Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

By Charrette Vachon

The Nine of Cups always offers positivity, satisfaction, and good luck in any reading that it shows up in. It is a message of fulfillment and contentment in all aspects of your life. Expect great things to happen for you soon if they have not already. You are on the road to success!

  • Element: Water
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Astrological sign: Pisces
  • Key dates: March 1st to March 10th


In the original Rider-Waite artwork, a man sits on a wooden bench with his arms crossed and a smirk across his face. His satisfaction is apparent, but his crossed arms give off a feeling of protecting oneself. Behind and above him, nine chalices sit atop a U-shaped mantle adorned with a blue cloth. The U-shape surrounds him, showing that he surrounds himself with his achievements. The most prominent color on this card is yellow, which symbolizes joy, happiness, and abundance. The blue tablecloth represents his dreams, with the chalices being the tangible representation of his accomplishments.


A Nine of Cups person is a successful individual with a magnetic air of confidence. ‘Indulge’ is the main keyword in their life. They enjoy all the finer things that life has to offer. They know they will get all that they desire but are also grateful for the things they have.  If they have any negative aspects, it would be their overprotective nature. They will do anything possible to keep themselves surrounded by the best, even if it means shutting other people out.



In the upright position, the Nine of Cups is one of the most positive cards drawn from the tarot deck. Wishes are coming true, aspirations are being reached, and hard work is paying off. You deserve the right to be confident at this moment. You have earned it!


Whether you are single or in a relationship, the Nine of Cups card declares that your needs are blissfully being met. Even if it does not seem like it, everything is working in your favor, and it is time to take a step back and appreciate what you have. If you are just starting a relationship, know that this partnership will bring you the fulfillment you have never experienced before. If you are in a long-term relationship, your partner gives you everything you need. If you are single, you have everything you need inside yourself, and letting in another person would only be an added bonus.


You have reached a stage of true accomplishment in your career. Your colleagues are taking notice and appreciating all you have done. Everything is aligning for you at work, so take the time to see the results of your dedication. If you want to go even further with this success, now is the time to do it. You can achieve anything you desire right now.


The Nine of Cups is a sign of financial stability. You have made many intelligent choices with your income, and you will reap the rewards soon if you haven’t already. This could mean a raise at work or a side project getting monetized. No matter the situation, money is the least of your worries. Just a warning: don’t become too frivolous with your spending now that you have the income.


If you have struggled with your health recently, it’s all in the past. You are recovered and revived, as though you’ve become a brand new person. Your strength is coming back, your energy is higher, and you are at your healthiest. Take this time to make sure you stay on this path. Create a new self-care routine that will be easy to follow.



In the reversed position, the Nine of Cups warns of good things kept away from your personal journey. More than likely, you are the culprit for not getting out of your own way. Either you’re still holding on to something from the past, or you aren’t giving yourself the chance to step back and recognize the amazing opportunities surrounding you. It’s time to release the negativity you’re holding on to and allow optimism to lead the way.


If you are single, the Nine of Cups reversed wants you to find fulfillment within yourself. You might be stuck in the mindset that a partner is the only thing that will make you happy, but that isn’t true. You need to make sure you are meeting your own needs first. Love will meet you when you are truly ready.

If you’re in a relationship, someone’s needs are not being met. Have you checked in with your partner recently to see how they feel? Or maybe you’re the one not expressing what you expect from your partner? If there has been communication but no change of action, maybe it’s time to reconsider whether or not this relationship is healthy.


You feel stuck in your career path and believe there is nothing you can do about it. The Nine of Cups reversed is telling you there are so many opportunities waiting for you, but you need to be the one to make the first move. It might be time to negotiate your salary with your supervisor or take the leap to go back to school. Step back and look around to see what you can do to jump-start your situation.


If the reversed Nine of Cups shows up in a spread about money, you may have overindulged in your spending recently. It’s time to re-evaluate your spending habits to be sure you’re still taking care of more important aspects. Plan a monthly budget or put that extra income in your savings instead.

If you have been saving, the Nine of Cups reversed warns you that you’re holding on to your money too closely. Sometimes, it’s okay to treat yourself to a little something. You have worked hard for that money and deserve to spend it on something special.


What happens to a full cup when turned upside down? It becomes empty. So imagine what happens when you reverse nine full cups. You have been concerned with so many other priorities that you have ignored your own needs for too long. You need to relax and recuperate. As the saying goes, you cannot pour from an empty cup.



In the past position, the Nine of Cups speaks of past successes. You are so proud of where your achievements have brought you that you keep hanging on to them. Depending on the card in the present position, this can either be a good or bad message. Either way, it’s important to remember that you have accomplished so much, and you can always do it again.

The Nine of Cups in the present position means you are currently feeling the satisfaction of all you have. You are indulging in everything that life has to offer. You are gaining recognition for your triumphs, so allow yourself to receive all the good things coming your way.

If the Nine of Cups shows up in the future position, get ready for riches unlike anything you have ever known. Whether it is physical money or the inner feeling of fulfillment, your dreams are coming true, and you will attain every goal set forth. As long as you stay optimistic and hold steady, know that you will accomplish anything you set your sights on.


When combining other cards with the Nine of Cups, the result is always one of achievement, success, and good fortune. It serves as a reminder to stay positive no matter what you are facing.


When the Nine of Cups shows up with the Fool, the Universe wants you to know that with great risk comes great reward. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone right now. You will be happily surprised by the results.


The World card symbolizes the end of a cycle. When combined with the Nine of Cups, expect the best possible outcome in your situation. Even if the path seems dark now, in the end, everything will work out in your favor. Keep to your convictions, and you will see the incredible payoff ahead.


You’re at a stage in your relationship that seems perfect. Your partner is making you feel loved and wanted, and everything is falling perfectly into place. Just don’t let your rose-colored glasses distort your sight. A healthy relationship is about more than just love; you also deserve to be treated with respect. Don’t let this partnership consume you either; take time for the other aspects of your life too.


The Nine of Cups is a resounding, “Yes!” It is a source of joy, success, contentment, and pleasure; it is everything you could want and need. There is no doubt that this card is affirmative.