Libra and Capricorn

When Libra and Capricorn start a romantic relationship, it’s impossible to tell how will their love story unfold as they are two completely different individuals. As a quiet, unassuming and a born introvert, Capricorn is very much different than Libra, who simply cannot stand the fact of being alone and is always found among other people. And they are the rotor of every party; fun, able to understand everyone and willing to put others’ wants and wishes before their own. Capricorn, on the other hand, is known as a provider, a carer who seeks a partner who could take advantage of their financial intelligence and maybe their tips on hard work.

Although at first it seems like their differences make them a bad match, Libra and Capricorn satisfy each other in their own ways and complete one another perfectly. Unlike many zodiac matches, attraction between these two doesn’t happen so often, especially given the fact that Capricorns are usually focused on their career and Libras desire to form a lot of partnerships, both business and friendly. When it does, however, Libra’s charismatic and charming nature and Capricorn’s vast amount of energy will blend perfectly for a powerful and satisfying relationship. Take a look at our thorough analysis on Libra and Capricorn compatibility in love life, sex life, romance, marriage and more.

Libra and Capricorn Love and Romance

Can Capricorn put their career second on their priority list? Probably not. Is Libra, one of the most romantic signs of the zodiac, going to be okay with that? Absolutely not. So, what kind will their romantic life together be? Only they can tell their story. It will be intense, that’s for sure, because of Capricorn’s energy and attitude to be unsettled until they get what they want. Libra will do anything to keep the balance in tact, but doing that can sometimes kill the romance. Capricorn, on the other hand, is calm, grounded and incredibly realistic, so they would rarely do something romantic that will swipe their Libra partner off of their feet. However, they will both express their feelings for each other easily, just not in a way that others can understand.

Libra and Capricorn Emotional Compatibility

If you were asking what is the best match for a Libra , then after reading about their emotional compatibility you’ll rule out Capricorn – that’s for sure. The ways these two perceive, receive and express emotions are completely different and that complicates their relationship. For Libra, emotions come naturally and in abundance, but they rarely express them the way they truly and fully are as a consequence of their fear of being judged. Capricorn is driven by the need to succeed in life and that can sometimes make them appear as uncaring and inattentive, which is not the truth. The Goat is a natural carer and will do everything for their partner once they set them in top 3 priorities. But here’s comes the problem: these two just don’t speak the same emotional language. Capricorn will be emotionally unreachable for Libra and Libra will be a lot of emotional work for Capricorn. They may often find themselves arguing, fighting and making scenes in public, which could be their end.

Libra and Capricorn Sexual Compatibility

As a couple that features one that likes it rough and one that likes it sensual and romantic, the sex life of Libra and Capricorn is going to be full of surprises. Both Libra and Capricorn love initiating the act of physical love, as they find sex as extremely important in their lives and usually have a genuine lust for one another. However, they have a completely different approach to sex. Capricorn is usually traditional and doesn’t like to mess up with their comfort zone, while Libra is willing to constantly try new things in sex. If they manage to convince the Goat to surrender to their lead in love and sex, there is a new world for these two to explore. The biggest problem with these partners is the lack of attraction. They may feel no attraction at all and start a relationship on a Libra and Capricorn friendship basis, simply because they think it could make sense. That’s why they will feel a lot of pressure, stress and anxiety in their sex life, which will be hard to get rid of and simply go with the flow.

Libra and Capricorn Marriage Compatibility

Do Libra and Capricorn go together in married life? Absolutely not. This is one of the worst zodiac matches for marriage, simply because the odds are not in their favor to work through their major differences and adapt to each other’s way of living. Libra would never settle down for someone who is so focused on their career and financial success and Capricorn wouldn’t want their partner to be so into their relationship that they will neglect their career. Reaching a common ground is nearly impossible. Due to Capricorn’s traditional beliefs, they usually take on the role of ultimate provider for their family and make enough money for both of them. If they dream a life together and commit to achieve it no matter what, a Libra and Capricorn marriage may work, but with no guarantee that will last.

Libra and Capricorn Trust and Communication

Although Libra and Capricorn don’t make a perfect match, they have a surprisingly high level of trust. The serious Capricorn will try to set rules from the very beginning in the relationship and the balance keeper Libra will initially accept all of them, until they realize not all of them work for them. The Goat may often make them feel judged or misunderstood, which the insecure and indecisive Libra can take to heart and slowly start drifting away. Not understanding each other completely will undoubtedly impact their trust, but it will be happening over a long period of time.

How do Libra and Capricorn get along in heated debates, sweet talking and daily communication? Heated debates between two stubborn individuals are fiery, sweet talking is a one way street for the poor Libra and their daily communication is just ordinary. They don’t understand each other that easily as it takes much more than body language and verbal communication; it takes years of being with each other. Capricorn is thrilled by Libra’s intellect and their know-it-all attitude, while Libra is in an awe with Capricorn’s strong will power and their way of getting things done.

Libra and Capricorn Shared Values

Libra and Capricorn both want a long term and successful relationship. These two won’t invest their precious time, effort, love and all else in someone who they think is not worthy. Time is of the essence and these two know the exact value of time. They both like taking responsibilities, so handling their relationship problems such as personality differences and different attitudes should be easy. They know their responsibilities as a faithful partner, so these two will probably never cheat on each other. Libra and Capricorn are both born leaders and initiators, and that is great. But on the flip side, they should be careful and learn how to compromise from time to time, especially Capricorn.