Libra and Libra

Relationships are based on so much more than only love: respect, trust, comfort, support, etc. Finding a partner with the exact same traits as you that won’t annoy you is the real challenge. Speaking of zodiac compatibility between two similar individuals, will two Libra live happily ever after or are they in for some trouble?

Libra is a sign ruled by Venus, the planet representing beauty and love. This explains their gentle nature and why they enjoy being surrounded by art, beauty, and fine culture. Libras look for justice everywhere they go as they can’t stand it when things are off-balance. A Libra is loved mostly be-cause of their kind and caring behavior toward others. Their biggest wish is to continuously spread peace and harmony to the world.

Due to their gentle soul, this Air sign is often very insecure about what they do and how they be-have. Most of the time, they will agree and admit that the other person is right in order to avoid a conflict and “keep the peace”. Oftentimes a Libra will try to avoid responsibilities and will put eve-ryone else’s needs before their own. They can be great team players, but when left alone, they won’t do much more than doubting their own abilities.

Does this Libra-Libra love match have the potential to turn into something great or will it cause them damage? Find out how compatible are two Libras in love, sex, emotions, romance, trust, and values.

Libra and Libra Love and Romance

As we said already, Venus is the planet of love, which means that a Libra functions best when in a relationship. When two Libras come together, the obvious result is constant gifts, romantic ges-tures, and unlimited affection. They will both enjoy surprising their partner with luxurious and ex-pensive treats along with love-filled poems and trips to the opera or an art gallery.

What’s great about this relationship is that both partners will seek balance no matter what they do. They will tend to please all sides, even though this can sometimes leave them a bit unsatisfied with the end result. Being a born people pleaser, Libra will do anything for their partner to be happy. Unfortunately, this way of handling things is terrible, because both Libras will look to avoid an ar-gument any way they can. This leaves many things unresolved and could be the cause of deep re-sentment later in the relationship.

A Libra is also known for their unrealistic expectations of other people. In a love match between two Libras, this could be a reason for ending the relationship because they will both expect perfec-tion from their loved one. If they don’t manage to live up to it, the result could be a toxic passive-aggressive behavior.

Libra and Libra Emotional Compatibility

Libra is a sign seen as exceptionally kind, caring, gentle, and an amazing friend. They are quite objective as well, using their mind to adjust successfully to any situation. But when it comes to emotions, Libras are a little tough to open up. They need time to start feeling safe and to be able to show their more intimate side. Both Libra partners will have an understanding of one another’s cold behavior, but if they rely too much on their heads instead of their hearts, they might just as easily lose each other. If they learn to let go of their insecurities and fear of criticism, this Libra-Libra love match could end up lasting a long time.

Libra and Libra Sexual Compatibility

When a Libra-Libra love match is formed, the obvious can be expected – romance, romance, and more romance! This sign believes that balance is the key to happiness, so the two will work on each other’s needs, their main goal being to leave a splendid impression and have their partner coming back for more. Regarding their sexual compatibility, Libras might stumble a bit before ac-tually getting to the good part. Being full of self-doubt, Libras usually wait for someone else to make the first move, but in this situation, their waiting would be pointless. Once one of them de-cides to take initiative, their sex life will improve quickly and successfully.

Libra and Libra Marriage Compatibility

Married life is a stage which two Libras have no problem getting to once they form a trustful bond. Both partners will enjoy each other’s company and choice of places to visit as they are both fond of expensive things and fancy places. Libras are inseparable as soon as they feel a click, which means they won’t be able to get enough of each other on a daily basis. Still, money could turn out to be a problem as neither partner will want to deal with the upcoming responsibilities such as paying bills, dealing with banks, etc. This couple will need to find a way to tone down the spending and finish their annoying, stressful, but necessary tasks of the day.

Libra and Libra Trust and Communication

Trust is a little hard to find in a Libra-Libra relationship, mostly because of their self-doubt and the fact that they are never certain if they made the right choice or not. It’s crucial for both of them to stop judging the other one for what they are and all the things they’ve done. If they don’t, huge problems are likely to occur.

On the other hand, communication will go smoothly when these two Libras will be talking about things they love or enjoy doing. They will gladly share their experiences, thoughts, and positive opinions. But once the conversations start implying something more serious, both might easily back down and leave things unresolved.

Libra and Libra Shared Values

More than anything, a Libra wants to share their love with others and to be loved by everyone in return. Two Libras will most likely value the same things, as both partners are quite adjustable and thrive to achieve the same goal. They will appreciate their partner’s objectivity and they will be able to understand one another’s laziness and sometimes unorganized behavior. What will keep them close is the harmony they will both carry everywhere they go.

All in all, the Libra-Libra love match is definitely a good idea which will most certainly open up a whole new world for this Air sign, allowing them to see themselves in each other.