Leo Woman: Personality Traits, Love, Compatibility & More

The Leo woman is a true queen! She’s a strong, authoritative, lively, passionate, and extremely confident woman. The sign of Leo is ruled by the Sun, the center of the universe, which explains the Leo woman likes and dislikes in a relationship. The woman born under this sign loves attention and usually gets it. She’s extremely stubborn and won’t admit anything she’s done wrong. However, the Leo woman always stands up for what she believes in and is extremely devoted and loyal to the ones she loves. Continue reading if you want to discover more interesting facts about the Leo woman as well as to find out how does a Leo woman act when in love!

Leo Woman: Personality Traits

Some of the positive Leo woman characteristics include being extremely confident, passionate, strong, courageous, and intelligent. On the negative side, she can be stubborn, domineering, egoistical, and hot-tempered, so the Leo woman is a person you certainly don’t want to mess with. You need to handle the lioness with care. The Leo woman is easy to spot because she lights up every room she walks in. She’s warm, spontaneous, creative, extravagant, outgoing, and her enthusiasm and positivity can be infectious. The Leo woman is always in charge of her own life – she loves her freedom and does not enjoy someone else telling her what to do. She’s one of the most fearless, powerful, and aggressive women of the zodiac. She’s dramatic and enjoys being the center of attention. Even though she’s very confident and seems tough on the outside, the Leo woman is really sensitive and her feelings are easily hurt. She needs to feel appreciated and needed by her loved ones.

Leo Woman: Home & Family

The Lioness wants a nice, spacious, and lavish house. She’ll make sure to decorate every inch of her home, making it look like a palace, so everyone who enters her home gets to see her amazing taste. She’s the queen of the zodiac, so she always seeks to live in comfort and luxury. The Leo woman makes one incredible hostess – she’s generous and warm-hearted, so she loves to throw fancy dinner parties for her friends and family.

The Leo woman is a loving and protective mother who can see the world through her children’s eyes. She’s very caring and understanding, even though sometimes she can be a bit too protective. She gives their children freedom, but she’ll never stand disrespect. As a mother she’s very devoted and way too generous, so sometimes the children of a Leo woman can grow up to be spoiled and wasteful.

Leo Woman: Career & Money

The Leo female is charming, charismatic, fearless, a natural born leader and a hard worker. Thanks to her creativity and her flair for the dramatic, any career in art, theatre, music, or design, will suit her well. Whatever she chooses to do in life, she always wants appreciation and recognition for her efforts. The Leo woman also has a strong sense of responsibility, so you can count on her to take charge of any kind of project, no matter the circumstances.

When it comes to saving money, the Leo woman is not the most prudent sign. She’s really generous and enjoys spending money on things that bring her pleasure and gifts for her loved ones. This means that she’ll splurge on luxurious things even when her bank account is low. She’s always dressed to impress, so she’ll spend money on expensive clothes, cosmetics, creams, perfumes, to make sure she always looks her absolute best.

Leo Woman: Love & Sex

The Leo woman is a warm-hearted, direct, intense, passionate, and expressive person. So, how to know if a Leo woman likes you? What are the signs a Leo woman is in love with you?

Once she sets her eyes on someone, she’ll be determined to find a way to be with that person. She falls in love too easily, but when she falls in love, the Leo woman will place her partner in the center of her universe. However, she’ll demand that this is reciprocated, and will never settle for anything less. This lady tends to be possessive and is very loyal, generous and devoted. She expects her partner to be an equally devoted and caring person. Dating with a Leo woman will always be fun because she hates routine and is constantly thinking of ways how to spice up her relationships. She’s very direct, honest, and straightforward, so when a Leo Woman says she loves you, you can be certain that she’s telling the truth.

But, how to keep a Leo Woman interested, once you’ve got her attention? In a relationship, she’ll be demanding, so you need to be prepared and give her lots of attention. She likes to be in control and resists any kind of confinement, so never try to box her in because she’ll most likely go away. This stunning and regal woman appreciates and even expects to receive compliments and gifts for no reason. Plan a dinner at a fancy restaurant, buy her a box of chocolates, a bottle of fine champagne, or concert tickets, and she’ll adore you for your kindness and generosity.

The Leo woman in bed is fiery, bold, adventurous, and playful. She has a strong sex drive and likes to tease her lover and play games. The Leo woman is a born leader – she loves to take charge in the bedroom, so don’t expect her to be submissive. She’s highly skilled in love-making, and she demands but also gives satisfaction to her partner. The Leo woman oozes confidence and sex appeal, and she’s definitely not for the shy and timid men.

Leo Woman: Compatibility with Other Signs

The Leo woman is a strong, confident, and independent woman who does not rely upon a man for anything. But, at the same time, she’s also a romantic soul that wants a loving and supporting partner that will give her the attention that she needs. So, when it comes to Leo woman compatibility, she’s most compatible with the sign of Aries, Gemini, and Sagittarius.

Leo Woman and Virgo Man

Both the Leo woman and the Aries man are fire signs, which means that they will have a harmonious relationship. Both signs are independent, adventurous, fun-loving, and energetic, so they can be great friends as well as lovers. Problems may arise because they’re both very domineering individuals who crave attention, so if they don’t find a way to treat each other with respect and understanding, their relationship can get messy.

Leo Woman and Capricorn Man

The Leo woman and the Gemini man know how to have fun in their lives! They share an exquisite taste, be it clothing, literature, or travel. They can have an amazing relationship as long as the Leo woman understand her Gemini man’s need to cut loose and roam free from time to time. The Gemini man wants to maintain his independence, so he will need to constantly reassure his Lioness that she’s the center of his world. As long as they understand each other’s needs, this can be a wonderful zodiac match!

Leo Woman and Cancer Man

When the Leo woman and the Sagittarius man get together, sparks will fly! They have similar views on love and romance, and they both value their freedom and independence, so they’ll enjoy a harmonious and passionate relationship. The only thing that could lead to trouble in paradise is that they’re both fire signs who need to be dominant at all times, so they’ll have to learn how to share the leadership duties.