Nine of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

This card represents power and persistence in problematic times. This lesser Arcanum card often appears in interpretations when we are presented with unanticipated difficulties and challenges.

Illustration Credit: Maggie Sholes

Component: Fire

Celestial body: Moon

Astrological sign: Sagittarius

Important dates: December 3rd – 12th

Noticeable Elements and Meaning

The Nine of Wands reveals a man holding a wand and looking over his shoulder at a row of upright wands situated directly behind him. The man is injured and his head is wrapped in bandages, while he uses the wand for support. His gaze is fixed and determined, showing clear intentions that he will fight again. Only this time, he will fight with everything her has in order to win.

As a person

The Nine of Wands shows an individual with limitless potential to accomplish their hopes and desires. Their strengths become clearer when faced with difficult and overwhelming challenges. While others typically give up, the Nine of Wands individual will continue the fight until they’ve ultimately reached their goal. This characteristic is an asset, as they will always achieve whatever they set out to do; they are strong-willed and extremely focused. They are accustomed to being victorious and will always expect similar outcomes. They typically demand this characteristic of their children, as the Nine of Wands guardians can easily become frustrated when feelings of their children not meeting their standards become evident. This type of parent must often be reminded to relax with such strict parenting standards and honor the choices of their children and others.

The Nine of Wands Upright

The Nine of Wands in the upright position reveals you’ve been taken advantage of before, but you will continue the fight until you achieve the outcome you feel you expect and deserve.

Love and relationships

Your current relationship has been difficult and you’ve been attempting to decide if it’s worth it to this relationship, or if it’s time to move on. However, deep within, you know you want out of this relationship. The Nine of Wands is revealing that your relationship is worth fighting for. Fixate on what you like about your partner and what it was that drew you to them in the first place. Be sure to explain what you expect from a partner gently, but effectively – the two of you can get through this if you’re meant to be together.

If you’re single, the Nine of Wands shows that you’re still in the healing stages from a tough breakup. Before you decide to set your sights on attempting to date again, take the time to reflect on your expectations of a partner in a relationship, what you will (and will not) tolerate, and what will ultimately make you happy.


You often have thoughts of something bad happening to you pertaining to your job. And while it is wise to be apprehensive, try not to let those negative thoughts and angst overtake you. Remind yourself that you are a strong individual that is able to conquer major setbacks (such as missing a promotion, or even being fired). As long as you continue to move forward, things will be okay.


You have previously made poor monetary choices and may have been financially taken advantage of by an individual you thought you trusted. Do not be so quick to stop working toward that dream. Keep pushing forward, abiding by smart money practices and decisions, and you will see your wealth increase. Be mindful of who you share your investment decisions with, as others may mislead you (for their advantage), which can affect your investment plans in the long run.


Unfortunately, you’ve had your fair share of illness and injury, but through it all, you’ve persevered by not allowing those health problems to hold you back from doing the things you enjoy. You will be compensated for your hard work by being cured of chronic conditions.

The Nine of Wands Reversed

Instead of strength, perseverance, and willpower, the reversed Nine of Wands indicates weakness and neglect. You’ve often struggled with feelings of uncertainty of not being good enough. This pessimistic mentality is not helping you in any way and has been accommodating these awful thoughts for far too long; it’s time to move past it.

Love and Partnerships

You have been repeating the never-ending cycles in your current relationship and are at the point of there being nothing left to fight for. Deep down, it is abundantly clear that you must remove yourself from this relationship. While it may be easier to be complacent, ignore the issues that trouble you, and remain with your partner, (more so if you’ve been in a relationship for a more extended period of time); it’s time to conjure up that courage to move on. You may miss the opportunity to genuinely be happy.

If you are currently unattached, this card is a sign of you being defenseless. Surprisingly, this is a good sign for your dating life. Allowing yourself to be in that vulnerable state will aid you in building a meaningful and lasting relationship. At first, showing that vulnerability may be difficult or even feel forced, as you are a naturally private guarded person. Keep pressing on and moving forward, you never know what’s waiting on the other side.


Lately, you’ve been feeling like you’re in a job that leads to nowhere. You aren’t getting the respect you deemed necessary at work, even though you dedicate yourself fully to your responsibilities. Instead of feeling crushed, try removing yourself from the situation to evaluate the delicate balance of work and life. Overworking yourself may seem unavoidable when in reality, all that it does is makes you less available both at work and at home. Change the focus by spending more time with the people you hold close to you, then reevaluate your feelings toward your current work position.


While you were previously on road to being more financially stable for some time, you gave up on those resolutions the very moment you had a minor hardship. It is perfectly normal to feel discouraged when unexpected things occur – especially when they are undeserved. You must accept that life is a series of challenges that are thrown your way and continue moving forward.


You’ve been attempting to change your lifestyle while continuing to make excuses that push those necessary changes further back. While you attest this to you just being lazy when in reality you’re terrified of change. Changing your diet to cut weight, not smoking, and focusing on self-care require both hard work and determination. It’s high time to face those fears and deal with things head-on. Have faith in yourself!

What was, what is, and what is to come

In showing the position of your past, the Nine of Wands reveals a time when you were overinvested in a distinct job or goal. While you were victorious, you emerged broken and bruised and have been attempting to better yourself ever since.

In showing your present position, the Nine of Wands shows things are going well, but you often get bored by the daily grind. Now is the time to work on being spontaneous! Get out and explore the world around you.  Meeting and speaking with new people, and experiencing new cultures will encourage you to put yourself out of your comfort zone.

In showing the future of what is to come, the Nine of Wands confirms that you are unsure of what happens next. And while you don’t like being surprised, try not to concentrate on the unknown. Work on those things that you may have control over. This will help you feel less concern for the future.

Important Card Combinations

The Nine of Wands has a unique relationship with the Major Arcana cards. These next combinations will tell you about others in your life, rather than yourself.

The Nine of Wands and The Magician

These two cards when presented together, signal that you’re going up against a lying schemer. This person is represented by the Magician, and is very impressive, which will make the effort of you exposing the truth in order to get others to believe in you, more challenging. The key to this mission is perseverance and using your inner strengths to your advantage.

The Nine of Wands and The Empress

This is a negative combination that shows you are being used by someone you hold close to you. Someone is using your generosity against you, to their own advantage, in order to move forward with their own agenda. Take note your relationships to see who is taking more than they are willing to give.

The Nine of Wands and The Star

Someone in your life is trying to be honest with you but you are unwilling to pay attention. While this may damage your self-image, the Star is a favorable card. Taking a closer look at the hidden aspects of your personality; it is necessary to ensure you grow from your experiences.

The Nine of Wands: Yes, no, or….maybe?

During a yes or no reading, and speaking specifically of love, the answer of yes. However, if facing difficult situations or significant challenges, the Nine of Wands cannot provide a clear choice between yes and no, but more of a maybe. If the decision is indeed a difficult one, its probably best to wait it out and see what happens.