Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

The Nine of Pentacles represents financial independence and self-reliance. Upright, this card is a positive omen in your work life, but it is particularly important if encountered in the future position. The Nine of Pentacles is also known as the Nine of Coins.

  • Element: Earth
  • Planet: Venus, Uranus, Saturn
  • Astrological signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
  • Key dates: September 2-11


The Nine of Pentacles when drawn from the Rider-Waite deck show a woman in the prime of her life, leisurely walking through a vineyard. The vineyard is abundant with fruit and gold coins, symbolizing her material success. She is holding a trained hooded falcon aloft in one hand, at ease with the bird as it sits contentedly under her control.

The garden itself is a representation of the benefits of her labor. Every vine has benefited from great care and attention, signifying self-control, prosperity, material possessions, and, of course, the fruition of hard work.

The training of the falcon is another symbol of the fruits of hard work, and mirrors the woman’s own ability to harness her desires and instincts. With this, she can attain the things she longs for.


The Nine of Pentacles is typically associated with a woman who stands at a turning point in her life. As a number, nine signifies the culmination of a phase nearing. Perhaps she is transitioning into menopause, or beginning a new chapter of her life through pregnancy and subsequent motherhood.

This woman is self-reliant, secure, and carries herself with a great sense of poise. She values the luxuries in her life, and is unburdened by financial concerns as her years of hard work have earned her wealth. She prioritizes self-care, and enjoys spending time in nature.


Found upright, this card is a sign that darker days are ending, and your time is now. Upright, the card stands for prosperity, self-reliance, and confidence. Over the years, you have put in the hard work required to achieve a particular quality of life Now you should enjoy the fruits of those labors.


Have you recently ended a relationship? If so, it is time to take the valuable lessons you learned from your experiences with your former partner and put them to good use in your future endeavors. It may also be beneficial for you to focus on being independent for some time.

If you are currently part of a relationship, now may be a good time to allow your partner a bit of space, meanwhile you can focus on your own creative endeavors. Dedication and effort are need to ensure the relationship can thrive.

Finally, if you are single, you just might be the object of more romantic interest than you realize. Your self-assurance and attractiveness is being noticed by others, and new love may be on the horizon.


Upright, the Nine of Pentacles is a positive sign as it pertains to your work life. It is a sign that you may be about to find new peaks in your career that you have not previously reached, as well as begin to see the benefits of all the sacrifices you have made come to fruition. This can mean many things in a practical sense, such as upcoming profits in a business setting.

It may also signify that a new direction is on the horizon, perhaps a time of rest, like retirement, or a sabbatical.


The Nine of Pentacles is an indication of financial prosperity. You are close to reaping the rewards of all your past efforts and labors, and independence in a financial sense is just within reach. Now would be an ideal time to consider cashing in some of your investments if you have any.


The Nine of Pentacles hints at positive developments in your health if you have been experiencing health concerns. If you have been receiving treatment for something, your dedication is due to yield positive results soon as you near a significant milestone in your journey towards better health.


When the Nine of Pentacles appears in a reversed position, it signifies the mistakes you have made in the past and the repercussions that you are currently facing because of those mistakes. This card represents wasted potential, and speaks to how even the best soil needs to be cultivated if it is yield a crop.

A dearth of success in a material sense may also speak to the impact of social disadvantages, and how things like lacking in confidence can have a far-reaching impact on your life.


If you are currently part of a relationship and harboring suspicions about your partner, the Nine of Pentacles reversed may indicate that your suspicions are valid. It may be a warning that one of the partners has been dishonest, unfaithful, or did not have pure motives when entering into the relationship in the first place. It may also indicate that one of the partners is spending recklessly, causing financial strain on the other.

Single? it is important to consider your own motivations for seeking a relationship. Be cautious of the other people’s intentions, as they may require things of you that you are not willing or able to give.


The reversed Nine of Pentacles is an unfavorable indicator for your professional life. It may imply that you are not finding success in your career, and the reason could be because you have not been putting in enough effort. If you have not been giving a hundred percent in your work life, the time has come to start putting more into your work.

It also warn of potential deception or dishonesty in your work life. Be careful and thoroughly review any agreements or formal contracts before putting pen to paper.


The Nine of Pentacles in a reversed position means unfavorable things when it comes to finances. It may suggest that you need to rein in some excessive spending or perhaps establish new boundaries and ways to hold yourself in check when it comes to spending and other financial decisions.

If you have been thinking about taking bold, risky steps with your finances, now would be a good time to resist the temptation to do so. It would be wise to keep things basic and stick with what has proven to be successful in the past. The time to take chances may come, but it is not now.


When the Nine of Pentacles appears in a reversed position, it may signify that you lack self-control as it pertains to things like diet and exercise. It may be time to take steps toward improve areas of your health that have been deteriorating. Are you thinking about undergoing a procedure or taking a medical test? Now would be a good time to be proactive about such things.


The Nine of Pentacles, when found in the past position, is a suggestion that you have faced struggles or challenges in the fufilment of your needs in the material sense. It can refer to the simple pleasures of childhood, but also it can point to the impact of your childhood beliefs about the value of possessions in the context of your current perspective.

In the present, the Nine of Pentacles indicates that you are currently experiencing a sense of comfort and security based on your financial and material possessions. Now is a good time to seek enjoyment, but be mindful to avoid becoming overly focused on using spending too much as a means of coping, as it could lead to feelings of boredom and isolation.

The Nine of Pentacles, when found in the future position, can be an optimistic sign. Your aspirations and goals will come to fruition and positive outcomes are in your future. Any current struggles are just temporary and necessary for the greater stability and security that you will experience in times to come.


Different cards from within the suit of Pentacles appearing together with the Nine of Pentacles reduce the effect of this card. This is especially true as it pertains to the significant of the material things you possess.


The Nine of Wands represents strength and determination during difficult times. This is a powerful combination of cards. Persistence you have shown throughout your work life and other pursuits will lead to material success. Additionally, you will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in the effort you have put in.


When the Sun card—on which a child is depicted—is paired with Nine of Tentacles, it suggests a pure and simple form of happiness. In the card, the child is yet to venture beyond their own world, and benefits from the joy of ignorance and innocence.


The Hermit card, when combined with the Nine of Pentacles, suggests that achieving independence can sometimes lead to feelings of isolation. The luscious vines around the woman represent the potential for isolation from the outside world and an inability to see what is happening in the wider world. This combination may prompt you to take a long look at your relationship with your possessions, as well as consider whether they are bringing people closer or pushing them further away.


The Nine of Pentacles symbolizes financial stability. A period of financial independence may be on the horizon, whether through a successful business transaction, a promotion, or a profitable investment. All of your dedication worth ethic is about to come to fruition, so the answer to your question is likely to be “yes.”