compassion will lead to your success when you apply the wisdom to broker peace in conflict.


As a pair, the Page of Pentacles is responsible for success in scholarly undertakings and financial well-being. Both pages are mostly similar when it comes to mental health. As a pair, the two indicate you’ll be well remunerated for your ideas.


Although some readers may differ, the Page of Swords is a Minor Arcana mostly seen as a yes, especially when dealing with mental tests.

When you’re dealing with a question of intellect, and new projects, drawing the Page of Swords indicates that you’re well equipped to face challenges that come your way.