Libra and Pisces

When Libra and Pisces come together in a romantic relationship, it is an enjoyable journey full of passion, romance, intrigue, compassion and aesthetic pleasures. As an Air and Water sign combination, it is uncertain if these two will love each other deeply or fail to understand each other completely. If it’s the first case, the Libra-Pisces relationship will blossom, but if it’s the latter, they won’t be capable to even start their relationship. These two astrology signs like living in the fantasy, especially Pisces, who likes spending a lot of time in their head. Luckily, Libra as an Air sign understands their tendency to wander off and get lost in their head, because they do it too.

The charming, graceful and intellectual leader Libra and the creative, imaginative and energetic Pisces who tends to go with the flow make a match that is really difficult to describe. Balancing each other’s strengths and weaknesses will be a tough challenge, but once they do it, wedding bells can be heard. These partners both despise drama and overreacting and like to keep things honest. They are both indecisive and tend to focus in more interests at once. But once they commit to each other, their eyes are for one another only. Read on to learn more about the Libra and Pisces compatibility and how do they get along in love, sex, marriage and more.

Libra and Pisces Love and Romance

With two romantic signs as Libra and Pisces, it immediately comes to mind that their love life and views on romance are same and their relationship is a fairy-tale. As imaginative as they both can be, Libra and Pisces may never move forward from the platonic world they create for themselves and they fail to start a loving relationship in the real world. They enjoy dreaming about true love and they would much rather keep dreaming than actually go and look for it. However, when they do click emotionally and start a romantic relationship, their dates will be incredibly romantic with lots of candles, chocolates, roses and fine bottles of wine. Libra has natural leadership skills, which allows them to take lead in this relationship as Pisces are no interested in leading but inspiring.

Libra and Pisces Emotional Compatibility

If a Libra and Pisces friendship successfully turns into a relationship, it means that both partners have put their egos aside and they are ready to work on something big. Their emotional nature is completely different and when that’s the case, it’s really difficult to find a common ground. Furthermore, they both tend to spend a lot of time in their head and dreaming more than living, which creates distance between them. However, it all comes down to how hard are they into each other and the level of commitment to love they have made. Hard work and dedication can absolutely help, but being with someone of so much different emotional nature doesn’t promise a happily ever after.

Libra and Pisces Sexual Compatibility

When Libra and Pisces decide to go out of their platonic relationship and explore their physical compatibility, they can enjoy a truly satisfying sexual relationship. As two selfless individuals who care about other people’s satisfaction more than their own, there’s no way that Libra and Pisces sexually will ever be unsatisfied and won’t share amazing sexual experiences. Pisces will provide creativity, tenderness and emotion in the bedroom, while Libra will try to keep their relationship harmonious and well-balanced. These partners both aren’t into rough sex, so they won’t feel pressure as if they’re not satisfying their partner fully. With Libra, however, there’s always the self doubt. They will often feel as if they’re not enough for their shy Pisces partner, who on the other hand, has a tendency to not verbalize their thoughts and feelings but rather stay quiet. Pisces is also afraid to ask from their partner what they want, which leaves them unsatisfied. Should these two feel comfortable to discuss any sexual matter with each other, they’re in for a sexual relationship they have only dreamed about.

Libra and Pisces Marriage Compatibility

Although there is a chance for the relationship between Libra and Pisces to be truly magical and enjoyable in all possible terms, they just don’t complete in ways married people are supposed to. Libra’s tendency to always doubt themselves, their thoughts, their actions, as well as their relationship and Pisces’ tendency to keep things in their head and not communicating with their partner enough are simply too big problems in married life. As an Air sign, Libra is a big dreamer and Pisces, as a Water sign, is also not known as a doer. Libra is indecisive and will hardly ever commit to someone as imaginative and unstable as Pisces, who also doesn’t particularly like the idea of signing to spend the rest of their life with only one person. Even if Libra and Pisces marriage happens, these two will never be 100% certain that they found their soulmate in each other.

Libra and Pisces Trust and Communication

Since these two won’t be able to understand each other, it will be difficult to trust one another, even though they could be faithful and happy in their relationship. These two will rarely fight or get into a serious conflict due to their tendency to avoid such situations at all costs. However, Libra can be overly manipulative towards their Pisces partner, who can instead of arguing simply walk away. Also, they are both flirtatious and they will both be annoyed by it, which means mistrust.

Communication between Libra and Pisces will be really rough, because they both feel an urge to help one another grow and turn into a better person as if they don’t value for who they are. Their egos may often get in their way too, making it further difficult to function as a couple. But the biggest problem for these two is that they don’t know what makes their partner happy and fulfilled. Furthermore, they usually have different likes, hobbies and interests, which reduces the number of topics they can talk about. Only when they stop looking for ways to inspire changes in each other and stop judging each other will be able to communicate well.

Libra and Pisces Shared Values

The honest partnership between Libra and Pisces values truth, justice and harmony in itself as well as in the world. They also value love and consider it to be the ultimate moving force in life. Libra and Pisces both love to be loved and they also know how to love selflessly. As two dreamers, these partners will share incredibly fantasies for the future that include a variety of luxurious things. They both are willing to give everything to their romantic partner, which is why their sex life may blossom. In personality, they differ greatly. While Pisces relies upon their intuition and always follows their heart, Libra craves for stability and security in their life although that is not always showing, because of their flirtatious nature.