Leo and Scorpio

Two passionate individuals with fierce personalities in a romantic relationship can be incredibly satisfying, although it can be full of heated debates and powerful and painful struggles for both. Leo and Scorpio are two zodiac signs who like doing things their way or no way at all. Energetic, intense and dynamic, a Leo-Scorpio relationship will need a lot of work from both parties in order to succeed, as they are bound to face a million of challenges. If they like each other’s magnetic personality and don’t get threatened by each other’s confidence, this can be a love for a lifetime.

As different in personality as they are and with completely different ideas on life, one may wonder how do Leo and Scorpio get along . These two signs are both attracted by high energy and optimism. Leo likes being flattered, while Scorpio likes flattering their partner, usually with naughty comments. The mysterious side of Scorpio is something that Leo admires. As a Fire and Water signs combination, these two are complete opposites. Nevertheless, there are ways in which Leo and Scorpio can click like no other signs. Read on to find more about the unique Leo and Scorpio compatibility .

Leo and Scorpio Love and Romance

Leo and Scorpio are two romantic zodiac symbols by nature, but unfortunately, they both don’t show it too much. They both have strong intuition and most of the time, they know exactly what their partner feels, needs or wants, so they meet each other’s demands without being asked to. In a romantic relationship, Scorpios demands respect above all else, while Leo wants to be the only one in Scorpio’s eyes and to be adored on a regular basis. How would they know their Scorpio loves them if they don’t say it enough?! Both have big egos and don’t like to show their weaknesses to each other. This may create a huge problem if they plan on staying together, because if they don’t show their vulnerability and sensitivity, their relationship will always feel like something’s missing.

Leo and Scorpio Emotional Compatibility

While emotions play a big part in the relationships of these two, it can be really difficult for a Leo and Scorpio relationship to develop emotions for a relationship that lasts. Scorpio is intense, emotional and sensual, but since they tend to be possessive on a regular basis and Leo can’t help but flirt around, they will easily switch from love to hate. Leo will hate the possessiveness of the Scorpio lover as much as Scorpio hates Leo’s neediness. Unless they find a way to balance this, all of their love will be converted into hate and that will see the end of them. Another important aspect for this two is to make sure they take care of their independent lives with family and friends. Otherwise, they will constantly feel under pressure, will be unhappy and may turn into a Leo and Scorpio friendship rather than relationship.

Leo and Scorpio Sexual Compatibility

If you’re wondering “are Leo and Scorpio sexually compatible?”, let’s just say sex is the best aspect of this match. Love-wise and emotionally they will have a fair share of problems, but in the bedroom, the only problem will be deciding whose turn is now to be submissive. While Leo is warm, passionate and creative lover, Scorpio is sensual, curious and adventurous. There is little this pair won’t try, as they are both highly sexually driven and love having fun in the bedroom. Even thought these two have a different view on emotions, it is still possible for them to build strong intimate bond and enjoy a great and utterly satisfying sex life.

Leo and Scorpio Marriage Compatibility

While there’s undeniably too much passion and excitement in this relationship, a Leo and Scorpio marriage is not very likely to ever happen, due to the fact that both partners will tend to run away as soon as their egos and differences get in their way. As aforementioned, Leo cannot deal with a partner who’s that possessive and Scorpio can’t answer the neediness demands of the ever hungry Lion. This can easily pull them apart. The elemental difference is also important, as Water signs are naturally more committed and caring partners, while Fire signs are variable and prone to changes, always seeking new thrills. If Leo and Scorpio manage to handle their stubbornness and be ready to learn and accept each other’s opinions and suggestions, there is a chance for this marriage to work.

Leo and Scorpio Trust and Communication

One of the strengths of this relationship is their ability to trust each other. Both Leo and Scorpio want to take charge in their relationship, not because they don’t trust their partner to do it right, but because they are confident they’ll do it better. It is difficult for these two fiery signs to adapt, be flexible and listen to commands, but they do trust each other’s judgment most of the time. Furthermore, they are honest and always speak their minds off, which will help in building trust.

With such opinionated personalities, one may wonder how do Leo and Scorpio go together and how do they actually communicate. The odds are surely not in their favor, but these two can sometimes find things to talk about. Despite they both have strong intuition, Leo and Scorpio can sometimes misunderstand each other without verbal communication, which can make their relationship feel a bit shallow. Since their conversations can be quite intense, heated and with immense amounts of power, they can easily turn into annoying and unsatisfying for both, which will leave them without other options but to turn their backs to each other.

Leo and Scorpio Shared Values

Although Scorpio is absolutely not the answer to the question “ What is the best match for a Leo? ”, when it comes to shared values, these two are quite similar. Honesty, clarity, sincerity and faithfulness are qualities these two value equally. They both look for these qualities in their partner, but in this relationship, they don’t have to look because they can see them all in their very first date. Emotionally, they are both unstable, but in different ways. Scorpio doesn’t know how to balance their feelings for their partner, while Leo has a tendency to be a bit flirtatious. They can also both get obsessive about things, people, passions and goals. With the amount of energy they both have at disposal, there are plenty of activities these two will enjoy doing together.