Page of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

The topic of this blog is the 11th card in the suite called Cups: The Page of Cups. It often makes an appearance when the player needs confirmation that it’s fine to allow the youthful, carefree side of their personality to take center stage.

Generally speaking, this is an optimistic, positive, and encouraging card to have in your spread. It could even be an indication that a new romance is on the horizon…possibly with a guy or girl who is several years younger than you.

The Page of Cups represents a world of youthful imagination and awe. It is an undeniable sign that when it comes to the growth of your inner being and self-awareness, you have arrived at a turning point. Should you make an important decision during this time, you have to listen to your heart and your instincts more than anything else.

  • Important dates: Summertime
  • Planet: Not applicable
  • Elements: Air, water
  • Astrological sign: Not applicable

The Symbolism And Visual Elements Of Page of Cups

In the standard Rider-Waite card deck, the Page of Cups illustration shows a young guy dressed in red with a blue cap and a cup in one hand. A fish is staring over the rim of the cup, apparently attempting to involve the young man in a conversation.

The fish in this case represents our spirit or subconscious mind. The guy’s blue hat is a symbol of his inquisitive yet calm, nearly childlike character. His red clothing symbolizes his passionate nature. The floral print is a metaphor for his deeply creative and artistic nature.

The fact that he seems so interested in the fish points to the fact that children are often both curious and innocent. The fish that is halfway out of the water and ready to communicate with the young man could be symbolic of the knowledge that is ready to find its way to his young, trusting, and innocent soul.

The Page of Cups As An Individual

The young guy is an intuitive person who is very sensitive to the world around him and its many different dimensions. He has a kind, warm, and loving nature with a strong desire to be surrounded by like-minded people who can help him to feel special and needed.

Page of Cups people are at the same time highly emotional and very creative. They can simultaneously be eager to avoid conflict and shy – yet surprisingly enough they are not likely to back down if a disagreement should develop.

The Page of Cups In An Upright Position

As a general rule, every page of the tarot brings a message. These messages are nearly always about respect, love, creativity, and intuition.

In an upright position, the news will typically be good and upbeat. It could, for example, be that somebody for whom you’ve had romantic feelings for quite a while is starting to feel the same way about you. It could also be that you will soon inherit a large amount of money from a far-off relative. Irrespective of the message as such, merely having a Page of Cups as part of your spread is already a good sign

Romantic Relationships And Love

The Page of Cups can be a good sign during a love reading because it indicates that something important is about to happen. This can e.g. be a birth, pregnancy, engagement, or marriage proposal.

If you are not in a relationship right now, the Page of Cups could be an indication that you’ve had a secret admirer for quite a while – and that he or she is now ready to take the next step. You will find this person sexually extremely attractive. He or she will most likely also be a few years younger than you.

If you are romantically involved at the moment, you have to consider being a bit more spontaneous and romantic, otherwise things could become boring and old. And we all know what can happen to boring relationships!

Page of Cups And Your Career

If you have been waiting to hear about a promotion for quite some time, the Page of Cups finding its way to your spread is a sign that something needs to be done, and that you need to be more proactive.

Ask yourself whether this job is really what you want to do. Or are you just wasting time, hanging around, and hoping that the universe will one day bring you to the right place? Stand back and take an objective look at where your career is and where you want it to be. And then do whatever is necessary.


From a financial point of view, this is a very useful card to have in a spread because it often brings good news for your bank account. On the other hand, you have to be extremely cautious before proceeding with any new investment plans. Make sure you do in-depth research before parting with your savings.

We are not saying that it’s not the right time for making new investments. As a matter of fact, it could be an excellent time – as long as you always exercise great caution when you consider new investment opportunities.


Now more than ever you have to listen to what your body is telling you. You might soon face a sudden and significant health-related challenge. This means that for the immediate future, you must take even better care of yourself than before.

Even if you develop seemingly insignificant symptoms, visit your doctor as soon as possible so he or she can check it out. That does not mean that you should lock yourself up in your home because you are scared that something horrible might happen – but it’s also not the best time to become involved in risky or strenuous physical exercise.

A Reversed Page Of Cups

The Page of Cups in reverse position points to a shortage of motivation. It is probably that attitude that is causing you to miss out on opportunities and events that have the potential to be very exciting and could get you out of the boring routine you find yourself in.

Make sure your mind and heart stay open to new ideas and individuals because they might be able to change your whole life. To put it differently: when in doubt don’t go without, rather say yes.

Romantic Relationships and Love

During a love reading a reversed Page of Cups indicates that you might have become unnecessarily insecure and way too sensitive about relationships. This is spiraling out of control and has become a burden to any relationship you might be involved in. You will have to learn to control this counterproductive behavior very quickly otherwise you might harm an otherwise solid relationship.

If you are not in a relationship right now, the reason could be that you are holding out for somebody who is not attainable.

Although you might be ready to do whatever is necessary to see this romantic dream come true, you are not doing yourself any good. To begin with, it’s simply not realistic to dream of a union with this person. And secondly, by holding on to false hope you will most likely not realize it when the perfect alternative relationship comes your way.


If you are expecting to soon hear about a promotion or new job opportunity, the presence of a reversed Page Of Cups in your spread might indicate that this is not going to happen.

In case things at the workplace have recently been running very smoothly, simply keep on doing what you have been doing until now. Although your bosses may not yet fully appreciate the positive impact that you are having, there’s a good chance that their eyes will soon open. When that happens, your contributions will be abundantly rewarded.

On a cautionary note: If you have done anything unethical at your workplace recently, this might soon come out and then you will have to face the music over whatever you did.


A reversed Page of Cups can be a precursor to dire financial news. During this time you will have to be extremely frugal with your money, and stay far away from high-risk investments and unnecessary spending.

If at all possible, this is the perfect time to start giving serious attention to your long-term financial and investment goals.


When you see a Page of Cups in the reverse position during a health reading it is often an indication that you have become too dependent on alcohol and drugs. This might eventually cause significant harm to your physical and mental health.

You will have to start approaching your health more maturely. If, for example, you have been avoiding your doctor because you are scared of bad news, this is the time to open your eyes to the irrationality of your behavior and make an appointment with him or her as soon as possible. The Page of Cups is sending you a message: your health problems might not be anywhere near as big an issue as you think they are.

Your Past, Your Present, And Your Future

A Page of Cups that’s in the past position indicates that an idea that you brushed aside a long time ago might still turn out to be quite useful at the present moment. The key to overcoming the issues that stand between you and your dreams is to first learn to understand these issues. Once you understand them, you will start to move ahead at an amazing speed.

In the present position, the Page of Cups is a sign that important news will soon reach you. This news could even change your whole view of life and make you a more relaxed individual with a better sense of humor.

A Page of Cups card in the future position is an indication that an opportunity could soon present itself. You will, however, have to be ready to grab this opportunity the moment it arrives. If you fail to respond quickly enough, your indecision could ruin everything. If this happens you will later have huge regrets.

Important Page Of Cups Card Combinations

Although a lot depends on where in your spread it appears, the Page of Cups typically brings good news.

The Page of Cups In Combination With The Fool

When these two cards are combined it is a hint that a fresh romance could be around the corner and that it will either complicate or brighten up your whole existence. Whatever the case, you can’t stop it from happening, all you can do is be prepared.

The Page of Cups Combined With The Ace Of Pentacles

When this combination turns up you should prepare yourself for a completely different career path to whatever you have been doing until now. It could also be an indication of a new job opportunity in your current line of work.

The Page of Cups in Combination With The Death Card

The Death card is not only about endings but also about new beginnings. This combination could mean that a fresh start is waiting for you. As part of that, one stage of your life will end and another one will proceed from there to take things further than you might ever have imagined.

The Page of Cups Combined With The Five Of Swords

When the Five of Swords card makes its appearance in a spread it is a warning that there exists a serious clash in your life. You have to wake up and realize that there are bad vibes very close to you. You can do nothing about it, you can only recognize this for what it is: a possible danger. Keep yourself protected until the storm has passed.

The Page of Cups In Combination With The Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups is a precursor to love that is both pure and innocent. Together the two cards should be welcomed since they tell you that something very special exists in your world. It might be someone you have until now viewed as not having the right qualities. Start paying close attention to the way you feel when he or she is around.

You might soon discover that you have become surprisingly artistic since this combination is also a sign of creativity.

The Page of Cups: Good or Bad?

This card seldom has any bad connotations. It normally brings a message of kindness with underlying artistic hints. Taking into account how most encounters with the Page of Cups have decidedly positive characteristics, the answer is definitely that this is a good card to have in your spread.